Your First Date, Excess Arousal and Premature Ejaculation

When she goes out with you on a special night, she does not want to be fending off a moonstruck astronaut who wants to fire off his rocket the sooner the better. Avoid thinking about what will happen later and how you will wow her in bed. Concentrate on being in the moment with her, physically, mentally and emotionally.

It is not easy to last longer in bed when you have certain sexual woes, including premature ejaculation. However, you can always handle things differently to ensure that you avoid premature ejaculation as much as possible. One of the most important things you need to do is avoid excess arousal.

If you’ve been reasonably the gentleman up to now as far as public displays of affection go, avoid swarming all over her like Mr. Octopus on your first date. Touch her hands, her face, kiss her cheek, and kiss her lightly on the lips while you are out on your date. And that’s all. She will sense a certain intensity that was not there before, and this will excite her all the more — if you let it happen without getting pushy.

While on your date, don’t drink too much. Alcohol is a central nervous system relaxed and depressant, and may prevent you getting erect enough at flight time. Also, you want to be relaxed, but still able to do your job of attending to her needs and wishes during the date — and later.

Practice to Control Your Arousal

For a few days before the big event, practice your listening skills and paying attention to conversations with her. If you ask her a question, make sure you hear the answer and respond to it suitably. If she asks you something, be sure you remember what you said — she certainly will.

Physical exercises will help you control arousal, such as the Kegel exercises for the perineal muscles that control your erection and urge to ejaculate. The other thing you can do is learn how to relax these muscles, so they do not put pressure on the base of the penis and compel you to ejaculate before you are ready. Practice both the flexing and tightening of these muscles and relaxing them when you are urinating to be sure you are working the correct muscle group.

Mental exercises will help, too. Before and during intercourse, do not focus so much on performing the act itself. This will create anxiety that will interfere with the sexual process from start to finish. Focus on your partner’s needs and wishes to help her respond openly and freely. At the same time, you need to maintain proper breathing control.

Breathing control is a key way to relax your whole body and get it ready to be more responsive to your partner. For several nights before the big event, practice breathing and relaxation to relax and rest your whole body, so you sleep better. You can perform and respond sexually with a well-rested body.

Even at rest the average man breathes two to three times for each time a woman takes one breath. This leaves your body in a constant state of slightly elevated alertness, which will eventually shorten your lifespan. Back in our cave-dwelling days, this constant alertness was necessary to keep from being eaten by tigers or bears, but in the 21st century it is a bad habit to continue.

The fact of the matter is that there are so many things that you need to bear in mind to ensure that you last longer in bed and stay away from premature ejaculation. So, bear all those points in mind and have a great time.

Source by John Corkin