Between Love and Familiarity

We often feel deep empathy toward certain people whom we don’t get in return. They tend to be negative types of people, like people with high temperament or narcissists, who take advantage of our kindness for their own desire. Somewhere deep in our thoughts we just think maybe if we treat them nicely and show them our great kindness, they would treat us better and even change their behavior for us. But the truth is people don’t change over a night.

We might find ourselves with a selfish partner and even though our partner is difficult, some of us might find even more difficult to leave that hurtful relationship. Everyone around us already tells us to stand up for ourselves and leave, even criticize how weak and stupid we are for sticking with that hurtful relationship and even accuse of actually like to be treated badly. But no one likes being treated badly. The reason why it is so hard to leave is although it hurts, some of us might find in it the comfort of familiarity. Our lack of understanding cause us to stick around. Solely because we are afraid to leave. We have nowhere else to go and mostly we are afraid of things that are unfamiliar to us.

Studies say that we are attracted to what is familiar to us and that mere exposure will affect our attitude toward certain people. For instance, if you grow up with high temperamental parents, you will tend to find a partner with temperament issues. Not because you consciously find them attractive, but because of the familiarity that you unconsciously acknowledge in them. This is our subliminal mind and we have no awareness of making such a choice. Either good or bad, our subliminal mind will let us stay in this relationship because they find it comforting in sense of familiarity.

Some people may think it is commitment and love that make you stick around with a hurtful partner. But you have to understand the difference between love and familiarity. Both breed comfort, but there is a huge difference. With familiarity, you feel comfortable because you already feel used to it and already developed the ability to deal with it. You learn how to survive and you just ignore some hurtful truths and turn your head around to the fact that you actually deserve someone much better. You find yourself stuck because you are too comfortable in your comfort zone. You assume it would be harder to live outside your circle and that you could get hurt even more.

The comfort that love gives is different. You feel comfortable with your partner not only because how kind, compassionate and loving he is to you, but also because your partner makes you feel comfortable and confident about yourself. You love your partner for what he is and for what he makes you feel about your whole you. Your heart is full with unpretentious happiness. This kind of comfort is simple yet difficult to feel because it is rare. And if you feel like this with a certain someone, it is possible that you feel love.

To find the comfort that only love can give, first you have to make yourself aware if whether right now what you have is familiarity or love. Don’t blame yourself if you keep getting in the same hurtful relationships. Remember you can’t control what you are not aware of. What’s important is that you are able to see the pattern that your subliminal mind makes you choose and learn from it.

It may be hard at first to let go the chains of the comfort you feel with the familiarity, and some things might be strange for you. But let the strangeness settle with you. Because soon you will realize how much happier you are without your hurtful partner. Then you can decide what kind of person you really want in your life and that you actually deserve. Let the fear pass by, and free yourself from the fetters of the past.

Source by Sarah Ayu Aulia Rahma

Who’s In Charge In Your Life?

Whatever we chose to do in life, we chose it because we expect to gain something in exchange. If I snap at my daughter when she does something wrong, I do it because I expect her to change her behavior. When I let others tell me what to do, I accept it because I expect them to guide me better than I would. When I drink too much it is because I want to forget or have fun. We all do it. We do things because we expect rewards: good ones or bad ones, pleasure or pain. We do things to obtain pleasure. We do things to avoid pain. We provoke situations that will hopefully yield what we think we want or need. A baby cries when asking for something. An adult insults, teases or praises others because he or she wants something, too.

Most of us are not aware of our doing this when pain is involved. We don’t realize that we’re doing things to avoid an even greater pain. Let me illustrate it. Some people put up with a job they hate or an abusive boss because the pain of being rejected somewhere else would be too big. Or because the pain of being unemployed would hurt too much. They’d rather put up with the pain of their nasty days than risk suffering even more.

In that sense, we’re all in charge of our own lives and decisions. We all choose what we have.

When the choosing is consciously done, we are in charge. When we are not aware that we are choosing, we become victims. We blame others. We think the world is doing that to us.

In the example I mentioned above, staying at that job out of fear without realizing that we are choosing to do so turns us into victims. We feel sorry for ourselves. We let others decide for us. And resent them for it. We feel powerless. But there always is a choice. Always. Even in the worst circumstances. Even in the most abusive ones. And whenever we do the choosing, we stop being victims and take control of our lives.

Another example I’d like to give you has to do with me. Quite a few years ago I had some car accidents (yes, in the plural) that really damaged my back and kept me in me acute, chronic pain on both legs and my back for seven whole years, every single day. I could barely walk and my doctors told me that a wheelchair was unavoidable. One could argue that I was the victim because the accidents hadn’t been provoked by me. I’d say that my victimization started the moment I didn’t accept my situation and decided to suffer from it.

But as soon as I chose to control my life even under those circumstances, I stopped being the victim. I couldn’t walk everyday, true, but I could do tons of things still. And I did. I also found new doctors and let go of my old way of life.

Today I am still disabled and enjoy a magnificent, very fulfilling life. Yes, there are days when I’m in physical pain and can’t walk or do walk with a sever limp. But I am alive and happy.

Some people say that I resign myself to my new life style. I disagree. Resignation would be accepting my reality and nothing else. But I’m proactively improving it. That’s the key, the difference. I choose to improve my life every day, to enjoy it every minute, even when in pain. That is my choice. That is why I’m not a victim but in control.

I refuse to be a victim of my circumstances again. I am not my circumstances. And circumstances can always be changed. I choose pleasure, not pain. Even if the pain looks familiar.

What do you choose?

Enjoy life… ALL of it,

Source by Jessica J Lockhart

Make Your Ex Girlfriend Chase You – Don’t Worry Because You Can Easily Make It Happens!

Believe it or not, you can make your ex girlfriend chase you, even she is the one who decided to break up with you. So, stop insulting yourself by chasing after her. Here are some great tips that you can do to make her come back to you instead.

1. You need to stop chasing her first.

To make your ex girlfriend chase you, you need to stop chasing her first. I understand that when you love her, you really want to be close to her. So, you may try to call her and follow her around wherever she goes.

If you are doing this, you need to stop it immediately and disappear from her life for at least two weeks or more. Well, she might feel good at first, but later, she will slowly start to wonder where you are going.

2. You need to be strong and confident.

This is very important if you want to make your ex girlfriend chase you. Don’t just sit in the dark, doing nothing but waiting for her to come back. You are wasting your time and it will not help you at all. Just try to be strong and confident again. You may go to the gym and get some exercises to put on some muscles. You may buy yourself some new clothes and new shoes, along with getting yourself a new haircut.

This way, your ex might be surprised by your new look and she might try to reconsider about the break up situation again.

3. You need to accept the break up and move on with your life.

To make your ex girlfriend chase you, you have to let her go first. You should not try to change her mind. Just accept the break up. Accept the truth that the relationship between you and her is now over. Then, you should try to move on with your life. In addition, this is not what she is expecting you to do at all. She may not like this because she is afraid that you might decide to move on your life without her.

4. Try not to be alone.

While you are trying to make your ex girlfriend chase you, it is recommended that you should not be alone. You may go back to work or go out with your friends. So, you can get over the pain from the break up. Besides, she might get jealous when she sees that you can get back on your feet.

5. You may be around but just try to ignore her.

This is one of the effective tips to make your ex girlfriend chase you. You may go to the places where she might be there, but you should try not to talk to her. However, it doesn’t mean that you should follow her and try this trick. Don’t do that.

6. You may remind her of the past, but you just do it from a distance.

To make your ex girlfriend chase you, it is recommended that you should try to remind her as to why she used to fall in love with you before, but you need to do it from a distance. You should let her see you in the look that attracted her. This way, you can remind her of the love from the past, which might be able to make her want you more.

Source by Timmy Lyn

11 Reasons Why Your Firm Needs a CPA Right Now

Should I hire a CPA for my firm? That’s a common question of many entrepreneurs and small business owners. Yes, you need a CPA for your firm, and in this post, we give you 11 good reasons why you should find a reliable service now.

1. Because the tax laws are changing. You are an entrepreneur, not an accountant. It is hard to keep a check on the changing tax laws and norms, and for that, you need to access the RS Website all the time. Hire a CPA, who can do that for you.

2. Because they know it all. An accountant has the necessary experience and expertise to handle all kinds of accounting problems. They can handle matters that you might not be familiar with.

3. Because they can negotiate on your behalf. Dealing with your creditors can be hard at times, and if the situation arises, you will need to talk to them for certain terms. Your accountant can get the job done.

4. Because you need help with investment matters. Financial investments are a part and parcel of business, but your current decisions may have a long-lasting impact on the accounting process. Talk to your CPA who can offer the right suggestions.

5. Because you need help with IRS matters. Most CPA firms offer IRS Representation Service, which is important if you run into problems. Let the experts take up the matter with the IRS, while you can focus on other aspects.

6. Because you want to reduce the work load of your team. There is no point of engaging your managers in accounting tasks, when they can do other things better. with a CPA firm, you can let the extended team focus on their business tasks.

7. Because you want to save money. Yes, hiring an in-house team of accountants can be expensive. Instead, go for a CPA service that will charge a fixed price every month for handling all the tax and accounting matters.

8. Because you need additional expertise. Hiring a CPA service is like having an extended hand. They can advise you on all aspects, including ways to reduce your tax burden, and they always know what it takes to reduce the work of their clients.

9. Because you require support for regular work. If you are a retail business or an enterprise that deals with clients on a regular basis, you need support for managing day to day work. You will have a team that will keep all things in sync as you do business.

10. Because you are concerned about previous flaws. To err is human, and businesses make errors too. If you have faced the brunt of the IRS for previous mistakes, you should get a competent CPA firm on the job. After all, it is never a good idea to burn your hand twice.

11. Because you don’t want to work with just accountants. CPAs have the necessary expertise and training to handle matters that general accountants cannot manage. No wonder, businesses prefer CPAs despite their big charges.

Check online to find a CPA firm now!

Source by Hampry Gomes

Why is Water Quality Important? – Because the Human Body is 70% Water

Have you ever wondered why is water quality important? I used to wonder that until I learned our body was 70% water.

When you think about how much impact good or bad water can have on your health with that large of percentage, you can see why drinking contaminated water can have ill effects on your well-being.

I am not talking about contamination like you find in underdeveloped countries where all the water must be boiled before you consider drinking it. I’m talking about the dangerous water we have in the United States that looks clean when it comes out of your faucet, yet contains harmful toxins.

You might take for granted the water you get when you turn on your tap is good for you, so you don’t ever ask why is water quality so important. Yet many researchers have found that our tap water is not safe to drink.

The National Resources Defense Council states, “Drinking water plants are old and out of date, and water supplies are increasingly threatened and contaminated by chemicals and micro-organisms.”

With the amount of chemicals our society uses, it’s no wonder the water supplies are loaded with dangerous substances. The runoff from lawns with weed killers, the agriculture fields with runoffs from fertilizers and pesticides, the human waste water that contains unabsorbed pharmaceutical drugs, oil from oil spills, industrial waste, and the list could go on, but I think you get the picture.

The U.S. EPA Report Summary, says, ” Each year in the U.S., lead in drinking water contributes to 480,000 cases of learning disorders in children and 560,000 cases of hypertension in adult males.”

It’s time for all of us to ask the question why is water quality important, and realize the water companies are not fixing the problem. We must protect ourselves by purchasing a home water filter and purifying our water before we drink, cook or bathe in it.

With our bodies depending on water the way it does to stay healthy and function correctly we must be sure we are giving it the best to work with. Start purifying your water today. Check out my web site listed in the bio section below to learn more about how bad water can harm our bodies and which water purification unit I use to stay healthy.

Source by Juanita Ruby

I Had An Unsatisfying Sex Life Because Of My 5.5 Inch Penis! How Natural Enlargement Saved It!

When I was endowed at only 5.5 inches, my sex life was very unsatisfying for multiple reasons. The chief reason was that because of my small penis, the women I slept with couldn’t feel enough sensation to climax or achieve great pleasure, so I was never thought of as being a stellar lover. The other main reason is that my poor performance in bed affected my overall confidence in a negative way, and I was terrible even at just approaching attractive women, even though I am told I’m a good-looking guy.

Let’s face it, the moment you reveal your erect penis to a woman for the first time is a moment of truth. You can see in her eyes immediately whether she is pleasantly surprised or sorely disappointed. For me, at 5.5 inches, it was always the latter. So I researched my options and I went with natural penis enlargement.

Here is what natural penis enlargement did for me. First, it didn’t drain my wallet because unlike surgery or pills, I only needed my hands to do it. Second, it gave me a larger penis quickly nad permanently. Because natural methods increase the actual structure of your penile shaft, you can start seeing gains fast and the new structure you gain is permanent. Finally, it gave me confidence. Now that I am endowed well above average, I can actually satisfy women and make them climax — so it is easy for me to approach them with this confidence.

If you are small, the best thing you can do for yourself is to study up on natural enlargement, get on a program that suits your needs and goals, and most importantly, take action! If you do this, you’ll start seeing permanent size gains within two weeks — I did!

Source by Sebastian Royal

I Left My Husband Because Of Another Man – We’re Separated And Now I Regret It – What Happens Now?

Most of the time, I hear from wives who are trying to save their marriages because their husband wants a divorce, separation, or break. But occasionally, I hear from wives who were the ones who initiated the separation and they now very much regret that decision. Often, they’re very worried that this realization has come too late.

I recently heard from a wife who said: “I am the one who initiated the separation but my husband doesn’t know the true reasons why. I told my husband that I needed time on my own to think about what I wanted, but this wasn’t completely true. I had been falling for an old flame I reconnected with on Facebook and I wanted to explore that relationship without worrying about my husband and my marriage. So I told my husband I was going to stay with friends for a while and clear my head. In actuality, I was staying with the Facebook guy for much of the time. At first it seemed idyllic. It seemed like we picked up right where we left off. I felt alive and free and I liked that feeling. But over several weeks, the problems that we’d always had came back. It soon became clear that I was an idiot who was throwing away her marriage for someone who I didn’t even really know. And meanwhile my husband was at home without any idea what I’d done. I feel just awful. He has always been there for me and he would never do something like this to me. I now regret leaving and separating from him. But I have no idea if he feels the same way. And I know he won’t feel the same way when he finds out about the other guy. What in the world can I do now?”

These are tough questions because sometimes husbands don’t react as we had hoped since we’ve already pushed them away. However, in the following article, I’ll offer some suggestions on how you might want to proceed if you regret leaving or separating from your husband for another man but now regret it.

If Your Husband Doesn’t Already Know About The Other Man, Don’t Make This Your Immediate Focus: Sometimes your husband already knows about the other man and sometimes he doesn’t. Whatever the case, your goal in the beginning should be to minimize the other person as much as you possibly can while understanding that the truth is going to have to come out eventually (although I suggest the least painful version of the truth.)

Getting him back may well be difficult enough. But every time he thinks of the other man, you may lose any ground that you’ve made up. So if he doesn’t yet know about the other man, it might be a good idea to be very careful about when and how you disclose this information. And, if he does already know, then your best bet is to make the present about you and your husband and no one else. Try to keep his attention focused on the present and the future and not the past.

Make Sure You Want Your Husband Back For The Right Reasons Before You Approach Him: The wife in this situation was at least partly invested in getting her husband back because she had realized that the Facebook relationship was not what she thought. Granted, this realization made her want her husband even more. But I have to tell you that most husbands are going to look at this and think “she only wants me back because it didn’t work out with the other guy.”

So you want to do a lot of soul searching about why you want to come back and why you want him to take you back. Because your sincerity is often most more apparent to him than you might have realized. If you’re only coming back because the other relationship made you realize how much you have to lose, then you need to dig deeper. You need to define what you love about your husband and why he is worth fighting for. Because he is going to know, and feel, and react to the difference.

Don’t Ask Or Expect To Come Back Into His Heart Right Away. Understand That You Have To Earn The Trust Back: Many wives make the mistake of wanting to go and confess immediately while they hope to fall into their husband’s arms with reassurances that you will work it out. This is rarely the case and when it is, the husbands often have doubts deep down. It’s only natural and normal for him to be leery of your sudden change of heart. He is often coming to the table with his own pain, hurt pride, and questions. Don’t try to force or rush him into something that he isn’t ready for.

Wives who approach this with love, patience, and integrity often get much better results than the wives who want everything in the beginning before they have earned it back. Understand that you are going to have to work hard to restore his faith and trust and you will also need to address the problems that lead to your leaving in the first place. This often is not a speedy process but the good news is that often, once you’ve gotten a glimpse of what you might lose, you’re more than willing to do whatever it takes to keep it.

Source by Leslie Cane

7 Renowned Furniture Store Logo Designs – Because Furniture Makes Homes

Furniture may only be an item but it completes the house and makes it a home. That is why people pay special attention to the type and quality of the furnishings they buy.

Below mentioned are a few renowned furniture store logo designs that have become household symbols of trust and quality through their branding strategies.

1. Rooms To Go:

This brand mark consists of a softly edged rectangle with the company name written in it. The entire letter ‘O’s in the name are filled with different colors and the background of the rectangular is dark blue which makes this image difficult to overlook. A factor that sets this design apart from the rest is the small arrow that points towards right which represents the forward direction of the corporation.

2. Ashley Furniture HomeStores:

Their business name is encased in a house like shape that consists of the business name in three different types of fonts. The prominent colors in the emblem are blue, orange and yellow which make this image eye catching.

3. Pier 1 Imports:

This is one of the simplest designs of all. It contains the business name in straight, dark blue colored fonts which adds a classic and ageless touch to the emblem. It is the uncomplicated crafting of the image that makes it so stylish and distinct. The clever choice of dark blue color shows that customers can easily trust this brand.

4. American Signature:

Even though the business name says ‘signature’, the emblem does not contain a signature. Instead, it consists of simple and straight fonts that are accompanied with a small image of a sofa.

5. Pottery Barn:

This business name makes you think of thrift stores and bargain avenues but their brand mark presents an entirely new image of the company. It makes the company look high class and chic. The classic combination of black fonts over a white background adds an ageless impact over the design.

6. IKEA:

The blue and yellow colors of the emblem along with the thick blue fonts encased in an oval shape is one of the most famous images in the furniture world. The straight and thick fonts of this general store logo have remained consistent throughout the years which have made this a symbol for trust, comfort and reliability.

7. American Furniture Warehouse:

Their company name consists of the country’s name which has set the entire theme of the emblem. It consists of the business name in stripes and stars set in the national red, blue and white colors. The small yellow star in the center adds an imaginative touch to the design and makes it magical.

In conclusion, before crafting an image for your furniture store, decide on the overall theme; whether you want to make it patriotic, contemporary or loud. Then start the designing process accordingly.

Source by Jesicca Thompson

Do Rebound Relationships Last? Because My Ex Girlfriend Has A Boyfriend!

So your ex has a new boyfriend and you’re in pain. Your friends tell you that it’s only a rebound, but that doesn’t make you feel any better. Do rebound relationships last?

It’s not an easy question to answer. It usually depends on the nature of your breakup and how long you were together.

In most cases the longer your relationship the shorter the rebound.

But what is a rebound exactly?

Ex’s who immediately get into new relationships after a breakup felt extremely trapped, unsatisfied, or bored with their previous relationships. Meaning, you could not provide for her.

The good news is that she really didn’t want to end things with you. In most cases, she actually tried to make it work.

But the bad news is that you weren’t listening.

So after weeks, months, or even years of trying, she finally busted loose from the jail cell you called a relationship and found something new. As painful as it might be, you deserved it. But what is even more painful is the fact that you WILL repeat the same mistake over again.

Here are some common warning signs most men fail to recognize:

– It was getting harder to reach her on the phone.

– She wanted to go out with her girlfriends more.

– She asks you if you met any cute girls lately.

– She was getting more irritable.

Usually when men are confronted by these situations they do the absolutely wrong thing by trying to “fix” things.

What you should have done is backed off or even initiate the breakup yourself because she has already reached the point of looking for a way out and you need to shift the power back to you.

So how long will her rebound last with this new guy?

A good rule of thumb is she will stay longer with guy who is the complete opposite of you or a “bad boy” type, usually between 3-6 months, but the odds are that this guy will dump her and break her heart.

If she’s seeing someone more similar to you, these rebounds usually last no longer than 3 months.

Remember, these are general rules that I have observed over years of providing relationship advice. There are always exceptions to every rule. If you want to win back your ex fast, you better come up with a plan before she rebounds over to the next guy (which happens the majority of the time).

These are just the beginning steps to winning back your girl.

Source by Mike Landis

Time Clocks – Because, Time Is of Crucial Essence

No matter whatever the size of an organization is, it is always constrained by budgetary limits on one hand and its growth objectives on the other hand. Hence, it becomes paramount for all firms to focus on ingenious ways and means of achieving a harmonious balance of resource constraints and their revenue targets. In the contemporary corporate world, a number of companies, both large and small, are working with a common goal of maximizing employee efficiency, and enhancing their overall organizational productivity.

Although most firms differ in terms of the nature of their business and products, yet all of them focus on workforce management, as a mean to achieve higher returns on their investment. Hence, workforce management or employee management becomes quite critical for progressive firms, to achieve long-term as well as stable success.

A successful workforce management policy entails collecting information about all employees in an accurate and timely manner. This is the place where latest time clock technology and time tracking devices such as time cards, play a crucial role. These time management systems assist firms in calculating total turnover of their employees, as well as their in time and out-time for all employees. This, in turn, assists firms in gauging the efficiency levels of their employees, and devising new programs if there is any deviation from desired level.

Today, leading time management companies offer a wide range of data collection devices and time systems, to assist firms in tracking their employee time efficiently. Modern time clocks enable firms to track the date, time and even minutes, of each employee’s time. This, in turn, enables firms to save money on payroll and extraneous HR costs related to tracking employee productivity. It also provides valuable data for senior management to forge new and revised HR policies, for optimum productivity. Hence, time clocks are multipurpose tools for modern businesses, indispensable for long-term success.

Depending upon the size of the organizations, number of locations and facilities, and their budgetary constraints, firms can choose the optimal time solution for their employees..

Options Galore

If it is about scalability and ease of use, the badge swipe time clocks are the best bet for a firm. These products are based on time and attendance badge readers that can be easily used over intranets and other internal networks. These time clocks are available in magnetic, bar code and proximity badge options.

In addition, there are biometric devices that are based on most advanced employee tracking software. Based on hand punch readers and biometric fingerprint scanners, these devices are used primarily for eliminating buddy punching in large organizations.

Some entities also employ web-enabled-browser based devices, to keep a track of their employees’ working hours. Through these devices, employees can easily clock-in and clock-out, enter online time sheet, review their schedules and check their time cards.

Advantages Unlimited

In case of large organizations, it is important to first analyze their actual time management needs, for installing the right time tracking devices. Today, modern time clocks deliver a variety of benefits to organizations, such as reducing the total cost of ownership and more.

Another benefit of time clocks and time cards is that they ensure that the employee transactions are accurately captured, and are validated against established business rules. In terms of business rule compliance, these devices can be designed according to schedule validation and break-rule enforcement.

Time clocks with biometric verification options ensure that the right employee signs-in for work, and eliminates the scope for buddy punching. In the rapidly changing business environments, these devices are beneficial for managers in gaining real-time visibility for effective communications and decision-making.

Among all, the biggest benefit of the time clocks is that they increase employee satisfaction. With latest time clocks, employees can easily access their personal information that enhances their job satisfaction. It also allows organizations to focus on core business processes and business development strategies, rather than on time management.

Hence, in a nutshell, time clocks and time cards not only save organizational time and budget, but also enhance operational efficiency while boosting employee morale.

Source by Richard Lofio