Book Review: Postcapitalism by Paul Mason

In his famous book of the 1950s, The Affluent Society, John Kenneth Galbraith presented a Utopian view of the future in which the need to work would be reduced to four hours a day and wealth would be much more equally shared between those who chose to work and those who opted for a life of leisure. Now Paul Mason has produced an outline of the process by which this might be realised. Extrapolating from current trends, notably the growing abundance of ‘free stuff’ on the internet, and taking full account of the approaching crises of climate change, population growth and increasing longevity, he explains how capitalism, like the proverbial old soldier, will not die but merely fade away.

Galbraith drew upon the work of anthropologists who estimated that primitive man, living as a hunter gatherer, needed to spend about four hours a day in search of food. In the modern age, with increasing use of automation, Galbraith foresaw a future in which man would once again expend only four hours in search of his daily bread. Now, after the explosive growth in personal computing and the internet, Paul Mason can see more clearly how this transformation might come about. The first step in the process is the universal availability of free knowledge through websites such as Wikipedia. Knowledge which has cost much to produce can now be obtained by all who need it at zero additional cost.

Mason sees a trend by which more and more information, services and products become abundant to the point where their end cost reduces to zero. This is described as a non-market economy that grows alongside a diminishing market economy. Large enterprises that are based on cheap labour would be forced by legislation to become ‘high-wage, high growth, high technology economic models.’ And if this sounds too radical, Mason points to business models which have been outlawed in the past such as those based upon slavery and child labour.

Mason warns against the danger of capitalists creating monopolies as a defence mechanism against postcapitalism. The creation of monopolies must be resisted and rules against price fixing strictly enforced. Where a monopoly may be essential, such as in a service industry, it should be taken into public ownership. He argues that providing services such as water, energy, housing, transport, healthcare, telecoms infrastructure and education, at cost price, socially, would be a strategic act of redistribution vastly more effective than raising real wages.

Mason follows Galbraith in advocating that everyone should be paid a basic income, although he is relatively less generous to the unemployed. Galbraith proposed that those who choose to remain unemployed should receive about 90 percent of the income of those working, while Mason advocates a universal basic income of only one-third of the minimum wage. So, although Mason plots a useful course towards Utopia, Galbraith might feel that there was still some way to go.

Source by John Powell

IRS Tax Debt to Be Collected by Third Party Agencies

If you currently owe the IRS back taxes, now would be a good time to contact a tax professional to determine if you qualify for the IRS fresh start program. Recently, the IRS released information pertaining to their decision to enlist the assistance of four third party collection firms to assist in the recovery of approximately $138 billion dollars in tax debt. What this could mean for tax payers who owe is the beginning of multiple phone calls, harassing letters, and less time to financially prepare for repayment due to faster collection enforcement technique.

The probability of program success is hindered by well documented occurrences of harassment by third party agencies. Collection agencies are subject to the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA), which protects consumers from abusive debt collection practices. However, collectors often ignore these rules due to pressure to produce a certain level of revenue and/or earn bonuses in addition to regular pay. This could prove to be toxic due to potential harassment law suits that could cost the IRS millions.

In addition, this is not the first time the IRS has implemented such a program. According to the New York Times, “Twice before, in 1996 and 2006, the I.R.S. has tried to farm out some of its collection duties. Both times, the programs were shut down and deemed failures”. However, not before causing significant stress to millions of tax payers. Most famous was the elderly couple that received over 150 calls in less than a month.

The IRS currently offers resolution programs that could assist tax payers resolve outstanding tax liability without exposure to harsh collection practices conducted by third party agencies. To ignore the opportunity to protect yourself and possibly resolve your tax issue for less than what is expected (Offer-In-Compromise), is the same as staying in a house that’s on fire. No one in their right mind would do that… right?

The IRS Fresh Start Program provides the opportunity to resolve your tax debt in many different ways. Depending on your assets, you may be able to enter into an Installment Agreement (IA) that is conducive to your financial capability, or save money by paying a lessor amount through Offer-In-Compromise (OIC). If you choose to research the above mentioned resolution options, make sure that you take note of the following in choosing your tax professional:

1. Tax professional must be licensed as an Enrolled Agent, CPA, or Attorney.

2. Check with the BBB for rating

3. Check or ask for testimony from previous clients

Don’t ignore the time given to secure your opportunity to resolve your tax debt issue without additional unwanted harassment. Contact your tax professional today.

Source by Kenyatta Patton

2018 Best WordPress Themes – 21 WordPress Themes by VisualModo

The 21 Premium Business WordPress Themes comes as a set of other 21 Themes that can work on many types of Business.

Whether you want to set up a blog, food restaurant, sports website or photography website, this is the theme you should go for.

It’s a sleek theme that gives you everything to get your business online. Let’s have a detail look at each theme in the 21 Premium WP themes.


Build by VisualModo, one of the best WordPress theme developers in the world.

The theme gives you a warm look courtesy of the Bootstrap 3. No more stress while creating content, Visual Composer gives you all the ability to develop complex layouts.

Get this theme and start to customise your site in a minute.


The Seller WP theme gives you the chance to have your eCommerce site and begin selling your products.

Sleek and responsive, Seller theme is your best theme for an online business.

With plenty of features such as Contact Form, Theme options, Unlimited Colours, etc.

You will never run short of any features to customise your site.


With its elegant and snappy typography, Marvel is an impressive professional theme that merely works well with any Business type you want.

It features an auto-updater, retina ready, CSS3 animations, etc. to help you kick-start your online business with easy.


Rare is a solid business theme that features everything necessary for one to customize an online site.

Rare is easy to customize the site with a responsive look, Google maps, retina support, etc.


Peak is easy to customize theme powered by CSS3 animations, Visual Composer, Google Maps, Boxed or Wide layout, etc.

Works tremendous both for mobile devices and big screen since it’s responsive.


This theme assumes a different look depending on the way you customize it.

With a plethora of features such as Google Maps, WooCommerce, Slider revolution, custom widgets, etc.

It’s you to decide how you want to set up your site.


Colorful, sleek and modern, this theme is perfect for you to start with if you’re going to have your website online quickly.

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If you have been looking for the perfect theme to use for your wedding business, this 21 Premium Business WordPress Theme is your solution.

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Enhance your fitness website with this WordPress theme by using its simple to customize widgets.

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Build a beautiful design with the Edge theme.

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Zenith has a striking visual, and it features a sturdy panel with great features to use for customization.

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Do you run a Gym business? Well, this is the theme is tailored for you.

Let people know the location of your Gym with the help of excellent Google Maps.

With the help of a slider revolution, you can now show different kind of content that comes with various customizations, effects, and animations.


A great restaurant must have an attractive look.

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If you are tired of looking for a theme for your website.

Beyond is a 21 premium business theme that blends effortlessly with any business type.

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Build your professional website using Nectar theme.

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Winehouse shines when it comes to creating beautiful multimedia content for a massive online audience.

It does so in a tone that is both professional and serious. Let your customers know what you are selling by using Winehouse.


The mechanic is a clean and modern theme that you can use to set up your business type.

It’s built with clean and valid CSS3 Animations to ensure that you stay put with the latest trends in the website design.


Perfect for your Construction business.

With so many features to choose from, this Construction theme will give your website a new look.

Source by Rashmi Shrivastava

Chiropractic Care Reduces Opioid Scripts By 50% for Musculoskeletal Pain

Many in the United States suffer from musculoskeletal problems like neck pain, low back pain and osteoarthritis of the hip, knee and hand. One path of the treatment is for physicians to prescribe opioids for these types of conditions. However, there is a natural, safe alternative to taking possible dangerous drugs. Recent research has shown that chiropractic care for musculoskeletal pain is a viable substitute for opioid medications. This article will discuss the dangers of opioids, research detailing chiropractic care is an alternative and how chiropractic treatment can be utilized for musculoskeletal disorders.

Nearly everyone in the United States is aware that we have in opioid addiction problem. Opioid medications are numerous. Percocet, OxyContin and Vicodin are several of the most common prescribed. When these drugs were developed, they were solely meant to be given for the most grievous cases of pain management. Intractable pain after surgery and those suffering from pain from incurable cancer were thought to be the only times these pharmaceuticals would be prescribed. However, some nefarious drugmakers and distributors of opioids put out a false narrative to the medical community stating that opioids were safe for lesser types of pain. These pharmaceutical companies are now being sued by states across the US, producing thousands of lawsuits and resulting in opioid producers considering bankruptcy under the weight of court cases.

The misinformation produced by these illicit drug makers has led to many patients becoming addicted to the narcotic effects of opioid medications. Unfortunately, many others have died from overdose due to addiction. Almost all of us know of someone or some family who is suffering from deleterious effects of opioid medications.

As stated earlier, a promising alternative to opioids has been recognized. Medscape Medical News has reported research revealing that “patients who visited a chiropractor for a musculoskeletal pain condition were 49% less likely to receive opioid prescriptions than their counterparts who went to other healthcare providers.” These findings were presented at the American Academy of Pain Medicine 2019 annual meeting. After reviewing the available literature on chiropractic care vs. opioid prescribing, researchers selected studies with a total of 62,000 patients to include in the analysis. Lead author, Kelsey Corcoran, DC, VA Connecticut Healthcare System and Yale Center for Medical Informatics, Yale School of Medicine, New Haven noted: “chiropractors provide many treatments included in the clinical guidelines for the initial treatment of low back pain, neck pain, and osteoarthritis of the hip, knee and hand.” He further stated: “preventing opioid addiction and overdose continues to be a significant public health priority; and as part of a strategy to lessen opioid use, clinical guidelines now recommend many nonpharmacological options to be considered as frontline treatment ahead of any medication.”

Chiropractic care focuses on establishing normal alignment and movement of the joints of the body, especially the spinal bones. The majority of people suffering from neck and back pain have misalignments and improper movement of the vertebrae. Chiropractic care focuses on correcting improper alignment and movement in the spine. This helps the majority of people suffering from neck and back pain conditions. Chiropractic care is safe, gentle and extremely viable option to the prescription dangerous opioid medications.

Source by James Schofield

Orlando by Virginia Woolf

Orlando by Virginia Woolf claims it is a biography. A young man, the eponymous Orlando, is in London in the sixteenth century. At the outset, we meet him in an attic, having fun with a severed head and a sword. Virginia Woolf also tells us to expect Orlando at a later date to become a woman. It is destined to be a book of surprises.

He is of course at court, where else? He rubs shoulders with Tudor bigwigs, even monarchs. Of course, he is at court. Where else might such a character reside? Bloomsbury, perhaps… A few years later he even looks up at the dome on Saint Paul’s Cathedral, many decades before it was built. Despite its historical settings, Orlando does not much care for accuracy. It is not long before this biography becomes something decidedly less definable, though its author continues to invoke her declared intention of presenting the life of an individual.

Orlando, both the book and the character, is rather hard to define. Though it ostensibly focuses on the life, or perhaps lives of an individual, the book is not a biography, even a fictional one. It’s not really a novel either, since it offers neither thread of plot, nor characterization, nor description of relationships. There is a lot of name dropping, and many references to historical figures, but history it definitely is not, the author often preferring to drop personal opinion almost at randon alongside a name. Orlando meets and even spends time with several literary figures from the past, notably Pope, who is even quoted from time to time.

The writing is often poetic, but Orlando is not poetry, Neither is it a poetic novel. Some markers are needed, so here are some highlights from the text to illustrate both the inventiveness of Virginia Woolf and also how the test often appears disjointed, like random flashbacks into a dream.

“What’s the good of being a fine young woman in the prime of life”, she asked, “if I have to spend all my mornings watching blue-bottles with and Archduke?”

“Life and a lover” – a line which did not scan and made no sense with what went before – something about the proper way of dipping sheep to avoid the scab. Reading it over she blushed and repeated,

“Life and a lover.”

He started. The horse stopped.

“Madam,” the man cried, leaping to the ground, “you’re hurt!”

“I am dead, sir!” she replied.

A few minutes later they became engaged.

Orlando lives for the better part of 400 years, at least within these pages, and has numerous different lives, both as a man and a woman. He is a man, becomes a woman, marries and has children, and then becomes a man again. He or she is a writer, a poet, a courtier, whatever the page appears to demand for him, or her. Orlando displays a little in the way of character, let alone consistency within these different identities. The character increasingly feels like a vehicle for the personal gripes of its creator. On several occasions, the reader seems to occupy the back seat in a taxi, with the driver repeatedly saying, “And another thing… “, over her or his shoulder.

It may or may not be relevant, but it has to be noted that Virginia Woolf, for all her talent as a writer, for all her skills as a constructor of dream-like word pictures, was mentally unstable, and became more so as she aged. The unfortunate observation about Orlando is that the book appears to be a series of randomly assembled, almost disconnected thoughts, illusions, memories, prejudices, spiteful digs and opinionated rant. Orlando is also no less of an achievement for any of this, however, since it contains some real gems, but also much that is impenetrable and obscure.

What is clear, throughout, is Virginia Woolf’s 1920s version of feminism. It provides a thread that binds together the bones this book, but it is a thread that is far from golden, and the skeleton thus constructed has little recognizable form or shape. Also, in fact, she often seems sanguine, almost defeatist in her analysis, more often than not equating “female” with poverty, ignorance or failure, even when the female characters themselves, as individuals, are nothing less than assertive. It could be, of course, that she is projecting stereotypes associated with the people she describes, but it is hard to be convinced of this, since consistency is not a word that can be used in describing Orlando, which is a unique book, its success a genuine achievement of a vivid and strange imagination.

Source by Philip Spires

For Sale by Owner Vs National Association Of Realtors

Potential and existing For Sale by Owners should take National Association of Realtors (NAR) ongoing rhetoric with a grain of salt. The NAR has a significant stake in how you choose to sell your property – did you know that there is approximately $60 BILLION in real estate commissions paid out annually (up 19 billion form 2000)? In a well planned and funded effort to justify their services and the astronomical commissions that they collect the NAR spends millions of dollars every year inundating the average homeowner with propaganda.

Realtors would have you believe that it is totally impossible to successfully market and sell your own home. The reason they propagate this fallacy is painfully obvious but it is shocking how convincing they can be and how frequently homeowners fall prey to their ploys.

Let’s put some of the most common NAR rhetoric to sleep:

FSBOs do not sell for less

FSBOs do not take longer to sell

FSBOs do not unwittingly expose themselves to potential thieves, rapists or murderers

FSBOs can effectively market their own property

FSBOs can effectively sell their own property

FSBOs can save thousands of dollars in commissions

Truth be known, the National Association of Realtors does some things very well. First of all, they gather, compile and distribute very accurate data related to real estate that can prove very helpful when creating a For Sale by Owner marketing plan. This data is gleaned from hundreds of thousands of home sales so the data is very accurate. Most, if not all, of the data is readily available on the internet. This data includes, but is not limited to, average number of days on market (DOM), average and medium sale prices (compiled monthly and seasonally adjusted), unit sales by region and unit sales by “Metropolitan Areas”.

The NAR also compiles statistics related to “Buyer” and “Seller” tendencies, these statistics are generated through surveys of both buyers and sellers. Some of the data speaks volumes, for instance over 70% of home buyers in 2006 used the internet to find the home they ultimately purchased, before they hired a real estate agent. Secondly 18% of home purchasers claimed that the first introduction to the home they purchased was a FOR SALE lawn sign. Do the math – that means over 88% of “BUYERS” found the property they ultimately purchased without the assistance of a real estate agent – yet 85% used an agent to facilitate the purchase – who says marketing doesn’t work.

The second thing they do very well is market real estate; this is done through their proprietary data service – the Multiple Listing Service better known as the MLS. This real estate listing data, while proprietary, is not restricted to real estate agents, it is available to virtually anyone that has access to the internet., the consumer facing website is a by-product of the MLS, this primary marketing tool for Realtors is also available to virtually anyone. For Sale by Owners can invest in Flat Fee MLS. The concept is simple – instead of the “Listing Agent” charging a commission based on the sale of your home, the homeowner agrees to pay a Flat Fee to a registered Realtor – this fee is typically in the $399 – $699 range depending on your geographical area and level of service. The agent simply agrees to list your property on the MLS. This exposes your property to all Real Estate agents through the MLS database and most potential buyers through (remember over 70% of buyers found the property on the internet BEFORE they hired an agent) which enjoys over 7 million monthly visitors that generate over 350 page views. BEWARE – not all Flat Fee MLS is created equal – make sure you know what you are buying and that there is some level of support.

One of the biggest problems that I have always had with Real Estate agents (outside of their high commission fees) is that they have a different mandate then the typical homeowner. A real estate agents mandate is to sell “a” home and get paid their commission. The homeowners mandate is to sell their home. How often do you think a prospective buyer calls in to set up a showing for a specific property (your property) and the agent says – “sure, we’ll set up an appointment – but while were out looking at that property let’s look at these “others” that I think you may be interested in.” Personally, I don’t blame them, that is how they earn a living – I would do the same thing, it’s called “hedging your bets”. The inherent problem is that a real estate agent can be successful without the homeowner being successful. A great example of this is “Open Houses” in my opinion they are simply a lead generation platform for the listing agent. The “visitors” come to see your home, the agent takes their name and contacts them to sell them any house – they have simply used your property and time as a hook.

I always have to defend myself, and I want to be clear, I do not hate real estate agents. They definitely perform a service that some individuals are incapable of performing. I do however have a problem with the fees that they charge and their relentless attack on FSBO’s. I have always felt that if someone has to take a run at the competition in an effort to justify themselves that it was a sign of weakness.

Bottom line, you can sell your own home and save thousands of dollars; do not be swayed by the NAR and its unsubstantiated claims. Do not believe something just because you saw it on television – it is a shameless effort to protect themselves, their association and a livelihood that is under significant pressure to justify it’s fees. It’s not a coincidence that the U.S. Department of Justice is currently investigating the industry for anti trust violations. Change is coming – and it will shake the very foundation that this association was founded. The internet has changed the way people buy and sell real estate – it’s time for Realtors to accept that fact and adjust accordingly or go the way of the Dodo bird.

Source by Mark Camphaug

Review of ‘Invent Your Own Computer Games With Python’ by Al Sweigart

Nowadays, there are few books that serve the function of teaching programming, as well as providing fun, especially for the children. Al’s book serves both.

Basically, this book is about creating games with python but it also serves as a ground for ‘breaking the ice’ for those who think that programming is only for the ‘PC geeks’. According to Al, ‘Programming isn’t hard. But it is hard to find learning materials that teach you to do interesting things with programming. Other computer books go over many topics that most newbie coders don’t need. This book will teach you how to program your own computer games. You will learn a useful skill and have fun games to show for it!’

It allows readers to create an interactive game using python and late shift the skill up by using pygame to create animation and sound, a very important aspect of creating games.

Who is this book for?

Programming isn’t hard. But it is hard to find learning materials that teach you to do interesting things with programming. Other computer books go over many topics that most newbie coders don’t need. This book will teach you how to program your own computer games. You will learn a useful skill and have fun games to show for it! This book is for:

Complete beginners who want to teach themselves computer programming, even if they have no previous experience programming.

Kids and teenagers who want to learn computer programming by creating games. Kids as young as 9 or 10 years old should be able to follow along.

Adults and teachers who wish to teach others programming.

Anyone, young or old, who wants to learn how to program by learning a professional programming language.

There are 20 chapters in the book

A very notable aspect of this book is that, rather than normal programming books, which provide the principles first, then the application, Al`s book show the source code for games right up front and explain programming principles from the examples.

This book is not for making games with high tech graphics but for games good enough for attracting online gamers or as a game for mobile phones,as Al said,

‘The first few games we’ll create together in this book will probably seem simple compared to the games you’ve played on the Xbox, Playstation, or Wii. They don’t have fancy graphics or music but that’s because they’re meant to teach you the basics. They’re purposely simple so that we can focus on learning to program. Games don’t have to be complicated to be fun. Hangman, Tic Tac Toe, and making secret codes are simple to program but are also fun. It explains every aspect of python from installing it to using pygame for sound and animation. Overall, a good, sound and interactive method used throughout. Recommended for all age and programming levels.’

Source by Saptarshi Nath

Book Review: The Furies by Corey Croft

This is a book that has it all; friendship, love, violence, and drugs. The Furies by Corey Croft follows the story of a group of Fury friends. In their final year of high school they are faced with a series of tough decisions. It is about them making it just one more year; it is about figuring out what comes next when worlds of possibilities open up in front of them. Or do they? But above all, it is a story about different ways of coming to terms with oneself.

Set amidst the 90’s drug boom, the narrative faithfully encapsulates the spirit of the time. The plot oozes cultural references specific to that period which takes the reader on a playful journey back in time. The city of Fury is where it all happens. It is a city, not unlike any other, where social and racial divide fills the air. And so does the smell of weed. Corey Croft takes you beyond a picture-perfect layout of middle class life which leads you down some dark alleys and shows you what lurks behind closed doors. The Furies is all about forms of struggle and adaptation to what life throws at you. And the furions sure know how to throw back a punch. But there is also a softer side to their wild nature – a childhood naivete that lingers on in their adolescence.

A colorful cast of characters brings the city alive at the center of which is the trio of Cava, Sally, and Luc with a C and around them are a fluctuating wave of characters who will ensure a dynamic narrative. Stretching beyond stereotypes, Corey Croft makes sure to outline multidimensional characters with believable backstories. The novel exposes the battle ground between the psychological and sociological perspective. Whether the individual determines its own fate in the detriment of the environmental influence, or on the contrary, does the social dictate the outcome for the individual? It is an age old question, that is not settled in The Furies but it is portrayed in an exemplary way.

All in all, The Furies is a gritty piece sprinkled with some tenderness and care – care for a friend, family member or lover. One thing is certain, the pages of the book are filled with passion and powerful feelings at opposing ends of the spectrum. The author achieves the supreme feat – to move the reader. It is hard not to join Corey Croft’s chant: FURY! – US!

Source by Timea Barabas

The Secrets of Top Students by Stefanie Weisman

“The Secrets of Top Students: Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Acing High School and College” by Stefanie Weisman is chock full of strategies to do just what she claims in the title, Ace High School and College. This is an outstanding book for any student who wants to do better in school. Following Weisman’s advice won’t only help you get better grades, but you’ll learn a lot more too.

I did very well in high school and college, but not as good as Weisman. Her accomplishments are very impressive, and besides her own first hand knowledge, she included tips and strategies from many others who also excelled throughout their schooling. (Valedictorians like Weisman, Rhodes scholars, Fulbright scholars, Intel Science Fair finalists, National Spelling Bee champions and others like these.) I read the book because I speak to and work with students, and I also wanted to see how it would be for my daughter to read. It’s one I definitely will have her read when she’s a bit older, but since she asked why she had to wait, maybe I’ll let her read it now and then again when she starts high school.

What I really like is that this book isn’t just another “how to study” book. It is much more than that. While it does include advice on how to maximize your studying, it also provides information on the entire learning experience, including why you should want to be a better student in the first place.

There are chapters on motivation, time management, how taking care of your body will improve your mind and ability to study, learn, and get good grades. There is a chapter on navigating the game of academia, which is important. The actual study tips are divided into what you should do in the class room and how to take notes, learning to read for school, honing your homework skills, how to write a paper, and getting ready for and taking tests.

The book also includes a few helpful exercises to help students practice what they have learned in regards to taking notes, staying motivated, etc. And again, I like that the book talks about lifestyle tips and techniques, and not just study tips. There are a a lot of things during high school and college that will effect your grades. It’s not just how you write papers and take tests. This book does an excellent job at covering a lot of areas and providing a lot of practical advice without going too far and give students another voluminous text book to read. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to become a top student.

Source by Alain Burrese

Book Review – ‘The Five Love Languages’ By Dr Gary Chapman

When I first looked at the book cover I thought ‘Oh wow, this looks a bit too sweet for me’ but I still bought it as it came recommended by one of my clients as a good and interesting read. This is now many years ago and I have since used ideas from this book with every couple that comes to work with me.


After many years of counselling, Dr. Chapman realized that individuals had different ways in which they showed love to another person and, for whatever reason, they are usually drawn to someone showing it in a different way. He came up with five basic categories: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service and Physical Touch.

More in details

This book explains the different love languages (categories) in detail, how to discover your primary love language and talks about what happens through the different stages of a relationship.

Dr. Gary Chapman injects his explanations with many stories of people who attended his seminars and who, using the theory of ‘The Five Love Languages’, have changed the level of satisfaction in their relationship or marriage significantly.

I specifically liked his theory of the love tank and the idea that we pay with the currency of our primary love language whereby the account of the receiver might prefer another currency. He suggests also that couples play a game where one partner asks the other: ‘What could I do today that would make your love tank rise?’ By taking responsibility for your own needs and likes and stating what that would be you allow your partner to collect more and more ideas about how to make the most effective payments into your emotional love tank.

If you now are curious about which one your primary love language is: There is a test at the end of the book, both for him and for her.

About the author

Dr. Gary Chapman is a pastor, speaker and author. He teaches his ‘Five Love Languages’ and speaks about marriage, family and relationship, throughout the States and also internationally. He has written over thirty books and created five video programs.

‘The Five Love Languages’ was published in 1992 and since then has been translated into more than forty different languages. This book has sold over five million copies making it a perennial New York Times bestseller.


More than the number of books sold is the effect this has had on so many couples I’ve been working with. This book is simple to read for both husband and wife and has practical tips on how to make your relationship more satisfying and happy. This is basic knowledge for any couple, married or not.

Source by Nathalie Himmelrich