The Best Ergonomic Chair Also Known As The Herman Miller Aeron Chair

After way too many years sitting in a poorly designed office chair, I ended up with a great deal of back and neck pain which I resolved by buying a true ergonomic chair: the Aeron chair by Herman Miller. Herman Miller has been in the business of creating outstanding ergonomic office chairs for quite some time and they have truly perfected the ergonomic office chair. After the initial release of the Aeron over ten years ago, the Aeron has generated well over one-billion dollars in revenue which has given Herman Miller plenty of resources with which to pursue their endless dream of creating the ultimate chair. After taking a dive back into the Aeron chair and incorporating new ergonomics technology, the chair has truly been perfected.

I use a size C as this marvelous chair is available in three different sizes, of which, the size large size C is the best fit for me. Once I found the right size and adjusted all of the numerous adjustments, I was able to finally find comfort when sitting on the computer for hours on end. Most importantly, after adjusting the PostureFit lumbar support system, my back was actually comfortable in addition to straight. My posture was terrible before I bought this amazing chair and now it’s essentially back to normal. The wrong chair can damage your back and body. Fortunately, this office chair is anything but wrong. This is the best ergonomic chair in the world.

PostureFit lower back support is an innovative back support system that moves automatically with your movements in order to maintain proper back support. If you want to recline and relax, the back support is there for you making sure your body is in the proper position. Proper posture is crucial to your health and take it from me when I say that the Aeron chair will help ensure that you are comfortable and healthy regardless of how long you have to sit in this outstanding chair.

There are many alternatives when it comes to the world of ergonomic office chairs so be sure to check out some of the major competitors such as the HumanScale Freedom chair which is by far one of the most reputable chairs around. Additionally, you can always check out the Embody chair by Herman Miller as it is supposed to be the new Aeron which has resolved all of the minor issues with the original. In particular, you are able to twist and turn as the Embody twists with you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this ergonomic chair review and that it helps you find the best ergo chair for you and your unique needs.

Source by Vincent L. Jones