Toshiba DKT3010-SD & DKT3020-SD Digital Phones

Toshiba Strata DKT 3010 series phones are digital speakerphones that can handle up to ten incoming lines. The DKT3020 can handle up to 20 lines. The DKT3010-S is a speakerphone and the DKT-3010SD has a speaker and an LCD display. Both phones have programmable buttons which can be used as programmable features or outgoing CO lines.

The Toshiba DKT3020SD is a 20-button digital speakerphone with 2-line x 24- character LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) back-lite Display.

The DKT3020SD is no longer made new, being replaced by the 3220SD and is compatible with the PDKU card but not the EKT cards.

DKT3010-SD models have fixed buttons for Message, Microphone, Speaker, Speed Dial, Redial, Conference/Transfer, Hold, and Volume, and have 10 line/feature buttons that are programmable

The DKT3010-S and -SD are available in white or charcoal (looks like a black phone).

This phone had a full duplex speakerphone

On the DKT3020 SD a BHEU card is required to attach a Headset.

All our refurbished phones come with new DESI cards and cords and have a two year warranty. Keyphones direct carries the complete line of Toshiba Strata Business Phones instock both new and used. We also carry all expansion cards for the DSUs and KSUs along with headsets

Up to 2 DDSS3060 modules can be added to any DKT3000 series telephone, adding up to 120 buttons. It comes in charcoal gray DKT3010sd.

The Toshiba DKT3020-SD phone is compatible with the Toshiba DK14, DK16, DK40, DK40i, DK280, DK424, DK424i, CTX100, CTX670 phone systems.

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