What Women Do Not Understand About Men But Should

So much has been written about how men and women are different, such as the national best sellers like “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus,” but what about the reality that men are their own animal and that women need to understand men and not try to change them all the time?

I’d like to recommend a very good book to you on this subject, but first, I’d like to introduce the author who has written numerous books such as;

  • “How to Win Over Depression”
  • “How to Be Happy and Married”
  • “Spirit Controlled Temperament”
  • “Ten Steps to Victory Over Depression”

He is an expert on psychology, relationships and the differences between men and women and marriage. The book I recommend that you read is:

“Understanding the Male Temperament; What Every Man Would Like to Tell His Wife About Himself but Won’t. . .” by Tim LaHaye; 1977.

In this book he explains the complexities of the male temperament, psyche and ego and ditches the John Wayne Myth. He goes into the 4 basic components of male temperament and the “12-blends” therein. He talks about male anger and female fear. He shows the reader how to achieve success in relationships and marriage without perfection and how to accept your partners differences, while explaining how to carefully modify your own temperament.

Author Tim LaHaye reveals secrets to the male psyche that perhaps many males want to keep secret, things they would love their significant other to understand, but are too afraid to explain it all to them. Thankfully, Tim does it for them. This book is a must read, so, consider it.

Source by Lance Winslow