The World’s Best Kept Secret to Get Your Man to Commit Even When He Thinks He’s Not Ready Yet

How long have you dated your present partner?

Some ladies have fallen into the trap of being in a relationship for 5 to 10 years. This is sometimes occasioned by the fear of losing that tall and handsome young man you have met. It could be that you had remained lonely for a long time before meeting him and you’re now afraid of falling back to loneliness if you left him.

You think of those sweet words that are whispered into your ears when you’re together. You remember the care and attention he showers on you. He lifts you up when you’re feeling emotionally drained and when you express your feelings to him, he grants you a listening ear. You remember how he had taken you round the World in ‘7’ days and all the great memories you’ve had together. Not to talk about the explosive orgasmic sexual episodes you do have together.

With all these seemingly great relationships, the man is still not proposing to you.

There are some, however, whose relationships have been violent and turbulent, and yet the lady finds it so difficult to leave the man. Neighbors often break doors to separate fights but the lady refuses to call it quits.

This is worrisome as is disturbing. The question is: why is this so?

When you look back, it’s been a long time. You have spent the prime part of your life with him and you begin to imagine the societal blame and shame. You see yourself a 100% loser if you should chicken out after these donkey years.

In the course of cohabitation, you have even taken in and delivered a baby. Some have even delivered one, two, three children without any commitment from the man. It has become a matter of between and betwixt. You can neither go forward nor go backwards. It has become a dilemma both for the man and the woman.

True love is a wonderful experience. When two people who deeply care for each other come together, there’s a spark of transformation. They want to please each other. They want to support each other. Having found each other worthy in character and value, your man will quickly propose to you. You’ll then marry the love of your life and experience the kind of relationships you had ever dreamed about together.

A relative of mine found herself in this mess. Today, she had begotten 3 children in cohabitation. The ‘husband’ claimed that she often complains, nags and easily gets angry. He complained of lack of peace in his life and his family ever since he came in contact with her. On the other hand, his ‘wife’ insisted that she had been used and abused and so, she cannot allow him to dump her and marry another woman. At the moment, the focus has even shifted from marrying her to the education of the resultant children from the cohabitation.

So, how can you make you man to commit to you even when he thinks he’s not ready yet for the responsibility of marriage?

You have to develop an impeccable character. Are you open? Are you kind? Are you considerate? Are you charitable? Are you approachable? You need to be a confident woman.

There is no free lunch anywhere these days. You have to be an industrious woman. Are you an employee? Are you an entrepreneur? How much are you bringing to the table? If you want to be the woman men rush to propose to, you must be able to contribute to the domestic economy. Gone are the days that women are liabilities!

You must be supportive. It’s not only about supporting your partner financially but also, encouraging him to accomplish his goals. You advise him whenever he demands it from you. And most importantly, ensure he enjoys peace whenever you’re together.

When you exhibit these traits, men will be falling over themselves to commit to you. They’ll be desperate to propose to you. You’ll be the one qualifying them and doing the selecting. The challenge you’ll have is the ability to choose the perfect life partner for you.

Source by Stan Onodu