The Work of God Must Go Forward!

What’s next for the Church of God? Malachi’s Message has served its purpose. (A book written by Gerald Flurry, pastor general of the Philadelphia Church of God). Those who have ears to hear have listened to what the Spirit of God has had to say to the Church of God. It’s now time to move on.

The Work of God must go forward. The only work that’s left to do now is focus on the NATIONAL LEVEL. We must get out God’s ultimatum and fast! Europe is on the rise and Jerusalem is getting international attention (Zech. 14:2). Soon God’s two witnesses will rise and shine in a world of darkness (Isa. 60:1-2). God’s about to restore His lamp to the Middle East! (Rev. 11:3; 1 Kgs. 11:36; Amos 9:11; Zech. 12:8).

By Gerald Flurry’s own admission, Malachi’s Message has nothing to say about nations. That’s proper, because it was basically his commission to focus in on the Church. Does Mystery of the Ages warn the world? (Herbert W. Armstrong’s crown work). How can it when it doesn’t even include the words Germany, Beast or Europe in its index? Mystery of the Ages is undoubtedly the most important book written since the Bible to preach the gospel around the world. But doesn’t Gerald Flurry understand that’s already been accomplished? BEEN THERE, DONE THAT.

The Work of God must go forward, not backwards. It’s true that we must always preach the gospel, but now it’s time to emphasize a WARNING MESSAGE. The Church has been warned. The world hasn’t. We must warn them like they’ve never been warned before!

There is only one book on earth today (other than the Bible) that clearly warns THE GERMANS ARE COMING! Beyond Babylon: Europe’s Rise and Fall is a hard-hitting book that details the events concerning the rise of the prophetic Beast in Europe, the fall of our Israelite countries, the Two Witnesses, and lets you know why it all has to happen. If you haven’t already read it, check it out for yourself! It’s available for free online.

Malachi’s Message is the Little Book to God’s Church today. Beyond Babylon is the Little Book with a big impact, destined to become a NATIONAL DEBATE and an INTERNATIONAL CONTROVERSY. It must reach “the largest audience possible”. There exists a Little Book for the Church of God and there’s a Little Book for the nations. This follows the biblical principle of duality. I hope and pray the People of God perceive this to be true, even if their leadership remains too proud and stubborn to see (Ga. 2:9; Rev. 11:8).

After prayer, years ago, God promised that His GREAT INSPIRATION would result in a GREAT PUBLICATION (Prov. 1:23; Ps. 68:11). Beyond Babylon: Europe’s Rise and Fall showcases those precious truths to the world (Isa. 45:3). I realize the two witnesses are considered controversial figures (Rev. 11:10; Jer. 15:10), but they must boldly declare God’s judgments (Micah 3:8). After all, it’s the LORD’S CONTROVERSY (Micah 6:1- 2). The wise will hear this INTERNATIONAL THUNDER and take shelter (Rev. 10; Prov. 27:12).

The message of God will roar from Jerusalem, and both the heavens and the Earth will tremble at His Word (Joel 3:16). Herbert W. Armstrong said when God’s time comes, the plain truth about traditional Christianity would drop like a BOMBSHELL (USBIP). God’s Time has come! Beyond Babylon explodes that “news bomb” with FULL FORCE! There’s no holding back. (During my interrogation by Israeli Secret Service agents, I told them my book is the only explosives I’m involved with).

Gerald Flurry recognizes the need to offer something to the general public, other than the meaty booklets about prophecy that basically preach to the converted. That’s good and right. But which book would God have us publish? Beyond Babylon fulfills the need to proclaim the gospel while emphasizing a warning to the world; it includes the truth about our Israelite identity and responsibility; about God’s Sabbath and Holy Days versus Satan’s Sunday and pagan holidays; about Israel’s demise and Europe’s rise – these are foundational truths. Beyond Babylon builds upon that sure foundation by pointing out that it’s the sorcerer-pope, the false prophet, who presents Europe’s imminent leader as the Savior of “Christian Western Civilization;” he’ll perform miracles in his presence urging Europe to remodel themselves after the “Holy Roman Empire” (Rev. 13:14). Together they’ll create a counterfeit Kingdom of God.

Beyond Babylon also explains – FOR THE FIRST TIME – why there are two witnesses, what their mission and purpose is, why they’re stationed in Jerusalem and how they fulfill the Elijah role.

PCG minister Wayne Turgeon, during our wonderful correspondence (before PCG minister Dennis Leap turned him against me), wrote concerning my book: “It’s certainly not my place to determine if what you believe God has shown you is true or not, but would you mind presenting Mr. Flurry with an abbreviated version of what you feel is inspired…”. What does he mean it’s not his place to determine whether Beyond Babylon is true or not? Whose place is it? How did he determine if Malachi’s Message was true or not? Are we to rely on men to make up our minds for us? What if he had gone to Joseph Tkach for his approval of Gerald Flurry’s work?

We must trust in God’s Spirit of truth and judge everything by God’s Word. Every Church member must prove to themselves, prayerfully before God, whether Beyond Babylon is biblical (1 John 2:27). Those who exercise this spiritual responsibility will come to understand what’s next in God’s Plan: reaching the cities of Judah!

Beyond Babylon’s sudden appearance should serve as a SIGN, an indication of where we are now in prophecy (John 12:20-23). Soon God will remove the mountain of opposition that blocks my return to Zion and I’ll continue to build upon the foundation that God has laid in Jerusalem the last time I was there (Zech. 4:7-8). From here on out it’s FAST FORWARD!

Source by David Ben-Ariel