Why DISH: Advantages and Disadvantages of a Satellite TV Provider

People are smarter than ever, using research tools like the internet to make sure their diligence pays off in the end. In today’s world it pays to do homework on Pay TV providers. With all the offers available, it can be an overwhelming experience. DISH began offering its satellite TV services back in 1996. Over the years, they have become a dominant player in the Pay TV market.

The company offers discounts on programming packages and the satellite systems with applicable promotions. The account holder is generally the sole user of the satellite antenna system. This type of set up helps ensure clear video and audio reception. However, in some cases there may be instances where a satellite antenna is shared. If the antenna is shared with multiple account holders it doesn’t necessarily mean the quality of the service goes down. There are no moving parts so reception is excellent when installed and distributed properly.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Satellite TV service.


  • Hopper and Joey – (True Whole Home High Definition Video Recording from Any Room)
  • Commercial Free TV – (Ad skipping recording feature)
  • Blockbuster At Home – (Rent Movies, Online, By Mail, In-Store)
  • Free Premiums – (Various Premium Channel Offer)
  • Free DVR Upgrade – (Upgrade from a Regular Receiver to a Digital Video Recorder)
  • Digital Audio and Video – (100% Digital ensures the crystal clear picture and sound)
  • Lease Equipment – (No need to Purchase equipment)
  • Free Installation – (Standard Professional Installation up to 6 rooms)
  • Lowest Everyday Price – (Best Value in TV)
  • Online Accounting Access – (Access your account online 24/7)
  • Technical Support – (24/7 Phone and Online Assistance)
  • Live Operators – (Given the option to speak with Live Operators)
  • Local Channels – (Included with Packages)
  • International Packages – (Over 200 Channels in 28 Languages)
  • DISH Cinema – (Pay-Per-View and On-Demand Blockbuster Favorites)
  • TV Everywhere – (View Movies and Shows on a Tablet, Smart Phone, or Computer)
  • Primetime Anytime – (On Demand Access to Four Major Local Networks for up to 8 Days)


  • Outages – (Less than 1% but some areas may experience more downtime than others)
  • No Line of Sight – (Sometimes there may be obstructions permitting the set up of the antenna)
  • Home Owners Associations – (May require the dish be set up in an inconspicuous area)
  • Satellite Antenna – (Might be Unattractive to some onlookers)

If you take some time to research all the options, you’ll find that DISH will stand out amongst the pack in price. Whenever you do find the right special make sure to take advantage as offers change often and sometimes without notice.

Source by Steven J Keipert

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