Should I Avoid Him to Make Him Miss Me? 7 Vital Tips You Need to Know Before You Do This

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. When you want to make a guy miss you, you will have to make an effort in avoiding him. Here is how avoiding him will work in your favor and will make him miss you.

Wait for it to register
When you start avoiding a guy then you will have to work on your patience levels. In the beginning your man will not make it evident to you that he is missing you in his life. He will act angry and grumpy but will never show his pining for you. Wait for a little while and it will be clear that he is sorely missing you.

Letting him go actually draws him in
When you let him go and avoid him it makes him feel like you don’t want him anymore. The first thing that gets affected by this is his ego. And once the ego lands he will try his best to win you back. But if he cannot reach you he begins to miss you and pines away for you.

He sees your true worth
When you avoid a guy and crate you successfully create your own marked void space around him. This makes him see what he is actually missing out on and shows him what you really are truly worth.

Its reverse psychology at its best
Playing mind games and using reverse psychology is the best way to make a person realize what you want them to see. Avoiding him is reverse psychology used at its best. It makes him miss you, reminds him of all that you stand for and makes him see the value that you bring to his life.

Plan carefully and execute with precision
When you choose to embark on this mission of avoiding him you have to plan your moves very strategically and execute the same with precision. While you do want him to miss you, you don’t want to give the impression that you are not interested in him anymore.

Don’t take his calls for too long
When you are avoiding him you need to stay in touch somehow. Phone calls are your best bet in that case. However, you need to make sure that you always return his calls a little late than usual and keep the conversations brief.

Have a good time when you meet him
Finally, when you want him to miss you, you also need to meet him occasionally. Make sure that these meetings are total fun and that he waits for a chance to meet you again and misses you when you avoid him.

Source by Krista Hiles