Why Do I Always Call Him and He Never Calls Me? The Real Reason This Occurs

Why do I always call him and he never calls me? You’ve likely been wondering this for some time. The scenario when a woman is asking this question is fairly typical. The relationship as a whole is really lovely. You two get along. He’s charming, fun and very passionate. The problem comes when it’s time to arrange your next date or when you just want to talk. He never does the calling. If you want to talk to him it’s turned into your job to pick up the phone and place the calls. It’s frustrating but it’s fixable. You don’t have to continue to wonder why he’s challenged in the area of phone calls. Change it. It’s not as hard as you think.

The reason why you seem to have to always call him is simple. You took on that role early in the relationship and it’s hard to shake it now. Think about it carefully for a moment. When you two first started dating was it you who made those calls? Did you do it because he wasn’t calling you? Have you ever gotten upset with him for not calling you more? If you answered “yes” to any one of these, the calling issues in your relationship are just as much your doing as they are his.

The simple fix is quite surprising. Stop calling him. Talking to him about it sounds more like the mature and reasonable thing to do, doesn’t it? The problem with this approach is that men just can’t see things from our point of view all the time. Even though talking to him on the phone may be incredibly important to you, it’s not to him. He sees it as a way to talk briefly before seeing you in person. He’s much more focused on those in person meetings than talking on the phone. That’s why bringing it up will only serve to make him label you as a drama queen. You absolutely don’t want that to happen.

If you stop calling him you’re sending a very loud and clear message to the man. He’ll realize fairly quickly that you’re tired of being the constant caller. It’s going to take some time to change the pattern of calling your relationship though. It may actually even take a couple of days or more for him to realize you haven’t called before he does. Be patient and stay focused on not calling. You’ll be glad once the phone rings more often and it’s him calling you.

Source by Gillian Reynolds