iPhone Applications Develpment

Introducing iPhone 3G. With fast 3G wireless technology, GPS mapping, support for enterprise features like Microsoft Exchange, and the new App Store, iPhone 3G puts even more features at your fingertips. And like the original iPhone, it combines three products in one – a revolutionary phone, a widescreen iPod, and a breakthrough Internet device with rich HTML email and a desktop-class web browser. iPhone 3G. It redefines what a mobile phone can do – again.

Applications designed for iPhone are nothing short of amazing. That’s because they leverage the groundbreaking technology in iPhone – like the Multi-Touch interface, the accelerometer, GPS, real-time 3D graphics, and 3D positional audio.

Iphone have variety of features like:

* 3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen Multi-Touch display

* 480-by-320-pixel resolution at 163 ppi

* Support for display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously

* Frequency response: 20Hz to 20,000Hz

* Audio formats supported: AAC, Protected AAC, MP3, MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2, 3, and 4), Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV

* User-configurable maximum volume limit

* Stereo earphones with built-in microphone

* Frequency response: 20Hz to 20,000Hz

* Impedance: 32 ohms

Video formats supported: H.264 video, up to 1.5 Mbps, 640 by 480 pixels, 30 frames per second, Low-Complexity version of the H.264 Baseline Profile with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats; H.264 video, up to 2.5 Mbps, 640 by 480 pixels, 30 frames per second, Baseline Profile up to Level 3.0 with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats; MPEG-4 video, up to 2.5 Mbps, 640 by 480 pixels, 30 frames per second, Simple Profile with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats

* 2.0 megapixels Camera located on back of iPhone.

* Photo geotagging

* iPhone and third-party application integration


4.5 inches (115.5 mm)


2.4 inches (62.1 mm)


0.48 inch (12.3 mm)


4.7 ounces (133 grams)

iPhone 3G embodies Apple’s continuing environmental progress. It is designed with the following features to reduce environmental impact.

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Promotional Power Banks: Choosing the Best Custom Corporate Gifts

People nowadays always want to stay connected whenever and wherever they are. May it be for personal or business reasons, everyone wants to be connected may it be via the Internet or phone most especially for people in the corporate world where time is always of the essence.

Even with the progress of technology, this generation has yet to develop gadgets that can stay powered up forever, thus the need for standby power that could be used anytime and anywhere. This is the reason why power banks have become a basic necessity in this day age, a handy gadget that one could not possibly live without, and an ideal custom corporate gifts for people who are always on the go.

It is not enough to go for just about any other portable phone chargers. It should also be custom-made for its to carry the brand of the company. These gadgets become the extension of the company’s identity and it will be the symbol of the company’s gratitude to its recipients, may it be customers who have patronized the company’s products or partners in the company’s operation. The same logic also applies for items that are used to promote a company. Custom promotional items are very effective in reaching out the target customer demographics and are very helpful when it comes to brand retention.

Given all these, the company should make sure that the power banks should be custom-made to carry the logo of the company or any indicator of the company’s brand.

Another important factor that needs to be considered is the specification of the power bank. It should be able to match the needs of the target recipient.

The most basic specification that has to be taken into account is the electrical charge that the batteries of the power bank can hold. This is usually represented by mAh or milliampere-hour. This techy gadget relies on the available power it has in its storage. Thus, ideally, the higher power that it can store, the more reliable it is when it comes to long hours of usage.

Another important specification is portability. Power banks come in various shapes and sizes. Usually, bigger power banks have bigger electricity capacity because they have bigger batteries. There are people who are not so keen on bringing along bulky gadgets along with them while others do not mind. If the intended recipients are women, they would most likely go for the more portable ones that they could easily slip into their pouches.

The number of ports is also an important factor especially if the would-be recipients are the kind who bring along a lot of gadgets with them. Otherwise, a simple one USB port power bank would be enough to do the job.

To put it simply, when choosing the right power bank for corporate gifts it is important to assess to whom these would be intended for. For example, if the gifts are for people who are the outdoor type, they would appreciate getting power banks with high mAh even if it means that it would not be so portable.

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iPhone Cracked Screen Repair

iPhone cracked screen repair can be very easy to fix yourself. I will tell you the benefits of fixing your iPhone.

Apple will charge between $250 to $400 to repair your screen depending on what type of iPhone you have. You can fix it yourself for less than $150 to $200. Apple does have a one year warranty, but this does not normally cover a cracked screen. Accidental damage to your iPhone automatically voids your warranty.

There are a lot of third-party companies that sell replacement screens for a very reasonable price. You can even go on eBay to find some really good deals on replacement screens. You can also buy complete repair kits that will include the tools and screen you need to repair your iPhone. The kits include a screwdriver, a suction cup, the replacement screen, and a couple of other miscellaneous tools you will need. These kits are fairly cheap, and make it very easy to fix the iPhone yourself.

Once you get the kit, you will also need a hairdryer. You will remove the docket screws, and put them in a safe place. Then you will carefully use the suction cup to remove the top glass. There is a set of ribbon cables that you will need to carefully detach from the iPhone. Once you have that off, you will use the hairdryer to soften the material the screen is attached to. There is a tool that looks like a scraper, that you will use to remove the black material from the screen. Once that is off, you can attach the replacement glass to the black material. Then re-attach the ribbon cables from the glass to the phone. The dock for the ribbon cables has a flap that needs to be pointed up. When you get the ribbon cable in place, fold the flap down. This will lock the cable in place. You will put the glass back onto the phone and re-attach all of the docket screws. That’s it you are done, and it took less than ten minutes.

It is important to make sure you test the phone as soon as you are done. If the ribbon cable is not locked in correctly, the phone will not work. I do recommend getting a guide with pictures to help you with this.

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Sanyo RX-1 Zero Gravity Recliner

A new breed of recliner is starting to show up on the market. These recliners feature what is called the zero gravity position. There are quite a number of zero gravity recliners but up till now most have only had a manual recline or a motorized recline. The new Sanyo RX- 1 gravity recliner comes with a powered recline as well as an air massage system.

Zero gravity is a term used to describe the type of seating used by NASA for the astronauts when launching. The way zero gravity is used with recliners is to better distribute the weight of your back. Normally the weight of the body is concentrated on the spine which leads to greater pressure and fatigue.

The RX1 by Sanyo is the first such recliner to be released by them. It comes with a built-in remote control. The remote control is located underneath the right armrest.

The remote control has a powered chair back and leg rest. This allows you to adjust the chair back independently from the leg rest. Both of them are motorized and adjust at the touch of a button.

The design of this Sanyo model is contemporary but it is rather mundane. It comes with a small adjustable head pillow and a tilting head rest. The chair is mounted on a metal frame which is exposed at the bottom and contains casters for easy movement.

The remote control comes with a Zero Gravity button. When you press the button, the back rest, foot rest and the seat are automatically adjusted to preprogrammed reclining angles. You can stop the reclining at any time. Otherwise it will take you to the preprogrammed zero gravity position.

This recliner also comes with an air compression system. The air system consists of seven airbags located throughout the recliner. An air pump will fill up the different airbags based on the program chosen.

There are two programs for the air massage system. One is called stretch which has firm pressure and the other is relaxed which has gentle pressure. Just choose the program you wish and the chair performs the air massage.

This powered recliner is covered in leather upholstery. It is soft to the touch and comfortable to sit in. I did like the headrest adjustment which allows you to move the angle of the headrest up to 30.

The automatic zero gravity position for me felt a little strange. I did not like the angle of the chair and how my legs were bent. I just did not find that this was a comfortable position.

I found I was better off using the independent controls to find that the right chair back angle. I would then raise the leg rest to a position that felt more comfortable for me. The automatic position for zero gravity may be good for some but just wasn’t the right position for me.

One interesting feature of the chair is the home position button. This button allows you to reset the chair back to its upright position. At the touch of a single button, it will raise the chair back and lower the leg rest to its home position.

Overall, I felt that the Sanyo RX-1 was just an okay chair. I am a little skeptical about the design and do not like the exposed metal frame on the bottom with wheels. The aesthetics could be improved and the zero gravity position could be more comfortable for most people. There are now a number of zero gravity recliners which have come into the market and the RX-1 recliner is the first attempt by Sanyo.

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The Disadvantages of Owning a Portable Printer Scanner

Owning gadgets like portable printer scanners certainly has its benefits. It is basically the reason why people purchase gadgets, so they can get the benefits that the gadget has to offer. However, purchasing some of these gadgets sometimes has its price. We’re not referring to the cost of a portable printer scanner. We are referring to the disadvantages of buying them. You may want to go all out buying the first of these gadgets you see but it is important to make an informed decision so that it will be a good investment.

To start with, let us go with the advantages of owning a portable printer scanner. The main advantage of buying one is that, for a price of one equipment, you get to own a machine that can both print and scan. Since it’s portable, you can take it wherever you want. This sums up all the advantages of having this gadget. However, for purposes of discussion, we will go through the disadvantages that will make you want to think twice about buying one. It is important to know beforehand all about owning one, otherwise you’ll only be wasting your time and money.

Every coin has two sides. If having these printers has its advantages, having them too has its disadvantages. The primary disadvantage of owning one of these gadgets is that they are not cheap. Although they won’t cost more than purchasing a printer and scanner separately, you can expect that these gadgets cost more than ordinary desktop printers did, since not a lot of them exist in the market.

Another disadvantage of having this one machine compared to owning two separate gadgets for printing and scanning is that you can use it for doing one thing at a time. If you have a separate printer for printing and another scanner for scanning, then you can do printing and scanning jobs simultaneously. You cannot do this with a portable printer scanner. Most portable printer scanners use the same slot to scan as well as print documents. If we take the Canon BJC 85 for example, you need to replace the ink cartridge with an image scanner cartridge. Some multifunctional printers may be able to print and scan at the same time but there is no portable model yet that is capable of doing both.

For now, one disadvantage of buying a portable printer scanner is a large step down to buying portable printers or portable scanners. So far, the portable printer scanner model that is manufactured by one of the top printer companies can only print up to a maximum of 5 pages per minute. Compared to the latest mobile printers that can reach up to 20ppm, this is a huge step down. Not only that, the scanning resolution is much better for specialized scanners since they don’t have to sacrifice quality for their size. This leads us to another disadvantage.

Because of cramming up two equipments into one, not to mention keeping it in a portable package, these equipments lose some features that we may find very useful. Some of these features are duplex printing, great paper handling or heavy-duty printing. Owning this kind of multifunctional gadget has its disadvantages, which is why you need to weigh whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

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What Can We Say More? The Name Is Enough: iPhone 4S

One of the most technologically advanced and the most accepted phones in today’s world is undoubtedly the iPhone. With its availability in global markets and the popularity skyrocketing day after day, the iPhone series of phones has truly enhanced the mobile experience by taking it to untouched heights.

The new iPhone 4S is a splendid model with extraordinary features and the powerful iOS to make your experience smooth and quick. Available in two colours, Black and White, the iPhone 4S comes with a 16 GB memory capacity and is a smart, sleek phone to flaunt.

Weighing just 140 grams, sizing up to 115.2 X 58.6 X 9.3 mm in dimensions and having a strong built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery which gives you up to 14 hours of 2G talk time and 8 hours in 3G; standby time of up to 200 hours and internet usage time of up to 6 hours in 3G and up to 9 hours on Wi-Fi. For audio and video playback, the iPhone 4S gives you up to 40 hours and up to 10 hours of battery capacity respectively.

Talking of the features that the iPhone 4S has, we shouldn’t ignore the best part of it, the 8 mega pixel iSight camera with panorama, video recording in HD (1080p) with shooting at the rate of 30 frames per second with audio, autofocus & tap focus, video stabilization, photo and video geotagging, LED flash, face detection, etc. The front camera is a VGA quality camera with photo and video recording.

The iPhone’s another best feature is its look, the flawless design and the 3.5 inch widescreen Retina Display with multi-touch display and a 960 X 640 pixel resolution at 326 ppi and a contrast ratio of 800:1. The screen is a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coated on both the sides.

The iPhone 4S is a world phone with Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology, Wi-Fi, Edge and 3G. Apart from these, it has an assisted GPS feature with GLONASS and a digital compass.

You can connect the iPhone 4S to the TV via AirPlay Mirroring to Apple TV support at 720 p. Your video and audio experience is enhanced to the core with the awesome display features and the extraordinary Apple Earphones with remote and microphone. The phone also comes with sensors like proximity, ambient light, three-axis gyro sensor and accelerometer.

Apple iPhone 4S can help you read and view almost all file types, listen to almost all video and audio formats and gives you 34 languages in which you can type; 49 language keyboard support, 43 languages for dictionary support including predictive text input and auto correct and 9 Siri languages.

The iPhone 4S box includes the device, standard Apple Earphones with Remote and Microphone, Dock connector with USB Cable, USB power adapter and documentation.

Apple iPhone 4S is also eco-friendly in terms of its make. Its display is made of a Mercury-free LED backlight and an Arsenic free display glass. It is Brominated flame retardant-free, PVC-free and has a power adapter that is adherent to the global energy standards. Mostly bio-based materials and recycled fiberboard materials are used for making the packaging.

With all this buzz in the market, the iPhone 4S is clearly among the best phones on the market. Get it to outshine others and flaunt your latest style icon.

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Benefits Of A Home Theater Projector

Projectors are perfect to use as a home theater and make for the ideal experience. If you really want to recreate the sound and viewing quality that you experience when you go to the movies then you need to get a home projector. You can have even experience 3D quality viewing so everything looks alive and literally in living color. The details that you can see when you use the home theater can be riveting to say the least. With using the 3D functionality, you can see images and objects on the screen coming right at you. It’s almost like visiting Universal Studios in Florida and going on the Spider Man or Mummy tours, using the home theater makes watching a movie a totally unique experience. Unlike with regular televisions, home theaters are measured in feet not inches and the very size makes it intriguing. Especially if set up in a closed sound proof room with surround sound speakers, this means that you would never have to go to a movie theater again. The good thing is you don’t have to recreate the movie room to enjoy using the product. It can be housed anywhere, from the night stand to on the floor and sometimes even on the ceiling of your home.

Some people use the projector on a wall, however while it can be done, for pristine image quality it’s always best to use a screen. It delivers a much more consistent look to the movie while you are viewing it. The projector itself is designed to deliver flawless images in an extremely high resolution. That’s why it’s always best to use the screen and not the wall. While the housing for the projector is very compact so as not to be intrusive, it still delivers sharp images with realistic picture and sound quality.

The components that allow this quality is an imager, lamp, scaling circuits, optics and several video inputs. These are all high resolution, intensity and top brands that deliver this type of viewing for the user.

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Gadget Tom’s Hobby With His Model Trains

The Gadget Tom site. It is a website that presents a lot of delightful gadgets for a model railroad collector including the DCC ready and DCC decoder equipped engines and model trains too. The commonly available products are Digital Command Control from Digitrax, SoundTraxx, NCE, LEnz, Scenery and more. The website allows the visitor to browse through the various models available in the different categories, shop and purchase the DCC hobby supplies, pay for it online or know the amount to be paid at the time of shipping. The whole process is automatic, secure and also very fast.

The website offers great tips for the beginners. There are controller sets that are simple and easy to understand, with minimal wiring required. There are simple layouts that are easy to operate and are less expensive than the traditional layout and wiring, giving you the same results.

All the products are broadly categorized according to the companies or scales. The products imported from companies like Digitrax, North Coast Engineering, SoundTraxx train sound, and other model engines. Accessories are supplied from companies like Woodland Scenic supplies, Kato UniTrack & Sets, etc. Various scales of the rolling stock form another category and some of the wiring accessories, Design Preservation Models, Kadee Couplers & Wheels, Track Supplies, Privateers of the Dauntless Wear are the various types of parts and accessories that are available with them. Apart from model trains and its accessories and parts, there are DCC books, Circuitron products, Gadget Tom hobby shirts, Gadget CAM and others.

The current stock contains the Woodland Scenics Scenery Supplies. The products include grass, turf, model train ballast and many others. They also stock the landscaping “Learning kits” and this includes the tree kits, road kits, glues, effects and water.

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Apple iPhone 4S Reviews – The Mac Mob Has Spoken

Less than a day ago, Apple has already launched their latest offering from the iPhone product line: the iPhone 4S. It is a phone that is packed with some of the newest features that you can get from a smart phone. However, despite its new features, it has been met with mixed reviews.

So if you want to look at the features of the iPhone 4s in full view, here are a couple of positive and negative features that were seen as the iPhone 4S was made available to the public.

iPhone 4S Positive Reactions

Throughout the years, iPhone reveled in the glory of being one of the most popular smart phone in the world. There have been millions of users of the iPhone and there are a lot of people who are swearing by the iPhone as the lifestyle phone of choice.

But with the iPhone 4S, you can see some significant improvement over the iPhone 4. For one thing, the processor of the iPhone 4s has been upgraded to the A5 chip, compared to iPhone 4’s A4 chip. There’s also an improvement in the resolution of the camera, upgrading to 8 megapixels as compared to iPhone 4’s 5 megapixel camera. These are some of the notable positive features of the iPhone 4S.

The Shortcomings Seen in the iPhone 4S

Critics of the iPhone 4S see the iPhone 4S as another thing on the menu that doesn’t add up to anything. Aside from the positive remarks stated above, there are no definite improvement as far as design, layout, and interface is concerned. It’s just like having a girlfriend who got a new haircut; same old girl, with a whole new hair. Moreover, there are not a lot of things that can be said about the iPhone 4S. There have been a lot of opportunities to show loyal Apple fans and customers something new and revolutionary in the design of the iPhone 4S, but the rest of the mob says that this new phone is just another prototype gone wrong.

Should you Buy an iPhone 4S for Yourself?

Well, the verdict goes like this: if you want to get a newer iPhone for yourself, you may want to save your money for another Apple product, or to wait for the newer or better iPhone that may come your way. Should you decide to purchase the 4S right now, especially if you just purchased the iPhone 4, you may just end up disappointed.

But, if you are a new Apple user, you may want to buy a less expensive version of the iPhone 4S. For $199, you can have a 16 GB storage unit in black or in white. So basically, the Apple iPhone 4S is your small patch for a quick fix. But since there are no revolutionary features that can be seen from this phone at the moment, you can just abandon all hopes of buying it so that you wouldn’t end up disappointed and miserable. Rest assured that time and again, Apple has launched phones and other gadgets faster than they are actually being made.

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4 Benefits of Using Wireless Charging

A wireless charging unit is a practical solution to charge multiple wireless devices in the home, in the car or in public places, such as restaurants and coffee shops. They are extremely easy to use and do not rely on connectors or cables to operate. There are several standards for this wireless technology. The most popular is called Qi, which is supported by the majority of the major brands. However, most of the phone manufacturers have created a suitable system to give a quick and easy method to charge the mobile devices.

Here are a few benefits of using the wireless charging unit:


Any device that is built to support this type of technology can be charged without the need to rely on the traditional cords. The phone, tablet, watch or similar device is simply placed on the charging station with no need to plug-in cords. Also, the changing station has the ability to charge many devices from different brands so there is no need to have a separate cord handy for charging individual items.

Safe way to transfer power

Wireless charging is seen as a safe way to transfer power and will not produce any kind of electric shock or spark. Also, they are designed to detect the amount of power needed for each device to avoid over charging.

Reduces strain on the charging port

An area of the mobile device that experiences a high failure rate is the charging port. The repeated plugging in and unplugging of the cord can easily wear this part overtime.

Already installed in various places

There are plenty of food and coffee chains that have the Qi technology installed on their premises to give customers complete convenience to charge mobile devices. This is certain to be helpful when away from home and the battery power is starting to get a little low.

Are there any negatives

In addition to the wide-ranging benefits of using the wireless charging unit, it is also worth considering the negatives of using this type of technology.

A common issue noticed is the low power output, which is in the region of 5 watts. This is less efficient than a 2 amp plug, so the traditional method of using a wall socket may be the quickest option to get the phone fully charged. Also, the phone is still usable while being charged via a power cord, but this isn’t the same with a charging station. Once the phone is lifted from the station, the charging instantly stops. A further issue is the fact it is a newer technology, which means it is still more expensive to use.

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