Your First Day of Lacrosse Practice

OK. It is your first day of lacrosse practice…What do you do? The first day of any practice can be a gut wrenching experience. That is why you should be prepared for what is ahead of you.

Before you go to your first practice, research what you might do. Generally, during the first day of lacrosse practice, you are just going to go over the basics. Things like: Passing, catching, shooting, and cradling.

If you come into practice already knowing these things, then it will jump-start you into becoming a great player. While the other players are struggling to run and cradle at the same time, you are learning to do it with your other hand! If you come to the first practice prepared, then you will set the bar high and impress your coach.

Now you know what you should do before practice, but what should you wear? This may seem like a dumb question, but it goes through everyone’s mind sooner or later. The equipment you need is: Helmet, stick (both head and shaft), gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, a protective cup, and cleats. It doesn’t really matter if you have lacrosse cleats (I have played in soccer cleats all my life, just because they were more comfortable.

Bring all of your equipment in a duffle/athletic bag, and put it on once you get to practice. You should have on a t-shirt and shorts when you arrive. Being organized, and knowing what you should wear will impress both your teammates and your coach.

The first lacrosse practice is all about initial impressions. You should try to impress your coach and teammates. However, do not do this in a cocky manner, because that will just create enemies on your team. Another important thing to remember is that no matter how good you are, you still must pass the ball. No one likes a ball hog.

Your first day of lacrosse practice is a very special time. You are starting to play the fastest growing, and greatest sport on the planet. My last bit of advice: Enjoy yourself. Make it fun and exciting, so that you will love the great game of lacrosse.

Source by Brett Weinberg