The Kingdom of Dog, by Neil S. Plakcy, Is Even Better!

If you enjoyed listening to the audiobook In Dog We Trust, you’ll really enjoy listening to The Kingdom of Dog. The Kingdom of Dog is part two in a four-part “Golden Retriever Mysteries” murder-mystery series written by Amazon hot-selling author, Neil S. Plakcy.

Professor Steve Levitan and his faithful canine friend Rochester are at it again, but this time with a few more twists and turns. There is a murder at Eastern College, the small Northeastern school, where Levitan attended and now works. Joe Dagorian, the college’s long-time director of admissions, is killed one night during a school fund-raising campaign. The murder deeply affects Levitan because Dagorian had been a friend and mentor to him in his earlier years.

But Joe Dagorian was not liked by many individuals-he was an old-timer who was set in his ways and wanted everything done his way. As such, a lot of people had issues with him and this creates a diverse group of suspects.

The Kingdom of Dog is filled with interesting characters from various backgrounds. Mr. Plakcy masterfully sets each one up with not only a motive to commit the murder, but circumstances that gives he or she an opportunity. One of our main characters is, of course, Rochester, the story’s lead golden retriever, and he’s at his usual uncanny best when it comes to sniffing out clues.

While murder is no laughing matter, Neil S. Plakcy offers up a light and entertaining angle to the subject. Using wit and humor, his stories flow smoothly along capturing nicely believable characters and their dissimilar personalities and possible motives. But there are also some intense moments, when our leads are in hairy situations and you’re not sure how or if they are going to get out of them.

Add to all this a nice set of simultaneous side stories; the murder of the school’s director of admissions isn’t the only thing going on in this story. There are a handful of other crimes keeping Professor Levitan, Rochester, and Detective Tony Rinaldi busy. Just to name a couple, there’s an investigation into a steroid ring with some of the college athletes and college employees. There is even a second death that at first looks like an accident, but turns out to be another murder! The reader gets to wonder how it is all connected.

But Professor Steve Levitan, having made his share of mistakes and having paid his own dues, is a man of compassion and sympathy. He helps one of the prime suspects that he believes is innocent, and helps another student who was caught breaking some of the school’s ethical codes.

All four volumes are available on audiobook, so be sure to listen to the whole series. Just go to Amazon’s Audible site and look for In Dog We Trust (Volume 1), The Kingdom of Dog (Volume 2), Dog Helps Those (Volume 3). and Volume 4, Dog Bless You.

Source by Kelly Libatique