Why The Wealthy Give to Charities and Others

It’s a strikingly strange world today because there are billionaires popping up at a great rate of knots. They seem to be competing with each other in the profit-making stakes as well as in philanthropy. The interest alone on their wealth would fall far short of any money they give away, however, if one were to size it up. That is not the only reason they do it though, as money weighs on their conscience and that is something they cannot ease.

Money is man’s invention and it is highly destructive, as we see by the way the earth is being murdered. It is more important to some than life itself. While most feel they cannot live without it the alternative is another man-made situation. Poverty and starvation being the worst situations to be in. That is where charity is needed the most.

Philanthropists love to give money to charities that support the poor. The question is why? When they take so much wealth from the world and the trickle down effects robs those at the bottom of a descent life one has to question whether their conscience plays a role in the generosity? Not everyone who is ‘rich’ is evil or robbing others, but it is well-known that most only acquire huge wealth by robbing others along the way.

They are renowned for minimising their tax so the governments are denied that money to assist those at those at the bottom. They take rather than give until the amount of their holdings becomes an embarrassment. Many will also cheat in other ways. This assessment excludes those who achieve by mining, oil holdings, and such. But that takes in other things like damage to the environment.

Money is a weight over their heads when it accumulates and their situations are publicly known. That is when many will turn to philanthropic means to relieve their conscience. If they can be seen to be doing some good, then who is going to question how they made their money in the first place.

Perhaps the greatest perpetrators of this type of behaviour are religious organisations, such as the Catholic Church. On the surface it provides huge amounts for the upkeep of orphanages, hospitals, and charitable causes. Underneath, however, the lying and cheating that goes on is incredible.

Its relics and monuments that are displayed as genuine articles are nothing but fakes. The pilgrims that pour into the businesses where they are on display are giving millions to the coffers of the church every day. The Vatican’s claim that it holds some of the cross on which Jesus Christ died and the nails that held him to the cross is just one of those untruths.

With memory of reincarnation and knowledge that everyone has returned in the same way there is no heaven or hell and my research shows that Jesus Christ is the invention of Constantine, the one dubbed 666 in Revelation 13:12-18. Without evidence that such existed the Church has done everything to add credibility to its profitable schemes.

Philanthropy is a way of justifying its deception. While it acts in accordance with what the law allows, and it has its own ‘country’ to do it in, the chances of it being brought to account for its wrongful claims are virtually zero.

Meanwhile by giving to the under-privileged organisations and businesses alike are able to write off tax, satisfy their conscience, and ultimately fool enough people so that it becomes business as usual. Money is a drug leading the world to a disaster as we face the last days.

Source by Norma Holt