Tea Break – The Secret To Working Form Home, Manage Your Time, Even Your Break Time

Tea break or Coffee break

In America it is common to take a short break at work. Most people refer to it as a coffee break.

Some people are moving away from coffee. Instead they are having tea. This break in the day is usually about ten minutes long. Enough time to have a drink to refresh your energy.

Both beverages have caffeine in them. Caffeine in coffee gives a quick jolt. It goes to work immediately on our systems to speed up our metabolism and the central nervous system. Caffeine in tea works differently on our bodies. The effects are felt more progressively and refresh for, a longer period of time. This is because of the way polyphenols in tea react with caffeine. I like that feeling of alertness that stays with me.

Those of us who work from home need a break too. I try to be organized about my work. It’s important to treat my home office as if it was in a corporate building in the center of town. In other words, if I decide to do a load of laundry, it will not be on my coffee/ tea break. It will be on my lunch break. I won’t get those clothes in the dryer until my work day is done. I keep to the hours of my day that have been scheduled to devote to my business.

I don’t allow myself to get sidetracked. A quick phone call to a friend that was to take five minutes can end up being a half hour. I don’t want that to happen. It’s important to be disciplined to be successful at working form home. Taking a break, though, allows me to refresh so that I can do my best work.

For my coffee / tea break my choice of a beverage would always be tea. I like the refreshing but also relaxing feeling it gives me. A little break allows me to regroup. I’m ready to focus again when I go back to the job at hand. I usually add a piece of fresh fruit to the mix or maybe celery and carrot sticks. I feel like I’m paying attention to proper diet when I do this.

Your work at home may be running a business or raising a family. Both jobs are important. Both jobs can be stressful. Give yourself time throughout the day to distress. Take a break from what you’re doing. Stop, let yourself relax. You decide whether it is a coffee or tea break.

Source by Connie Bednar