Benefits of Pet Day Care

Admittedly, pet day care can cost a pretty penny with per day charges ranging from $8 to $35 depending on the type of provider. But when the benefits of day-care facilities for pets are considered, every dollar spent on the health, happiness and welfare of pets is worth it. Indeed, a pet day-care business owner becomes an ally of both the pet and its owner.

From the viewpoint of pets like cats and dogs, their stay in the pet day care centre provides for the following benefits:


Dogs are sociable animals because of their pack hierarchy in both wild and domestic settings. Without socialization opportunities especially with their own kind, dogs are more likely to exhibit psychological issues like excessive barking, inappropriate jumping, and uncharacteristic aggression, among others. In the doggie day care centre, dogs have plenty of opportunities to socialise with their own kind in a safe and secure environment. Plus, the staff will provide their wards with the appropriate toys, set schedules for playtime, and actually play with the dogs. This means that your pets will enjoy the benefits of both canine and human socialization.


Dogs require sufficient exercise to keep their minds and bodies as healthy as possible. Being cooped up inside the house is certainly no way to enjoy exercise for your pets. The solution: Regular attendance in a pet day care centre. The staff members are well trained to provide their wards with the right type of exercise for the right period in the right conditions. For example, a Boston terrier has low demand for exercise while an Australian dog requires strenuous exercise to be in top shape.


Dogs are also provided with the right diet for their specific needs and wants, said specifications of which are provided by their owners. The staff members will provide the medications, if required, according to the owners’ instructions. Of course, it is not only the dogs that benefit from pet day care centres. As a pet owner, you will enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that your pets are safe and sound in the hands of the staff members. You will then be able to run errands, report to the office and perform other tasks that you may have been putting off pending a reliable pet sitter.

With such benefits, it comes as no surprise that a pet day-care business is a good business model nowadays. Just keep in mind that not every dog or cat is well suited for animal daycare. Be sure to give your pets the sufficient time to adjust to the new surroundings and then observe whether it is, indeed, healthy, happy and safe in the centre. The trick is to choose the best centre for your pets’ needs so look for clean environments, competent staff, and valid licenses.

Source by Georgia Picton

5 Tested Tips For Grilling During Windy Days

You can’t just postpone a backyard barbecue just because it’s a little breezy outside. Sure, it’s going to be more of a challenge but with the right preparation and a few adjustments, it’s something you can definitely overcome.

Here are some tried and tested tips for successful grilling during windy days:

Position your grill right

When preparing to cook on a windy day, you should anticipate the wind and find out its direction. If you’re using a charcoal grill, it’s ideal to turn the vents away from the wind. If you’re cooking with a gas grill, angle it away from the wind, perpendicular to your burner tubes’ flow of gas.

Position your grill at least 10 feet away from any structure (your house, trees, etc.) or any flammable objects.

Stock on charcoal

Depending on the intensity of the breeze, you’re going to use a lot more charcoal than you would need cooking on fair weather. Compared to other types of fuel, charcoal burns quicker when exposed to wind.

So stock up on charcoal and be extra attentive to what’s cooking on the grates – you may have to add charcoal repeatedly to keep the fire going and to make sure that your food is cooked right!

Open the lid at your own risk

A sudden gust of wind can cause the ashes inside the kettle to whirl and get onto your food. So don’t open the lid when it’s absolutely necessary and when you do, open it slowly and carefully to take a peek.

Monitor your grill closely

This is true for both charcoal and gas grills. If using the gas variety, check the burners from time to time as they have a high possibility of going out because of the breeze. If they do go out, shut off the gas valves immediately, open up the gas lid and allow the air to circulate for 5-8 minutes or until the smell of gas has dissipated before re-igniting your grill.

Prioritize safety

While grilling in mild to moderate breeze is possible, you yourself will be able to tell if the wind is too intense to light up your grill. A grill (especially the charcoal variety) toppled over by strong winds can be harmful and dangerous.

If you do decide to go ahead, you can opt to purchase a windscreen for your grill (most gas grills already come with this feature) or make one.

Follow these 5 tips for grilling during windy days for a hassle-free backyard barbecue!

Source by Adrian T. Cheng

Valentine’s Day Cards – Keep Your Love Healthier With a Unique Card!

Valentines Day Cards are a great way of maintaining your love relationship with your lover. Did you know that? Have you ever thought of giving a card to your sweetheart on the day of romance, every 14th February? By the way, do you recognize this Valentine’s Day? Is it really necessary to celebrate it?

Well, in Uganda, it’s not so long since people started celebrating Valentine’s Day as a day for lovers. It all started slowly with a few people in Kampala. At that time, people had mixed feelings about it. While some modern Ugandans welcomed it with open hearts, the majority saw it as a foreign practice that was only imported to destroy the Ugandan culture.

Destroying the Ugandan culture, true? Probably yes, they were right in one way at that time because in some of our cultures, love is implicitly exhibited. Most people shy away from showing their love publicly. The only public occasions people show love are introductions and weddings. When they see others romancing, they consider them to be spoiled. And Valentine’s Day is a day for romance, showing love to your lover.

But as time went on, more people got involved in celebrating Valentine’s Day. It’s much more noticeable and popular in urban places. However, in the rural setting, most Ugandans are still hesitant to embrace it fully. Those, who celebrate it, exchange gifts like flowers (red roses) and wear red and black clothes to show love for their sweethearts.

Although the history of the Valentine’s Day is mysterious, the intentions of celebrating this day are good. And I feel people should embrace it. From the Christian point of view, love strengthens our conjugal life and builds strong families, hence good societies. We make our Valentines Day Cards with personalized special messages for lovers that intend to strengthen their love.

The Catholic Church recognizes Valentine’s Day. Yes, it’s true. St. Valentine was a priest during the third century in Rome. When Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families, Valentine saw some injustice to young men. He therefore defied the law and went ahead to perform marriages for young lovers secretly. When Claudius discovered it, he ordered for his death. That’s how he became a romantic figure and above all, a Saint.

Why should you use Laser-cut Valentines Day Cards to show Affection to your Lover?

#1: They make the occasion valuable

First, love is a valuable asset God gave to human beings. Without love, couples can never enjoy happy relationships in their life. Love strengthens our conjugal life. This is why we need to consider it important. And laser-cut Valentines Day Cards are suitable for showing your love for him or her because of their high perceived value. Besides, it takes a deep thought and time to come up with a beautiful personalized card for the occasion.

#2: They are the best and affordable way to show your love

Though there are several other ways of expressing your affection to someone, such as writing a letter, laser-cut Valentines Day Cards are one of the best modern ways of doing it. It’s relatively cheaper to express your emotions using these cards. Just customize your card with the messages that bring out all your love feelings. One simple card will play a very big role in strengthening your love.

#3: They are made with a lot of creativity

Thirdly, card makers produce every card with a creative mind. But through creativity, one is able to craft for our clients unique cards with the designs of your choice. You can have awesome designs suitable for husband, wife, fiancé / fiancée, boyfriend or girlfriend created.

#4: Engraved messages look unique and attractive

Lastly but not least, all the messages written on the cards are engraved. This is different from printing them with a digital printer, which is the common practice on many other cards. Engraving makes the cards look different and appealing to everyone.


Laser-cut Valentines Day Cards are a great way of showing your love to your sweetheart on 14th February. Express your affection to your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend and fiancé / fiancée by giving them a valuable laser-cut card.

Source by Charles Kiyimba

Proactively Start Your Day With Positive Self-Talk

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” This little rhyme was one I used many times as a child when someone was taunting or teasing me or calling me names. I was trying to keep myself safe from the words of another, but the truth is, their words did hurt me. I could pretend otherwise, but inside it hurt that someone would say anything meant to intentionally hurt me.

To this day however, the words of others are nothing compared to the meanness and hurt of some of the words I’ve said to myself. I don’t always say these words out loud, but the inside of my head is not a safe neighborhood to hang out, especially at night. If I had a doll that represented myself and every time I had a negative or self-critical thought I whacked that doll, I doubt it would make it through the day. It seems this is common among people I’ve talked to. I’ve worked with dozens of clients who refer to themselves as their own worst critic, but never as their own best friend.

Many psychologists discuss the concept of the inner critic. It’s referred to by many different names, but most agree that it can be directly linked to how our parents talked to us when we were growing up. Throughout our childhood experiences of interacting with our primary care givers, we imitate the parenting we received inside our own heads, continuing the practice of praising, disciplining, etc. One of the ways that shows up is as that critical inner voice. It’s also possible to have a nurturing, supportive voice but this softer, gentler voice for most people is drowned out by the louder, critical one.

In addition to self-criticism, I notice there are times when it seems everything going through my head is negative. No one around me is doing anything right, things are going wrong, and the world is a dark and scary place. When my inner self-talk goes down the fear spiral my mind can really go to town with what’s going on with the economy, and how I have been affected personally. The ‘what if’s’ completely take over and my inner neighborhood becomes a dark storm of disastrous possibilities that show up as loss, scarcity and catastrophe.

The good news is we can actually change our inner self-talk AND we can change what comes out of our mouths. Catching the inner critic before it starts beating us up and shifting our words to nurturing, supportive direction, like a coach would give, can lead to more positive outcomes in our lives. Being conscious, deliberate and intentional about what we say and what we think takes raising awareness, making a choice and acting differently.

Raising awareness starts with becoming an observer of yourself, noticing what you’re saying to yourself, how you’re interpreting situations, and what is actually coming out of your mouth, especially at those moments when no one is there to witness it. I have found the practice of journaling to be very useful in this. There are times when I don’t feel comfortable telling another person what I’m really thinking, but I would write it in a journal I knew was safe from the eyes of others. Once my thoughts and words are down on the page I can often see how my thinking is distorted.

Once I have recognized a negative or dis-empowering pattern, I can make a different choice. But what choice do I make? After all, my best thinking got me here. It can be really helpful in the beginning to get input from an objective friend or advisor since we can’t always be objective about ourselves. For example, I told a friend of mine that not as many people have been signing up for classes lately. She reminded me that I could look at this as something personally to do with me or I could more accurately conclude that people are reserving funds because of the economy. I realized she was right. If I take it personally, it feels negative, discouraging and dis-empowering, but with the latter interpretation I can look at it as an opportunity to do some work that I haven’t had time to do because I’ve been teaching so much.

Acting differently, of course means we don’t just raise our awareness and do nothing with it, it means we follow through and declare our new interpretations out loud. It’s a way of establishing a new pattern.

The most powerful way I have found to make these ideas work for me is by being proactive vs. reactive. If I wait for the moments when my thoughts are negative and self-critical it is much harder to direct myself to a positive direction, but by deliberately choosing to be gentle and supportive of myself as a matter of course, I can create a positive foundation to build from.

To do this, I have developed a daily practice of saying positive, uplifting and empowering statements to myself as soon as I wake up in the morning (typically the most negative time of day for many people). Statements like these are commonly called “Affirmations” because they are validating a positive truth we wish to emphasize and expand. The most gratifying result for me is a reduction in fear and depression, in spite of the constant influx of negative input so prevalent lately in the news and by doing this on a daily basis I have started a new, more positive pattern of thinking that leads to raised self-esteem and more positive outcomes.

Source by Jaqui Duvall

You Are In A Beauty Contest Every Day of Your Life

Looking beautiful resides in the realms of every woman’s dreams but unfortunately, women have confined it to the outer world. Our women forget that looking gorgeous to one’s own self is even more necessary than to shine out to others. Their nothing a surprise than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others but a woman, who makes a home out of a house, and makes everything given to her greater and beautiful. Thus, she needs to treat herself like a queen, as she is supreme.

It is remarkable how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness, but beauty is incomplete without cosmetics. It is 2017 now and a vast variety of fancy cosmetics that are readily accessible to women of all ages and domains of life. Looking beautiful in the everyday life is as much essential as it is when you are out for work or some party. In fact, it is much more imperative than the former. If you look beautiful all the time, you will have a confidence boost and you will spread more love. Routine chores can be exhausting and after a tiring day, facing the mirror should just enlighten you. Using good cosmetics is a treat in itself.

So just, go ahead and look around for good beauty care stocks around. Self-pampering is invaluable, it is like a present from you to you. Take care of yourself and let the beauty radiate from inside your heart to the outside world. Build love for all things hair, skin, nails, hands, feet and powder & paint. A healthy skin is vital for appearing young and beautiful. Good cosmetics might be expensive, but genuine products are a one-time investment, that can bring home a healthy glowing skin.

Spend every day of your life as if you are in a beauty contest. Boost your self-esteem levels. Look beautiful, feel beautiful inside out. Take care of yourself, drink lots of water, exercise daily, spread love and pamper yourself by using quality cosmetics that can prolong the aging of your skin. Yves Saint-Laurent quoted “The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” Beauty is in the skin, protect it, take good care of it, oil it, clean it, and scrub it. An appropriately administered skin makes you look young and beautiful. Devote a few hours of your life each day to learn to look beautiful, like you are a celebrity. They say women who love themselves are threatening, so buck up, love yourself; it is time to allow the world. Keep smiling, life is short!

Source by Mansoora Muzaffar

How to Get a Girlfriend in One Day

Would you like to know how to get a woman in one day? Would you like some handy hints to help you score someone fast? Is speed your thing and you don’t have the patience for the waiting rigmarole? You have come to the right place! Read on and find out everything you wanted to know about how to be Mr. Speedster!

Handy hint #1: Be yourself. If you try to be Brad Pitt, you will fail miserably. You will be yourself if you think you are a treasure, and only if you think you are one will any girl think the same. There is something very refreshing about a real, honest man. Women find that irresistible. Especially in an ocean of fakes, you will stand out for sure.

Handy hint #2: Smell nice. Bathe and shave and wear cologne. Just don’t empty a bottle over your head. Be subtle about it all. Use a combination so she doesn’t know what you are wearing. This will reel her in. If you go Cool Water by Davidoff, yes, you will smell good, but it is too predictable.

Handy hint #3: Be a gentleman. Good manners always win the day. Open the door for her, pull her chair out, and allow her to precede you, compliment her, you know, all those nice things. Buy her a flower if you are passing a booth. Be kind and nice. If you are planning a relationship with this girl, remember to keep it up! (Keep it up anyways: you will be a much better person for it.)

Handy hint #4: Be bold. Confidence is sexy. Period. So be forthcoming with your plans for the day. Speak with confidence about who you are. Just don’t brag. It puts women off.

Handy hint #5: Give her space. Don’t be too aggressive, in other words. Touch her lightly, but not too much. Show that you respect her and her personal space. This will draw her in. It is an eternal dance, remember, and if you step forward too much, you will step on her toes and she will not be too pleased. Then it will turn into a story of how I lost that woman within five minutes!

Congratulations! You have the formula for how to get a woman in one day. Now, once you get her, what are you going to do with her?! We hope you have it all figured out! Good luck!

Source by Andy Hein

How to Take a Relationship One Day at a Time

The most probable advice you can get is to take your relationship one day at a time. This is quite understandable when you get to realize that great things always start small and just like the acorn grows to become a mighty oak tree in due process of time, your love relationship or affair must also wait out its own time to develop and grow to become what you expect it to be- a loving, romantic, enjoyable, resourceful and fulfilling one.

This is one secret to building and maintaining a healthy love affair or relationship with the opposite sex.

Even though we are all in a world where we want anything and everything NOW, quick fixes, in an instant and immediately without any delay… you must learn to give your relationship time to grow today if you are to reap the rewards and benefits for a long time to come in the future.

How do you take your relationship one day at a time?

1. Organization and Discipline. Both of you must introduce order into the way you manage your relationship and grow your affection in addition to the love and friendship you share together.

This does not in any way presuppose that you must become rigid at all. Introduce some fun and zest into the things you do as you get to relate and interact with each other.

Take time out to enjoy the journey and the process of making your relationship work.

2. Know One Another. Make out time and create the opportunity to know your lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner or Spouse and also get to be known. Understanding one another matters greatly.

There is a need to discover how your friend who you are involved with in your relationship or love affair ‘ticks’. Share your personal dreams, goals, life’s ambitions, etc and of course your expectations over your relationship together.

3. Committed Work. Investments of time, money, knowledge, talents, and other valuable resources is a must if you are to enjoy your relationship and watch it grow and blossom to your heart’s delight.

The place of engaging in committed work and giving sacrificially by the application of your Self in order to build a healthy relationship helps greatly.

4. Understand What a Relationship is. It is all about your partner and you, your emotions, your life’s goals, your resources, cooperation and teamwork to mention a few.

Disappointing as this might read, a lot of boys and girls, guys and ladies, men and women who are involved in a love relationship or are having an affair DO NOT really comprehend what a relationship is all about.

This is one reason why breakups and separation, divorce and single parenting is on the increase today. You must be mature, responsible and accountable to get involved in an affair or consider going in to a relationship at all.

Above all, you must realize that there is no love relationship that is immune to crisis, troubles or breakup. As such, you need to master your emotions greatly and keep it under check.

This also contributes to the need to take your relationship one day at a time. Get to know one another and do not rush things or be in haste. Also, you can break down some of the tips shared above into smaller processes, tasks or assignments which both of you can jointly undertake.

All that have been shared above are for your consideration and digest and should provide some useful tips and insights into what is required of you in your relationship if your desire is to build it up one day at a time or you are just starting out newly in a love relationship or an affair with that special someone.

Source by Tosin Ajibowo

Benefits of a Day Spa

We all like and deserved to be pampered. With our stressful lifestyle and hectic schedules, it has become almost impossible to make time to pamper ourselves at home. But with the rise of salons and day spas, you can now get several medical and beauty benefits under one roof. A couple of visits to a day spa can leave you feeling rejuvenated, from inside and out.

The origin of a spa came from Ancient cultures like the Egyptian, Romans and Greeks, who used spa therapy for relaxation and rejuvenation. But today, day spas do a lot more than just soak you in a tub. Along with medical benefits, you also get beauty treatments that make you feel better, refreshed and more beautiful.

Following are just some of the facilities you can benefit of:

Body massage: You could discover several health benefits you never knew before with a body massage at a day spa. A body massage alleviates back pain, arthritis, muscle soreness and helps you shake off the distractions of daily life. A spa session could also result in improved sleep and subtle weight loss.

A CyberRelax chair massage is a great way to experience an invigorating body massage in total privacy. The CyberRelax chair can decrease stress by releasing your body’s natural endorphins and decrease muscle tension while increasing circulation all while indulging yourself in ultimate comfort.

Spray tan: Many spas offer spray tans that give you a sun-kissed look in a few minutes. We all know the harmful effects of exposing ourselves to the sun’s UV rays for a natural tan. But airbrush tanning is completely safe and lasts longer than a natural tan. Done manually by a tanning expert, a spray tan gives quick results minus the tan lines. So you get a completely natural looking glow to your skin even in winter, when your skin tends to lose moisture and sheen.

Facials: If you’ve so far only had the regular facials, then a spa could give you something more with a red light facial. Red light treatment has proven benefits for the skin. While a facial will help your face shed a few years along with the wrinkles and fine lines and other problems, red light body therapy will repair damaged cells, stimulate collagen, and tighten the skin. Anti-aging, reduction of scars and a cure of psoriasis are just some of the benefits of red light treatment.

A day or two at a spa can do wonders for your skin, health and mind. If you haven’t tried it yet, then you’re missing out on an incredible way to de-stress and rejuvenate yourself. Get in touch with the nearest day spa and take advantage of the numerous benefits on offer.

Source by Jamie Osteen

Father’s Day Gifts – Unique Gift Ideas

If you’re lucky, he’s dropped some clues about stuff he wants (like that new laptop bag), but if you need to ask, you probably won’t get a lot out of him. Try to elicit clues about what he’d like to get and you’ll probably get the dreaded “I don’t care”, “It doesn’t matter” or worst of all “Let’s just forget about it” response. Instead of giving in and falling back on the typical (boring) gift choices, spend some time thinking about HIM and what he enjoys. And remember, men share this with women: they both have desires for things they want dearly but won’t justify buying for themselves. So if you know about the secret wish he’s been harboring for those flashy new tire rims, bingo, you’ve nailed it.

As with all gift-giving, the most important thing about choosing the perfect gift is to make it all about the person you’re honoring, so pick a gift that matches his personality – practical or romantic, sweet and sensitive, playful or corny, – it needs to be about him. Consider his interests and how he likes to spend his time, then choose a gift that’s a good match.

If you’re considering buying something for him to wear, forget about the itchy sweater that you think makes him look adorable – he might wear it to please but that’s not what a ‘perfect’ gift is about. Instead, get him something that makes him look and feel manly (like designer sunglasses).

Remember that your time and your undivided attention are a big part of the best gift you can give a man, so if you’re a woman honoring the father of your children remember that little acts of affirmation and devotion will boost his self-esteem and emotional security and are intensely meaningful, either alone or as the backdrop for a gift that comes with a bow on top. ‘Spending time together’ gifts are a great choice for Fathers Day – as long as it’s an activity he’ll enjoy and it doesn’t entail a bunch of fussy preparation. Hint: tickets to a baseball game are usually a better choice than a fancy brunch (most guys would rather get moving than sit around chatting).

Speaking of gifts presented with a bow, remember that gadgets and technology are the male gift of choice that’s the equivalent of diamonds for women.

Honor him by recognizing his interests. If he’s crazy about sports, his car or classical music, choose a gift that shows you care enough about him to pay attention to what he loves. Making it special can be just a matter of kicking it up a notch: instead of buying him a basic tool, you choose an artisan-style Lee Valley tool; rather than a book, present him with an autographed first edition – whatever it takes to make him realize you think he’s special.

If he’s a grill master or avid golfer, and you choose one of those passions as your theme, be sure to add a touch of creativity to your gift. Pick something unique (or personalize something that isn’t). Or give something that else that celebrates his resourcefulness, creativity, or capabilities, like a new set of woodworking tools or a model assembly kit that ties in with his fascination with ships.

Memorabilia can make for a great gift Fathers Day gift if he’s into a particular period: the 50’s, the Beatles era, Woodstock, the 80’s – he’ll get a kick out of receiving a gift that reminds him of the good times. If he’s a collector, an addition to his collection of coins, stamps, or Victorian paperweights can be ‘perfect’, but be sure to do your homework about what his collection is lacking and, most importantly, make sure he can exchange it. (This is one of the rare times that I recommend considering a gift certificate.)

For little kid’s gifts, what Dad isn’t proud to display their handmade treasures on his dresser or on his desk at the office? Handmade crafts fill the bill for little kid’s budgets and they offer a creative outlet for their boundless creativity and love (plus, shopping for the craft supplies can be a nice bonding experience to share with Mom). For store-bought gifts, personalized items that pay tribute to his status as a Dad make ‘perfect’ gifts – ‘My Dad’ picture frames, photos etched in acrylic, personalized cufflinks, tie clip or watch – all can hit just the right note.

If you’re helping your child choose a Fathers Day gift and the budget says “socks or a tie”, don’t give in to the temptation. (If there’s anything more tired than this gift idea, I can’t think what.) Instead, teach your child to think about what Dad would really like. It doesn’t have to be expensive – how about a calendar themed to a passionate interest or a location he loves? Not only will the gift be a hit with Dad, it will also teach your child an important lesson about meaningful gift giving.

Happy Shopping!

Source by Donna Lynne MacDonald

My Mother’s Day Memories

In the United States, Anna Jarvis was credited for conceiving and advocating this special day for mothers. The day was recognized as a holiday in 1914. Allegedly, Anna was heartbroken about how the day became a marketing sensation over time and that ever more people chose to buy and send a card, a gift, or flowers to their mother in order to feel good about what they did. The idea was to make mother feel more loved and special on that one day than she had done for her children. Over time, the commercialization of the holiday soured Anna on what she created, and she tried, but failed, to remove it as a holiday.

But, just as no two mothers are alike, the convenience of gifting has not stopped us from celebrating our mothers more on this special Sunday in May. I have memories of my mother tied to this day, from my childhood up to today. My mother was my protector and friend. Even before I had memory of that I can see it on my face and on her face in photographs. She involved me in her life, put me first most of the time, sang to me, encouraged me, and taught me to find joy in this world. I think she knew, and most mothers know how important it is to teach love and joy soon, before the world teaches competition, defensiveness, and goals like getting something for yourself. Mother is about giving all for someone else – you.

My mother gave birth to two more sons, each spaced three years after me. When she brought her new baby home, I saw the glow on her face and the love in her eyes that once was all mine. I learned later, what I could not understand then, that she never stopped loving me with all of her heart. Love does not fit neatly into a measuring cup. There are no limits to love unless we put limits on it. I wish that I understood that at ages three and six. Seeing her love for my baby brothers was for me too, and by watching it, I could see the effect she had on my brothers and a glimpse of how great her heart was for her child. My mother will be 84 next month, and her loving heart is still great.

As I grew up, I saw concern and even fear in her eyes when I left her care to go to school, to play football, and when I got so sick that all that she could do for me was not enough. I saw boundless joy in her when I married, and especially when my wife put my baby son, then my baby daughter in her arms. But, something changed then.

Just as she had to divide her attention as a mother when my brothers were born, I had to put the mother of my children first. Later, I saw how my mother’s eyes dimmed as her mother began the last years of her life. She wanted to do so much for her mother, but life is like a baton that is passed from one runner to another. Once the baton is passed, we don’t see the one who passed it so clearly because with the baton, purpose also passed. Her mother is still remembered by her on Mother’s Day, and every day, I think.

As I write this article, early on Mother’s Day, 2019, I get ready to call my mother on the telephone. She lives two states south of me and my wife, where she cares for one of my brothers whose life became one of sickness for him and great sorrow for her. My children will honor their mother today, and I will be part of that. I wish that I could hold onto the baton longer for my mother, but it has already been passed. Anna Jarvis did a good thing for mothers, and for our mothers, we should do what we can, all that we can, to tell our mothers that we love them, and that we always will. #TAG1writer.

Source by Tony A Grayson