Horse Racing: The Secret Of How To Play The Place Pick All

The secret of how to play the place pick all is that the player must have a several or more years perspective. You must know 2 things very well: profit-capping (money-capping) and handicapping. This is about return on investment capping and one of the main things to digest in racing because it will give the player a future outlook and a statistical edge which is the most powerful edge in racing. This a wager is where all the races of the day’s race card are played. As such the money flows in this wager type by card size.

For practical purposes there are 8, 9 and 10 card sizes and so there are 8, 9 and 10 card size place pick all’s. Each one has a different amount of money when payouts are summed over 3-10 years when a statistical sample is taken. For each consecutive race 2 horses are picked which are the win and/or show positions. This doesn’t make the wager easy. The secret of playing the place pick all simply stated: (1) the money for this wager type flows by card size. (2) each race is handicapped by field size. (3) a 3-10 years sample of payouts for each card size is taken and summed.

Taking out the once in a blue-moon rare very large payouts and the very small easy to get payouts to keep from distorting the sum. (4) use a flat rate ticket price amount for each ticket. There’s a way to do this. (5) the win position horse is the easiest horse to get but this poses a challenge also. There are 2 categories of wager types: combination and permutation. Combination types are: pick 2 (daily double), pick 3 (triples), pick 4, pick 5, pick 6 and place pick all. Permutation types are: exacta, quinella, trifecta, superfecta and high-5. With 2 general ways to play: straight and boxed.

50% of racing deals with money and not picking horses. The other 50% deals with picking horses and not money. For the pick 4, pick 5, pick 6 and place pick all the money flows by card size. For all permutation types the money flows by field size. But in each case the player handicaps each race based on field size because a 7 field size is never to played the same as an 11 field size and so on. The player must fully profitcap and handicap before the first race on the card begins.

The first thing is that not all place pick all’s are to be played because not every race can be handicapped well. They may be too contentious and therefore must be passed. So in order to have enough place pick all’s to play the player must select 1-4 tracks to play forever. Not more than 4 tracks and learn that one or more well. It’s hard enough and time-consuming enough to learn one track well in every detail. The second thing is to select 1-4 wager types forever and learn one or more of them very well. Not more than 4. This is partially the secret of how to play the place pick all.

Source by Jessie R Johnson

Prosper In All Things As Your Soul Prospers

Do you desire to prosper in all things? It is the will of God that you prosper in all things and He has given us the wisdom on how to actualize this in our lives, which is to prosper first in our souls. This article aims at emphasizing the need to prosper in your soul if you desire to be prosperous in all things.

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers – 3 John 2 (NKJV).

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you – Matthew 6:33 (NKJV).

God has no problem prospering His children; all He wants is for their souls to prosper. This is because the prosperity of your soul not only guarantees your blessings on earth but also eternal life in heaven, which is more important to God. What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and lose his soul? Furthermore, where your treasure is determines where your heart will be. What do you treasure most in life?

The level of our prosperity in all things is dependent on the level to which our souls prosper. You determine the speed and the extent to which you prosper in all things, including your health. Therefore, your prosperity is not determined in reality on the circumstances around you.

What does it mean for your soul to prosper?

Your soul prospers as you walk in the truth and in the love of God, as you walk in the knowledge of God’s word. The word of God is the lamp unto your feet and light unto your path (Psalm 119:105). It shows you where to step on and gives you a bright and clear view of the path you are treading on. You can’t miss it following the word of God. Your soul comprises your will, intellect and emotions; how much these align with the word of God determine the extent to which your soul prospers.

How to prosper your soul and how it affects your all round prosperity

1. Study the word of God

The bible (word of God) is the manual for a successful living on earth. Studying the word of God gives you the wisdom keys for success in life. It gives you access to the creator’s mindset that helps you not to tow the wrong path. It reveals your own success path and teaches you how to maintain and increase your success stories. Studying the word of God is rubbing minds with the only wise God. It shows you how to prosper in all things including your health.

2. Pray without ceasing

Prayer is a two-way communication with your maker. You talk and listen to Him, and He talks and listens to you. It is spending time with the Almighty God. As you do so, His nature rubs off on you. You tend to think, talk and act like Him, as such prospering your soul. As your soul prospers, everything that is possible with God becomes possible with you because your faith in God increases.

3. Seek first the kingdom of God

This is to put the Father first in all you do; it is to make your soul (will, intellect and emotion) God-centered. Making the things of the Lord a priority in your life makes Him to put you and all that concerns you on His priority list. Seeking first the kingdom of God causes every other thing to be added unto you. You seek the kingdom of God first through soul winning, serving in the house of God, giving for the spread of the gospel of Christ, showing the love of Christ by giving to the poor and helping the needy, etc.

4. Walk in love

Love is of God for God is love. Therefore walking in love is walking in God. Your soul prospers as you walk in love towards God and man, you will not sin against God or your fellow-man. Walking in love attracts the goodness of the Lord to you and repels the works of the enemy. The devil can’t survive where there is love and so can’t operate against you.

In conclusion, prosperity is God’s will for you but for you to enjoy it in full, your soul must prosper accordingly. Therefore focus more on prospering your soul and you will see that you will effortlessly prosper in all things.

Source by Ngozi Nwoke

Everything’s Going To Be All Light

Never underestimate the power of love. Never underestimate the power of truth. Never, ever underestimate your personal power to change your life and your world.

The title of this article comes from a book I wrote with the same name. The book is part of a series of books called “Stories for Awakened Awareness.” These messages in children’s book format help to comprise a body of work that I’ve been creating for over ten years.

I’d like to present the message in a different format here. It’s important to know the truth in this message now more than ever. There are so many rapid changes occurring, and so many suffering from ill health, financial loss, having the rug pulled out from under their feet, and taking the blinders off and accepting harsh truths about corruption, greed, and control motivated “leaders”-it’s mind boggling. It has also caused discouragement, sadness, and depression for many.

This is a message of hope. This is a message of truth. The message is inspired by love. There is a deeper part of ourselves that can be activated right now by reading or listening to the energy behind this message. So, please, listen with your heart to receive the full benefit.

If you worry or experience emotional or physical pain, stop, look, and listen inside your heart. Unfathomable resources are accessible. I call the infinite intelligence and Source of Being within God, but you can call it anything you like. It’s really unnamable, indescribable, and infinite, so attempts to define it does not do it justice and has been the cause of disputes for eons. Forget the name. It’s where energy comes from.

Everything is energy. Life is energy. We are life. When we direct our attention to our center with love, we tap into the unlimited energy of the whole universe. I’m not trying to push a theory. I don’t do that. I’m only presenting information that can be tested and proven to yourself. If it resonates with you and it helps in some way, then that would be wonderful.

The bottom line is this: everything has a purpose. We have the perceptive ability to understand the purpose of all energy. When things don’t go the way I think they should in life, I do what I call a “perception adjustment.” I look to see the purpose. By taking a higher perspective and taking many points of view, and asking the infinite intelligence inside, I begin to understand. You can contemplate anything with an intent to understand its purpose. There IS order in the universe. This can hardly be denied.

From this perspective and from much inquiry, I have ascertained that everything is all light. Consciousness, thought, information, truth, and matter are all light. When we come to understand how life works, everything will be all right. We will understand that the higher power of God, our true Source of Being, is undergoing a shift that will mold us into empowered beings of light that can create a Heaven on Earth.

If this sounds preposterous or too idealistic, begin studying quantum physics. Research consciousness. Apply principles of truth and universal law to prove to yourself how powerful you are. You are backed by power. You come from power.

No need to waste time wallowing in the past, or worrying about what was and is no longer. Discover your inner technologies. Put them to work. Change your thinking. Lift your spirits. Raise your vibration. Choose positive feelings.

The quickest way to get out of your troubles is to look to someone else you can help. Give of yourself. Lend a hand. The more you give and the more you are grateful, the more you will realize how abundant life is naturally.

Don’t become attached or try to hang on to things that are passing out of your life. Let go of grief and emotions by feeling them and letting them go through the natural process. Don’t deny them. Don’t try to analyze or give them too much rationalization or attention, either. Allow, accept, acknowledge, let go. Let life flow. It is changing on its own.

Try being more of a neutral witness to life. Take action when it feels inspired. The Spirit of Life runs through every one of us and it is coming into balance. It may feel uncomfortable during the time of adjustment to many changes. Regardless of what may seem to be happening, positive changes are afoot.

Process all energy with love. Love yourself. Love your feelings. Love others. Love things that you don’t like. This is alchemy. Giving loving attention to the energy of anything or anyone changes it for the better. It all turns to the light of information.

Everything’s going to be all light. You are an eternal being of light. Your awareness is going through great shifts and changes. Who you thought you were is only a fraction of the greatness that you truly are. You have much light to shine in our world and in this time of revelations and insights-the emergence of our inner light-we are discovering our gifts to give to the world. The world needs your light, your gifts, and your presence. Thank you for being here. Keep your chin up.

Source by Michelle Marie Angel

3 Things All Successful Bloggers Do

Blogging is a great way to earn income and promote your business, or just have as a place to discuss your passion.

If you do at least these three things, you can have a super successful blog. You can have a blog that attracts an audience who wants to read what you have to say and take your advice, and who comes back for more on a regular basis.

All successful bloggers have three things in common:

  1. They post blogs regularly
  2. They post unique content
  3. They post audience-focused content

One way to keep up with blogging is to create a blog publication calendar. A blog publication calendar will take into consideration important upcoming events, product launches, and other issues, helping you work in advance to keep your blog full of interesting and relevant content.

In order to make a blog publication calendar, you need to first make a few determinations such as:

How Often You Will Blog?

First determine how often you plan to publish a blog post. This could be daily, weekly or whatever your choice. This helps you know how often you’ll need to write blog posts, and when you’ll need to publish them or schedule them.

Who Are You Blogging For?

Write down a few different personas for your audience so that you can know to whom you’re writing the blog posts. It can help you keep focused better if you can look at these personas when you are ready to write.

Which Blogging Categories Will You Use?

Depending upon your niche, you’ll need to choose some categories that a post will go under when you blog. Spreading out the categories can help you come up with more interesting content. For example, if you have a blog about Labrador Retrievers, some categories might be Rescued Labs, Feeding, Exercising, Training, Chocolate Labs and so forth.

Are There Any Upcoming Events or Product Launches?

Are there any upcoming events related to your niche? For example, is there a conference coming up, or are you launching (or someone else) a new product that is perfect for your niche? Keeping up with these dates can help you create content that will entice readers to buy the item at launch.

Once you have determined this information, you can start brainstorming content ideas to match upcoming events, product launches, and industry news. In between those types of blog posts, you can put other types of posts up such as educational, informational, interesting and fun blog posts.

Source by Jon Allo

All Aboard the Workout Express!

We are living in a time-urgent society where the stakes to be professionally successful, socially admired and physically fit are ever present. These goals DO NOT have to be mutually exclusive, as we Modern Mom’s can have our proverbial cake and eat it too – particularly when it comes to physical fitness! How? The key is to optimize whatever time can be spent on fitness-related endeavors.

Even just 20 minutes of exercise most days of the week are enough to improve your health and reduce your risk of disease. Thirty minutes will help to increase your fitness level and stamina. Forty-five or more minutes will help you to optimize fat loss. The first step is believing that you are worth it, and that a fit body is a sexy body.

In an effort to balance all of the pieces of the pie we call life and, as they say, enjoy the ride, the following tips and tools employing sound exercise principles will help you Modern Mom’s turbo charge your workouts to get more results in less time:

o Combine your upper and lower body exercises – Cut your strength routine in half by incorporating exercises for several body parts. For example, while performing a lunge, add a set of bicep curls to the movement.

o Choose compound exercises – exercises that work several muscle groups simultaneously are more time efficient than isolation exercises, which focus on one major muscle group. Examples of compound exercises include the leg press, squat, chest fly, walking lunge and seated row.

o Circuit train – With minimal equipment, you can set up stations alternating cardio activities with strength training activities. This will keep your heart rate up so that you can get both the aerobic and anaerobic (strength) benefits. A sample circuit might include: jump rope, bicep curls, jumping jacks, push-ups, jog in place, squats, mini-trampoline and dips. Repeating the circuit up to three times is guaranteed to boost your metabolism in under 30 minutes.

o Interval train – Using active rest and work ratio’s will allow you to workout at the upper and lower levels of your fat burning zone and optimize calories expended. You can start with brisk walking for 2 minutes and jogging for 30 seconds. Then progress to 2 minutes of brisk walking and 1 minute of jogging. Eventually progress to two minutes of each and ultimately to spending less time walking and more time jogging.

o Increase your intensity – by picking up the pace, you can cover more miles and ultimately burn more calories in less time. You may need to work up to higher intensities gradually, but you will become more efficient in the process and be able to cut back on the duration of your exercise sessions.

o Stock up on 30-minute exercise video’s – Check out the latest videos that accommodate every level of fitness, body part and workout style. Four 30-minute videos a week could add up to 18 pounds burned in a year’s time.

o Multi-task – use your time on the bike to catch up on professional literature, review notes for a presentation or update you palm pilot. That will keep you up to date and save you time in the office.

o Schedule you next meeting at the gym – it is not unusual today to have a business meeting on the tennis or racquetball court or golf course. It can be a welcomed change for all parties involved and you get to exercise while you are being paid.

o Pick up the pace – Increase your speed any chance you get like at the grocery store or mowing the lawn. Run errands – literally. The calories can add up significantly and keep your metabolism burning at a higher level all day long.

o Make it a lifestyle change – by eliminating some of life’s modern conveniences and getting more physical, you can expend up to an additional 800 calories a week. That can add up to 11 pounds lost at the end of a year. So, start taking the stairs – even if you work on the 10th floor – it’ll get easier. Park your car in the last spot and keep your sneakers close by at all times. You never know when the opportunity will arise to go for a walk, hit the gym or join in with the kids at the field.

o Turn time wasters into time savers – contract muscle groups while standing in line or driving, stretch at your desk, go for a walk on coffee breaks. Remember that three ten-minute intervals are just as good as one 30-minute session. When possible, workout at lunch and then eat at your desk.

o Incorporate mind & body exercises – choosing a discipline like yoga or pilates will not only give you the physical benefits of a well toned body, but you will also enjoy the relaxation and stress relieving enhancements as well.

o Make time – Schedule 30-minute workouts in your appointment book 1-month in advance and keep that commitment the same way you would any other meeting. Set your alarm, watch or palm pilot to go off when it’s time to exercise.

o Sex counts – While I wouldn’t suggest replacing a formal exercise program with sex, it certainly does burn calories. The more fit you are, the more enjoyable all activities, including sex, will be.

o Exercise saves you time – The more fit you are, the less sleep you need, so you can add more time to your day and have more energy for you daily tasks. Exercise could be adding longer and stronger years to your life – that time is priceless.

Source by Merilee Kern

Wisdom for All Ages

Many years ago I was attending a management development program. During the program I came across a story which I would like to share with you.

Once there was a king in a faraway land. One day he summoned 100 of his top scholars and learned people and said to them:

“You have written great books praising me and this kingdom. We will leave these books for our future generations to read. As I am growing older I feel that it is our duty to give to our descendents what we have learned from our ancestors. In addition we should also pass on to them what we have learned from our experience.

“You are all most learned and knowledgeable men of my kingdom. I would like to entrust this holy task to you.

“Please collect all the wisdom we have and put them at one place for everyone to read.”

The scholars and learned men went away and labored hard for many months. After 6 months they went to the king and presented 20 thick volumes they had prepared.

The king glanced through those volumes and said, “I am proud of you. You have truly worked hard to prepare this magnificent work which contains all we know. But I was thinking that not many people will read all those volumes. The great work you have done should benefit the common man. Please reduce the size of what you have written so that the common man will be inclined to read it.”

The learned men again labored for few more months and came out with one volume. The king was pleased to see that volume but felt that it was still too large.

The learned men then put all their knowledge in one chapter. While the king was appreciative of their work, he urged them to reduce it even further. After few weeks the learned men presented one page on which they had summarized their knowledge.

The king read the one page summary and fell into a deep meditation for some time. Then he said, “You have done a great job. But I still cannot see how a common man will read and absorb the great lines of wisdom you have written. The man who is concerned about his day to day living will not care to go through it. And what good is the knowledge which is not useful to everyone?

“I know I am asking too much from you. But please see how you can compress it even more.”

After few days the learned men came out with one-line wisdom. As soon as the king saw that line he jumped and danced with joy and shouted, “You have indeed written what I was looking for. This one line contains all the wisdom we have learned and will guide the people of all ages. No matter how much and in what direction our descendents progress, this piece of wisdom will never fade away. I am glad we will be able to leave behind our discovery of this ageless principle which will be used by all the generations to come.”

And this was the one-line wisdom – there is no free lunch.

Source by Sanjay Johari

Turf Seeds for All Your Sports

Turf seeds, in general, are used for leisure, landscape, and sports, however, sports constitute the largest share of all the uses. Such seeds are used in a number of sports, be it cricket, golf, football, baseball, etc. There are various types of seeds, each suited for a different sport, for instance, the most preferred varieties for golf are Ryegrass, Creeping Bentgrass, Bermuda Grass, Zoysia Grass, etc. There are several types in the market, like Creeping Bent Grass, Blue Kentucky Grass, Tall Fescue Grass, Rye Grass, Bermuda Grass, Zoysia Grass, Bahia Grass, and others.

Does this market for sports turf seed offer any benefits?

The demand for them is a derived demand for turf-based sports fields, and with increasing number of tournaments, including the yearly Indian Premier League (IPL), the demand for it has been increasing rapidly over the years. There are a number of factors that make a natural turf field superior to an artificial one, some of the factors are stated below:

• soil restoration and improvement

• noise abatement and glare reduction

• heat dissipation and temperature moderation

• surface water protection

However, with the growing trend of synthetic fields around the world, the growth of the market has somewhat slowed down.

What is the scenario for such a niche market?

A report by a market research firm estimates a 10.2% CAGR for the global sports turf seed market, which was worth USD 836.7 million in 2015.

What we are observing globally, in terms of sports turf seeds, is that the world trade of turf grass seed revolves around five major players. The United States is by far the largest producer and exporter of grass seed in the world. This is followed by the EU15 as a whole, then Canada and New Zealand follow. The other nations of significance in the market are Argentina and the Czech Republic.

The main hurdles for the global turf seed market are; falling yield, rapid adoption of artificial turf, and rising costs of growing turf seeds.

However, with increasing number of research studies ongoing for the development of drought tolerant and other types of turfs around the world. For instance, Grass Traits and Varieties (GTV) program represents research on a wide breadth of target traits for grass cultivars in the United Kingdom, it is expected that new and better varieties are likely to be developed in the future, which may further drive market growth.

Source by Jagrati Mehndiratta

All Vitamin Supplements Are Not Created Equal

While getting all your essential nutrients from natural foods is ideal, it may not be practical in today’s society and many people turn to vitamin pills to supplement their diets. Make no mistake about it however, vitamin supplements are big business and not all manufacturers have your best interests at heart.

There are thousands of supplements to choose from and consumers spend billions of dollars each year – many never get even a small fraction of their money’s worth.

How do you choose a vitamin supplement that won’t just go down the toilet?

There are 3 types of vitamin supplement delivery systems. Capsules, Liquid, and tablets. The trick is to pick one that dissolves properly and does not just “pass through” thus wasting your hard earned money.

The liquid would be the best, but unfortunately there are not many choices out on the market. Plus, the can be inconvenient and they taste like cough syrup. But, they are great if you can’t swallow pills and are good for kids as well.

Tablets are the most common form of vitamin supplement. They are made by mixing in an organic or inorganic cement and compressing them into shape. For the pills to dissolve properly, an organic cement should be used but this costs more and as you can imagine, many manufacturers skimp on this stel. There are also coated tablets that resemble little candy-coated M&M’s. These are very commonly found in the one a day cheap drug store vitamins.

Capsules are gelatin containers that dissolve quickly and in most cases the best choice. Because they’re not compressed like the tablets, you will typically have to take two of them to equal one tablet.

One important thing with vitamin supplements is that you want to make sure you absorb as much as possible, otherwise you are just wasting your money. Studies have shown that individual vitamin isolates found in supplements are only about 10% absorbed while vitamins directly from a fresh plant source are 77% to 93% absorbed. Minerals have an even lower absorption rate – 1% to 5%. But, from plants like raw broccoli, the minerals are 63% to 78% absorbable.

The reason for this difference in absorption is that in nature, each vitamin and mineral molecule is attached to a protein molecule. That’s why you must take your vitamin supplements with meals – unless stated otherwise on the label. During digestion, only about 10% of the vitamin and mineral molecules, aided by enzymes, will attach to the protein molecules found in your food allowing them to be absorbed and used by your cells. Without these accompanying proteins, the body will see the vitamin isolates as a foreign substance and filter it out. That’s why you might have noticed bright yellow urine after you take a vitamin – that’s your bodies way of getting rid of chemicals it thinks it can’t use.

When selecting a vitamin supplement, make sure it has adequate amounts of the vitamins and minerals you want. Remember only about 10% of what is in the supplement will be absorbed. Look for the BP (British Pharmacopoeia) or USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) designation on the label. You will find the USP or BP initials next the the vitamin and this designation means the vitamin isolates are of the highest quality and are easily dissolved in the digestion process.

When looking at the minerals section of the label, look for “chelate” or “chelated”. This indicates that the minerals are attached to protein prior to being added to the supplement. This increases absorption by 400% to 800%.

Look for a supplement with a “food base”. This is concentrated plant material to which the vitamins and minerals are added. Supplements with a food base will contain enzymes and nutrients that boost the absorption of the vitamins and minerals. This is probably the best type of vitamin you can buy but the tablets will be larger and you may have to take more of them.

Nutritional supplements can never take the place of food and should not be used as a crutch to supplement a poor diet. The best recipe for health is to eat a nutritious and healthy diet which can be supplement when necessary.

Source by Lee Dobbins

The Top Three High School Boy’s Coaches of All-Time

The criteria for making this list is as follows: an impressive list of successes, no recruiting of athletes, the ability to develop an entire roster, being ahead of their time (an innovator), and helping boys grow into better men for the rest of their lives (also known as leaving a mark on all those he or she coached). Without further ado:

1) Harry Johnson, Head Boy’s Track & Field coach, South Eugene High School, Eugene, Oregon 1971-1977- Seven State Championships.

When Coach Johnson (who was soon known throughout the state as simply “Harry”) took over the track program at SEHS they had never won a state track & field championship in the school’s history. Only one high school in Eugene had ever won a state title in track & field, their rival North Eugene high school ten years earlier. Harry’s teams won the state title his first year and every year after winning seven straight state championships. His athletes set National records in the decathlon, steeplechase, 6-mile and 10,000 meter run, distance medley relay and the four-mile relay (the last of which still stands to this day).

Despite the fact that few division-1 scholarships were available in the sport of track and field, Harry’s athletes earned more full scholarships to major universities than any of the state’s other schools, every single year. This included all the major sports (Football, Basketball, and Baseball) that had many more scholarships available.

As impressive as the statistics listed above are, most of what made Harry great was not as easily quantifiable. How did he manage to create such close bonds among diverse team members in a sport of individuals? How did he manage to make every member of the team feel important in the overall success of the program? How did he keep seniors trying to break five minutes in the mile motivated on a team that had multiple runners striving to break four minutes in the mile?

I don’t know the answer to these questions, but I do know that he possessed the one trait I have seen again and again in coaches/leaders that excel at the highest levels. He somehow got you to buy into his process and give yourself over to something bigger than you. In doing so, he also found a way to make hard work fun. He didn’t always have the best athletes but he never put any pressure on his athletes.

He was way ahead of his time mentally as well. He rarely talked about winning and focused on preparation, knowing that if you prepared well you would be relaxed and confident when the meets came. You rarely saw his athletes tight or nervous. While other team’s athletes were “psyching themselves up” to race/compete, Harry’s were loose and having fun. They looked at everything as an opportunity, which kept the thought of potential failures a million miles away.

I don’t know if the following was by design or not (and I asked Harry and he would not admit to it if it was), but Harry’s teams wore different colored sweats (except for the school’s name on the back which was in school colors: purple & white). So while his athletes were preparing for their events (unencumbered mentally) most of their competitors were preoccupied with figuring out what the different colored sweats signified.

Some of the top performers were in blue sweats, others were in orange, black, red, green or burgundy. Some in each color were seniors, but others were juniors and sophomores. It was confusing to outsiders and appeared to have no rhyme or reason, but that didn’t stop athletes from other schools coming up with a multitude of plausible reasons. The reality was quite simple; everyone got to choose whatever color they wanted, starting with seniors, until a color ran out.

Though Harry was undefeated in state championships during his tenure, his teams did lose a couple of duel-meets over the years. Harry easily could have won all of them too, but he would rest many athletes to give less accomplished athletes a chance to come through, and they usually did. This also helped in their development going forward.

However, there was one exception to this strategy. Harry despised cheating and there was a particular school with a reputation for recruiting athletes away from other schools. When his team faced off with that school, Harry would load up all his top athletes and nearly shut that school out from scoring every time. I believe that’s called sending a message.

2) Harry Johnson, Head Boy’s Gymnastics coach, South Eugene High School, Eugene, Oregon 1963-1972- Ten State Championships.

Harry started working at South Eugene high school right out of college as an assistant coach with the football team. Soon after, they asked him if he wanted to coach their brand new gymnastics team. Having no previous experience with gymnastics at any level, but not one to back down from a new challenge, he said yes.

The rest is history as this was where Harry developed his coaching style and leadership qualities leading the team to the state title every year before stepping down.

3) Harry Johnson, Head Boy’s Cross Country coach, South Eugene High School, Eugene, Oregon 1970-1977- Eight State Championships.

This easily could have been the number one spot for Harry, as this former football star and coach took a liking to a bunch of gangly distance runners and made them men. The only reason I awarded his job as track & field coach number one was the sheer number of diverse people he was able to bring together as one.

That said, he was probably most widely known for the job he did developing middle-distance and distance runners, and he did it without overloading them with destructive high mileage like many successful high school coaches did at the time. However, most high school teams in America don’t have an all-time record in the mile as fast as 4:12. Harry coached five of his milers to bests of under 4:10, two running under 4:05 in his too short time as head coach there.

Harry turned down numerous opportunities to coach major college Track and Cross Country programs, but eventually an opportunity too good to pass up came along. The upstart sports company known as Nike decided to start a first of its kind track team to help post-collegiate athletes train for the Olympics and Nike co-founders Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman agreed that Harry Johnson was the man to lead that team, which became known as Athletics West.

Who knows how many more championships Harry would have won and lives he would have touched had he stayed longer? What is known is that the culture and some of the athletes he left behind for his successors, won another eight state titles in the five years following his departure.

For anyone wondering why I made him top 1, 2 and 3 on this list? The answer is two-fold: 1) Just giving him the top spot didn’t seem like enough for his extraordinariness and 2) I have an aversion to lists and awards in general, as they are always subjective, so I figured why not?

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” • Jimmy Johnson

You can follow Sam on Twitter @SuperTaoInc

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All About Infidelity

Many couples get into marriage with a clear and strong red line in regards to infidelity. They say “If my partner ever has an affair, I’m done and I am getting a divorce.” And then it unexpectedly happens to you leaving you to deal with the devastating betrayal and the unavoidable roller coaster of emotions. When confronted with the painful reality, you also must make a decision “Should I stay or should I leave?” You realize that whatever decision you make, the stakes are really high and the red line you saw in your mind is now more gray than red. The following is information you should know when facing infidelity in your marriage.

1) Infidelity does not necessarily end a marriage.

Affairs are an ego booster and can be very powerful and compelling. Yet, despite its negative consequences, infidelity is not necessarily the end of a marriage. Surprising to many, most married couples decide to stay married after infidelity. Although recovering from infidelity is challenging, many marriages not only survive, but in fact grow stronger from the devastating experience. They can get back on track and rebuild trust, friendship and excitement.2) Many cheaters still love their partners.

Men can love their wives and still want to have sex with other women. Many times the cheaters haven’t fallen out of love; but rather have become unsatisfied with the state of their marriages. The infidelity usually takes place when things settle down, normalcy and boredom kick in so that interest and excitement disappear. It also happens during times of crises or transition, such as having a new baby, pressure at work, lack of intimacy, needs are not met, not having sex, etc. As such, affairs may reflect that couples don’t know how to attend to one another or how to work together to meet their challenges but not necessarily that they do not love each other.

2) An emotional roller coaster is the new norm.

The path to any recovery, including after an affair is not a linear, straight line. It is usually a spiral line that encompasses many ups and downs. The roller coaster of emotions is a natural course of the healing process and is very painful and confusing. Just when couples think things have improved and are resolved, there is another major setback to experience. These couples may think that they might never be able to overcome the betrayal and infidelity. Every setback is somewhat different. Yet, like the stock market, the idea is to think long term. As long as there is a general upward trend, progress is being made. Embracing patience is essential especially during times of relapse. So, don’t give up and be hopeful.

3) Infidelity can be traumatic.

Betrayal is shocking and devastating to the recipient to an extreme degree in a way that it overwhelms his/her physical and mental state. The betrayed spouse suffers from distress and anxiety, eating and sleeping problems and negatively impact his/her self esteem and confidence. It is not surprising that the betrayed spouse exhibits symptoms similar to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD).

4) Forgive and you will free yourself.

Similar to a traumatic experience, people don’t forget the infidelity. It is a survival necessity to remember and to avoid the pain associated with the affair. While remembering the betrayal is critical to protect ourselves and learn from its experience, forgiveness is essential to move on with life. Forgiveness is not designed to let the unfaithful person off the hook, or take away his/her responsibility, but it is designed to unshackle people from their past and their misery. When betrayed spouses forgive, it allows love to flow into their lives. They let go of the past and make room for the present, which brings hopefulness and optimism.6) Healing is not easy and takes time.

Pain is unavoidable, yet suffering is optional. The more we resist pain, the more we suffer. This is why we have to have the courage to experience the pain and loss that come with betrayal. Even though we prefer to be pain-free as quickly as possible, healing from infidelity is a chaotic process and takes time. Quick recovery may indicate repression or compartmentalization, which can backfire in some form. It is not uncommon that recovery from an affair and getting back on the marital track may take two years and even longer.

5) Couples counseling is very helpful.

The betrayal is so overwhelming and disorienting that it is difficult to know what to do next. Professional help is very beneficial and can assist us through the challenging process of infidelity toward healing. Infidelity counseling is a helpful way to gain insight, support and build the strength to overcome the affair. It helps individuals have better understanding and wider perspective about the issue of affairs and acquire objective, professional guidance to make more informed decisions.

Regardless of the decision you make, overcoming infidelity is not easy, but can be done. The questions to ask are: What can you learn from it? How is it done? At what cost? If you decide to stay in your marriage after infidelity, the important thing is to address the

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