What Do Shoes Say About You?

When they first appear, shoes, or better the articles that covered the feet, had only a protective role. They were created to defend our inferior extremities against bad weather conditions and also from other exterior factors that could produce physical damages. Nobody cared back then about how they looked on us or even how comfortable they were. Nowadays things have changed and not only our shoes have to be practical, but they also have to complete our physical appearance.

In our days, things have evolved in such a way that our shoes get to tell the others a lot about ourselves and our personality. They have become an emblem for our existence, our likes and dislikes and they can also give clues on what our goals are. Whether we are talking about women ‘s wear or men ‘s wear, shoes are to be found in various types and with all kinds of accessories that it is almost impossible not to find what we are looking for, no matter the personality we have.

When it comes to men, things are far less complicated than with women. Men are concerned more about the practical aspect of shoes and stick to two of their types, sport and elegant. Of course, these kinds have their own varieties according to every taste and need. However, sport shoes in a person symbolize his or her active way of being, and they also present the guarantee that you can also rely on the person they wear them. Women’s preferences in shoes are more sophisticated and they enjoy a greater variety of foot wear. Females who are more down to earth and have a busy life usually choose shoes with low heels or even, ballet flaps or even espadrilles. However, if their jobs require an impeccable appearance, stiletto and also peep-toed pump shoes are a good choice.

No matter of their style, shoes tell many things about us through the material they are made of and also through the way we maintain them. If we prefer classical leather shoes, then we are definitely people with strong opinions and stability. Also the ones who prefer substitutes for leather are more open minded and they usually have a more adventurous life.

The way we maintain our shoes is another aspect that speaks about the way we are. People who take great care of their foot wear have usually a protective side and also the need of treasuring what they have gained so far. The ones who neglect their shoes are unreliable, they make up their mind with difficulty and find it hard to organize their existence. However, it is important to choose the one style that suits you the best, without taking into account the innovations in fashion.

Source by Jack Wogan