The Deformation and Pain in Your Erect Penis Could Be Because of the Peyronie’s Disease

Has your penis lately deformed itself strangely, for instance has it got crooked or indented? Is this especially noticeable while you have an erection? Has all this began with the feelings of pain while you were having sex or masturbating?

If the answers to the above questions are yes, then there is a possibility that your penis is affected by the Peyronie’s disease! Even though the above described sensations of pain are not typical for patients with Peyronie’s disease, some of them in fact do experience it. Regarding the penis deformation, most men with this disease get their penises deformed at some point. This results either as strange curvature or indentation of the penis.

The pain in the erect penis occurs in early stages of Peyronie’s and gets more intense in the following days or weeks, but then usually fades away within approximately 6 months even if you do not treat it. As said, the pain is very slight in the beginning, but soon reaches the stage where sexual intercourse is not possible any more. While origins or causes of Peyronie’s disease are still pretty much unknown, some research data indicates that strong mechanical trauma or hurt of the penis could be the reason for this penis disease.

Therefore, any injury of the penis could result in you getting the Peyronie’s. This may happen during an accident, where you hurt yourself in the penile area or perhaps while having sexual intercourse. In case of the sexual intercourse, in most cases it all begins with unusual sensation of pain in your erect penis while having sex or masturbating. In case the mechanical trauma or stress to your penis was really strong, your penis has probably also lost the erection instantly and got swelled as well.

The pain during erection due to Peyronie’s disease is very slight in the early days, but will get stronger as the time goes by. The pain will even get so strong that any sexual intercourse will not be possible at all for you. But even if you do nothing about it, the pain should vanish by itself within 6 months or so, which is actually the good news here. At this point, I should mention again to you that most patients that have Peyronie’s disease have never experienced this sudden sensation of pain in their penises.

What most majority of them do experience is the deformation of the penis. In most cases this deformation results as either crooked looking or indented penis. The bad news here is the fact that there is possibility that these curvatures or indentations will not go away, but rather become more problematic over time. Some of the deformations even get so severe that ruins the patient’s intimate life.

The crooked shape of the penis is inducing too much pain, either to the patient itself or to his partner. To prevent further deformation, you should start treating this problematic situation as soon as possible, meaning as soon as the initial pain goes away.

There are many ways of treating the penis deformations due to Peyronie’s available out there. In general they can be divided into surgical and non-surgical ways of fixing the penis curvature or indentation. Some of them are more effective than others and some are more risk free then others.

To give you an example, surgical methods are known as more risky methods as they can result in shortening of your penis and further deformation. Because of that, surgical ways of straightening the penis for instance, are not very popular.

Therefore, non-surgical methods like penis extender devices for instance, are becoming more and more popular just because they are more natural and risk free method of correcting the penile curvature. With that in mind, you should definitely start treating your penis curvature with non-surgical methods first.

Source by Darren Terry