Your Husband’s Ex Girlfriend Still Contacts Him – How to Keep Him Devoted to You

One of the most frustrating things any married woman has to deal with is her husband’s ex girlfriend. Some women just can’t seem to let go once a relationship ends and even years later she’ll be reaching out to her ex hoping to keep some sort of connection alive. If you’ve been experiencing this in your marriage, it’s really difficult. You have to constantly worry about what the ex girlfriend’s motives are and if your husband has the willpower to keep resisting her. Whether she’s calling him, visiting him on occasion or just friends with him online, the threat is always there. If this is happening to you and you’re losing sleep worrying over it that needs to change now. There are several ways for you to ensure that your husband stays yours forever. You can make him love you so much that he won’t ever be tempted to stray, even with his ex.

Jealousy is a really difficult emotion to control and unfortunately when your husband’s ex girlfriend is constantly trying to reconnect with him, your jealousy is probably going to be at the forefront. It’s natural to feel threatened by someone your spouse used to be involved with, but you do need to learn to keep those jealous feelings to yourself. When you tell your husband that you’re jealous or you show it through your actions, it makes him question your own self esteem. Given the fact that men are drawn to strong, confident women, you have to show him that’s exactly what you are. Don’t talk poorly about his ex and don’t constantly ask him questions about her and their past relationship. It’s only showcasing all your insecurities.

Men love women who make them feel valued, special and adored. The reason your husband’s ex girlfriend may feel like such a threat to you right now is that she makes him feel this way. That’s the very reason you need to start doing the same. Shower your spouse with praise and show him how much you believe in him. Trust is a huge issue for most men so let your husband know that you trust him and love him. If he brings up his ex, let him talk about her. Show him that you’re not threatened by her or by what transpired between them in the past. If he feels confident in your love for him, he’s going to feel closer to you. If you can be his biggest supportive, he’s not going to go anywhere. Never lose sight of the fact that you’re the woman he married, not her.

Source by Gillian Reynolds