Why Making Her Orgasm Over and Over Again Can Mean More Than You Know – Her Secrets

Have you ever seen how women who are multi-orgasmic respond versus women who aren’t? They show up in the world much differently than whose who aren’t in touch with their bodies that way.

Making a woman have multiple orgasms means more than being a great lover. I can tell you from a woman’s point of view, giving your woman orgasm after orgasm has the power to set her free. Imagine giving her 20 or more orgasm while you make love to her. Imagine the kind of ecstasy just waiting for her to experience. You can make her feel addicted to wanting sex with you.

For you to to be able to make your woman feel connected to her body and herself in that way, means that you are helping her become a more powerful woman. Women who tap into their bodies on this level, feel more powerful and alive than ever.

You have more to give her than just making her come over and over again. You are helping to heal her. The woman you are touching may have had years of emotional hurt and pain she never tells you about. She may have had a history of men not caring about her orgasms. She may have hidden fears she only shares with her closest friends.

Now when you come along and pleasure her body to where she’s never felt like this before, how can she not start to experience deeper inner healing? How can she not look at you differently when you can make her moan with uncontrollable pleasure and desire?

Men who do not settle for average sex are appreciated greatly by women. Men who want to take sex into another dimension have women secretly craving every part of them. Do you have this experience or do you have women run away when you want to have sex with them?

If you’re a married man, how does your wife respond to you? Is she always hot for you? Does she beg you to have sex with her or is the experience often just average?

I want to encourage you to spend your time becoming a master orgasmist – an incredible lover. This is the kind of man that takes sex to another level. Your woman is waiting for you to thrust open her desires for you. When you treat sex like a journey and you can make her feel deep pleasure because you are willing to go where no man has gone before, she cannot and will not be able to forget it. No other man will be able to come close to what you’ll do for her or make her as happy as you can.

Source by Nicole Gayle