Understanding Men – Why Is This Guy So Distant After The First Date?

At times you will go out on a great date with a guy. Things seem to have gone very smoothly and you are excited about the idea of another one with him. You then realize that regardless what you were told the guy doesn’t call and seems rather distant after that date. Why is there this distance after such a good date?

He might not have connected with you. He could have made a great attempt but didn’t feel that he had that with you. Sometimes this is just how it is. You could feel a connection with him but it might not be mutual.

He may have not have the heart to tell you that he didn’t like you. Sometimes the concept of calling you and having another date might come up, but he was just saying it too scared to admit the truth. While this is a bit cruel, sometimes it’s hard to say that straight to someone’s face as it’s a bit harsh.

He may not have liked the questions you asked. After thinking about them, they might have scared him. For example if you asked a series of questions on his career maybe hinting at income, he could feel that you are trying to get money from him. The more he thought about it, the more he feels it’s best to distance himself from you.

You could have talked about yourself way too much and dominated the conversation. Sometimes this is a huge problem. He may have been too nice to say anything about it but may have been very frustrated not being able to get in a word.

You might have got way too close too fast. You could have said something emotionally that is just a bit much. This can push many men away from you.

The other possibility is that you continued to talk about your Ex. This is one of the easiest ways of ruining a date. He might not seem too frustrated at the time but guys hate hearing about this stuff so soon.

Source by Herb Leibacher