Why I Like The Pomeranian and Recommend Them As Your Next Pet Dog

The Pomeranian is a breed of dog best know for their outgoing personality and very attractive appearance. They are a small dog with a very strong, happy physical and mental make up.

These dogs are also very friendly and love going for walks as they are very active and alert. They are very aware of everything that is going around them and like being the center of attention. This is why he or she will be a good alarm as they will give out a bark for a good reason such as a warning of the nearing of an unknown person or animal. Of course the will bark if a friendly person is approaching, but this will be a distinctly different type of barking sound.

These dogs were originally breed from a much larger breed which was used to pull sleds in the region of the Arctic. This breed is the miniaturized version of these so-called Spitz type working class dogs. This dog breed is named for Pomerania, the area of Europe that is now part of Poland and western Germany.

The Pomeranian became very popular with Queen Victoria who was attracted to their elegant and regal appearance while visiting Florence, Italy. She apparently returned to England with a number of Pomeranians by her side, which help to gain this dog’s popularity into the future

Queen Victoria became a serious breeder of the Pomeranian and entered them into various exhibitions in which one her favorite fury friends, Windsor Marco, won first place in his class. The Queen is also said to be the reason these dogs are so small as she breed them to be about thirty pounds smaller to become of the toy stature.

Pomeranians are a smart dogs but sometimes does not realize how small they are and will confront larger dogs. As a result when you are taking your Pomeranian for his daily walk be aware of nearby dogs. However people in the vicinity will be attracted to your fury friend and generally will want to visit, as the Pomeranian is generally outgoing and willing to meet new people. He or she will enjoy any encounter with friendly persons, especially if there is a treat involved.

Pomeranians will require daily exercise as they are an active dog full of energy. This often only require a walk around the block, but be surprised if your Pomeranian requires more than on walk a day. Giving him walk on a daily basis will also be good for your health.

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Source by Paul Luciw