What Aspects of Daily Life Could Genetics Alter?

Scientists are continuously making new genetic breakthroughs and each of these discoveries has the potential to become life altering for people dealing with diseases. For example, less than a year ago, a new technique was announced that allows scientists to edit any part of the human genome. It is believed that this could ultimately end up drastically altering the way HIV and cancer are treated; it can also be used as a method for identifying and eliminating certain inherited genetic disorders.

Will a Genetic Breakthrough Change the Future of Dating?

Movies such as “Gattaca” and “The Island” have taken a close look at the pros and cons of living in a society that uses genetics to determine each person’s role in life. It is hard to say if humans will eventually reach a point where everyone can select certain desirable genetic traits for their unborn children, but it is not much of a stretch to anticipate a future where DNA profiles will become the new version of googling someone before the first date. After all, a solid DNA match can make a huge difference in the results of producing offspring together and it is understandable to desire a partner who is genetically more likely to live a strong and healthy life.

What Other Aspects of Daily Life Could Genetics Alter?

In today’s world, people need to be very cognizant of eating balanced meals and exercising regularly if they want to stay in good shape and minimize their risk of contracting diseases such as diabetes. However, recommended nutritional guidelines do not necessarily provide the full picture of what each individual person actually needs. With this in mind, it would not be surprising if people in the future are able to do an at home morning urine sample analysis to look for any deficiencies in their diet. This could be extremely beneficial because it would help spot potential problems such as low iron before they are able to cause a lot of complications.

Additionally, retinal eye scans are already being used in some situations, and this makes it seem very probable that everyone will eventually be able to use an eye scan in place of credit cards and physical money. After all, there are certain aspects of each person that are unique because of their genetics, including fingerprints and the exact design of each eye.

It’s easy to see just how important genetic breakthroughs will continue to be and the future is likely to be a very exciting and more convenient place that enables everyone to take more control over their lives. Storing DNA right now could also provide an important historical and genetic road map for future generations.

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Source by Christopher Tisch