Your Friends Could Be Steering You Wrong

Your friends are your support system, you know that they have and always will be there for you, no matter what, they are your shoulder to cry on and there to listen to you pouring your broken heart out after your breakup.

You know deep down that they are the ones that will help you get through this very difficult and painful time and all they want to do is help ease this pain.

You love your friends dearly, but they could be steering you in the wrong direction because every friend has their own opinion of what you should do to get your guy back and if you really should take get him back.

They have given you time to break down, be depressed and drown in your sorrows for a while, which is a process you should go through.

Now they feel that it is time for you to get up and start putting your life back together slowly. At this point your mind is very clouded and you are not thinking straight. You don’t want to offend any of them so you listen to them.

• They tell you not to worry, just wait, he will soon realize what he is missing and come crawling back to you

• They bad-mouth your ex, tell you that you were never really good together and it is time to move on to some-one better, which does not make you feel good at all.

• They say you should go out to clubs and parties to find some-one else and set you up with all these random people, who you would never really think twice about because they are not your type for one-night stands with lots of alcohol to take away the pain.

All this is not good for you or your reputation, this could only land up making you feel even worse.

When none of the above works they will talk some sense into you, tell you it as it is being straight forward with the hard truth which some of it you are not going to like and will cause you to fight with them, they will tell you what you did wrong in the relationship and what your ex did wrong and what you both need to do to move forward.

Which the first step is to cut off all contact with your ex for at least a month.

During this time you need to get your emotions under control, yes go out with your friends and have some fun but it doesn’t have to include lots of alcohol and one night stands, take up a hobby or do something you love, something positive which will build your confidence, your ex will soon hear or see that you look and seem happier and become curious and will want to know more.

Source by Jenni Jooste