The Benefits Of CHIA Seeds – Also Known As The Running Seed

If you have not heard of CHIA seeds and you are looking to lose weight and gain lean muscle, than you need to consider using these. The seeds have a multitude of benefits to them that directly help with losing weight and gaining muscles.

· The seeds are great for hunger and they are tiny and easy to eat too. You can add them to other foods, as well as they can taste like anything you want as well. They are unique because they become a gel and this helps to keep you full much longer, while still being nutritious and healthy too. The seeds increase in size and weight when water is added to them and a gel forms around them. There is no calories in water and your body feels full longer when eating them.

· They help with balancing the blood sugar levels in the body. When your blood sugar goes up due to eating starchy or sugary foods, this leads to lower energy later on when the high wears off. You end up feeling tired and have no energy. When your blood sugar is level, you have more energy and have less chance of developing type 2 diabetes as well. When you eat the CHIA seeds, the gel around the seed, as well as the fact that it is comprised of insoluble and soluble fibers too means it slows down the body’s conversion of starches into sugars. The seeds when eaten with other foods creates a steady flow of energy to the body with the slower rate of conversion that is taking place.

· You will be more regular when eating the seeds since they are a mixture of insoluble and soluble fibers and this is exactly what is needed to help keep a person regular. The insoluble fibers are not digested but help with moving foods through the digestive system smoothly instead. Also, the soluble fiber in the CHIA seeds and the gel coating that is around it will help hydrating the colon and keeping food moving smoothly.

· People need omega-3 oil in their diets and CHIA seeds are rich in this vitamin. CHIA seeds have more omega-3 in them than fish even. These oils are important for improving the heart and cholesterol in the body. It also helps with weight loss and losing more weight over time.

· You will have increased energy throughout the day since CHIA seeds are also a source of plant proteins. CHIA seeds have complete plant proteins in them and this means that you do not have to combine them with other foods to get the full benefits.

· CHIA seeds can be used to bake with and cut back on the amount of butter and oil that is used in baked goods. You can cut the amount of the oil or butter used in the recipe and then add CHIA seeds to the other half.

· There are anti oxidants in CHIA seeds too that helps with slowing down the aging process of the body. As well as the fact too that CHIA seeds stay fresh longer, up to two years because of these high levels of anti oxidants in them. Consuming these will help to eliminate the free radicals in the body that do damage, since you will be increasing your anti oxidant intake.

CHIA seeds are a great super food to use to improve your over all health, lose weight and gain muscle too. You will have more energy and feel better over time as you continue to eat them.

Source by Crissi Enger