What To Expect At Your First Paintball Competition

You will find that the tournament is a lot more aggressive than your usual game of recreational paintball in the woods behind your house. All of a sudden it matters whether each team wins or loses. Players hit it much harder and faster so they will win the game. Your adrenaline will be peaked and this will make the game seem much faster than usual as well. Don’t take a loss personally. Expect to lose your first several matches or until you get the feel tournament play speedball or competition scenario woodsball. Try not to be too intimidated by other teams who have more experience; you have to start somewhere. Some players may even stare you down or look like they’re better than they are because they have expensive paintball guns or matching team uniforms. These are the guys you want to compete against. A good way to get better at paintball is by playing people who are more experienced than you. You can pick up moves from them and see how fast and aggressive they play; try to copy what the best teams did to win.

The points system may vary a little bit depending on the tournament’s rules. On average, however, the point system usually revolves around a 100 point max. 50 for hang, 20 for the first person to pull the flag, 4 points for each opponent eliminated, and 2 points for each player left alive on your team. You can find out the score chart for your specific tournament by going to the captain’s meeting before the competition. The captain’s meeting is a meeting you should not miss for any reason. This is where you will learn the rules and point system of the tournament, current schedule changes, and anything else important for the competitors to hear. This is also when they will go over the starting call, a very essential thing for your team to know. Don’t expect another team to take the time to catch you up on what you missed.

The refs expect you to know the rules of the game before you get started. They will not tell you where your opponents are or where you are supposed to be. Their job is to start and stop the game, give out penalties and make sure everything is fair for the entire match. Be sure to be courteous and polite to the refs; it never hurts to be on their good side. If a bad call was made, only the captain of your team should approach the ref on the matter. If there’s a dispute, be polite, professional and state the facts. Respect the decision the ref makes.

Maintain your competitive spirit, but remember… the whole competition process is for fun. Go out of your way to have a great time! Be a good sport but try to win with everything you’ve got. Don’t get out of line when you win your competition. All that will come from you acting poorly is the other competitors disliking you and bridges being burnt. Enjoy your win, but still try to be respectful to the other team as well.

Before you leave the event make sure to speak with the refs, organizers, and other teams. Thank them for the work they put into having the event and leave them with a good impression of your team. On the way home discuss with your team what you did well and what you need to work on. Write these things down so you will remember them and be able to improve on your weaknesses before your next competition.

Source by Dan Levesque