Why Leaders Should Be Rated On What They ACHIEVE?

When will the stakeholders, and constituents, of most organizations, begin to wake – up, recognize, and realize, they need leaders, who, go well beyond, mere, empty rhetoric, and promises, and dedicate themselves, to perceiving and conceiving of, a quality plan, aiming for truly, viable solutions, and the best ways, to ACHIEVE, what’s most needed, and necessary? When we try to rate any leader, instead of focusing on their rhetoric, and populist pleas, it would make, far more sense, to focus on, what they actually, accomplish, and achieve! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it is a worthwhile way, to proceed.

1. Attitude; attention; articulate; actions: Is the individual’s message, which he articulates, based, more on his self – interest, personal/ political agenda, etc, or, on the finest course of action, to address, needs, perceptions, challenges, and obstacles, in, both, a relevant and sustainable way? Does he possess, a true, positive, can – do, attitude, which directs his attention, towards service and representation? Observe his actions, instead of merely, promises made!

2. Character; create; coordinate; cooperate: Unless/ until, one exhibits the quality of character, which emphasizes, cooperating, instead of polarizing, he probably, shouldn’t seek to become a leader! Great leaders create ideas, plans, programs, etc, which coordinate the group’s activities, etc, and introduces, well – considered, viable solutions, which make a difference, for the better!

3. Healing; humane; head/ heart: Instead of pitting sides, against each other, one should be healing wounds, by using the best components of, both, his logical and emotional components, with a head/ heart balance! Never forget, both, leaders and constituents, have feelings, and therefore, it’s essential to proceed, in a humane manner!

4. Integrity; ideology; ideas; instincts: It’s not leading, unless/ until, it’s based on genuine integrity! One must focus his ideas, in alignment with the core ideology, of the specific group! While training, and development, are important, they must assist someone, in gaining the experience, expertise, judgment and wisdom, to proceed, with the right instincts!

5. Empathy; endurance; excellence; energy/ energize: Leading begins with a willingness to effectively listen, and learning, from every conversation and experience, in order to proceed with the utmost degree of genuine empathy! Since, there are often obstacles, one must have the endurance to proceed forward, when lesser prospects, give – up! His personal energy, must energize, in a positive way, his group, and he must demand his utmost degree of personal excellence!

6. Visions; value; values; views: Look carefully, at someone’s visions, as well as their devotion to necessary, and needed, values! A great leader introduces, and articulates views, which add, value to the overall organization, in terms of, both, relevance, and sustainability!

7. Enrich; evaluate; efforts: It’s not leading, unless the highest priority, is enriching, constituents, and the group! A true leader evaluates, the bigger – picture, and focuses his efforts, accordingly!

Simply because, someone, seeks a leadership position, often, doesn’t automatically mean, he’s the best person, for the job! Are you, personally, up to the task, and related responsibilities?

Source by Richard Brody