Will Avoiding a Guy Make Him Miss Me More and Should I Avoid Him? This Will Help You a Lot

Many a times, girl wonders if playing hard to get really makes a man fall deeper in love with her. It does help because by doing so, you can make sure he does not take your love for granted. However if you are planning on avoiding him for these reasons, then you should go through these tips that will give you an idea as to whether he will begin to miss you or not.

He will begin to think if he has lost his power over you

Yes, if you do stay away from him after you have been making a nuisance by chasing him all over town, he is sure to wonder if his charm and sex appeal has taken a nose dive! This will make him a little unsure where you are concerned and he will want to find out what you are up to!

He will begin to realize just how much you mean to him

The more you stay away from him, the more he is going to be convinced that you don’t like him any more. If he actually has feelings for you, he is going to regret ignoring you or neglecting you in any way. He is suddenly going to realize how much you really mean to him and he will begin to hate the fact that you are avoiding him.

He will start to worry if he was being too demanding

The moment you start avoiding him and he finds out that you are no longer hanging around him, he will begin to go over his treatment of you. He will be anxious that his behavior has put you off and he was too demanding etc which has caused you to lose interest in him.

He will miss everything about you

When you were around, there were certain things that you did for him because you like him. Now that you have decided to avoid him, he will start to miss all the things you did or said and he will realize that he grew accustomed to seeing and having you around. When you are not around anymore, he will miss you dreadfully.

He might wonder if there was anything at all between you

The fact that you have suddenly dropped him like a hot brick and started avoiding him will definitely give him a message loud and clear – one that says that you are not interested in him anymore! This will make him wonder if you really liked him in the first place. He might also being to miss you like crazy!

He might forget if you avoid him too much

There are two sides to every coin. If you tend to ignore him or avoid him completely and that too for too long, he might just forget all about you! You can only play hard to get when you know for sure that he is interested and attracted to you. Your timing and planning have to be perfectly right!

He might want to see more of you

When he has realized that you are not going to hang around him like you did in the past, he will know that to have you back, he has to change his ways. This will make him want to see more of you so that he can prove that he really cars for you after all!

Source by Krista Hiles