Sanyo RX-1 Zero Gravity Recliner

A new breed of recliner is starting to show up on the market. These recliners feature what is called the zero gravity position. There are quite a number of zero gravity recliners but up till now most have only had a manual recline or a motorized recline. The new Sanyo RX- 1 gravity recliner comes with a powered recline as well as an air massage system.

Zero gravity is a term used to describe the type of seating used by NASA for the astronauts when launching. The way zero gravity is used with recliners is to better distribute the weight of your back. Normally the weight of the body is concentrated on the spine which leads to greater pressure and fatigue.

The RX1 by Sanyo is the first such recliner to be released by them. It comes with a built-in remote control. The remote control is located underneath the right armrest.

The remote control has a powered chair back and leg rest. This allows you to adjust the chair back independently from the leg rest. Both of them are motorized and adjust at the touch of a button.

The design of this Sanyo model is contemporary but it is rather mundane. It comes with a small adjustable head pillow and a tilting head rest. The chair is mounted on a metal frame which is exposed at the bottom and contains casters for easy movement.

The remote control comes with a Zero Gravity button. When you press the button, the back rest, foot rest and the seat are automatically adjusted to preprogrammed reclining angles. You can stop the reclining at any time. Otherwise it will take you to the preprogrammed zero gravity position.

This recliner also comes with an air compression system. The air system consists of seven airbags located throughout the recliner. An air pump will fill up the different airbags based on the program chosen.

There are two programs for the air massage system. One is called stretch which has firm pressure and the other is relaxed which has gentle pressure. Just choose the program you wish and the chair performs the air massage.

This powered recliner is covered in leather upholstery. It is soft to the touch and comfortable to sit in. I did like the headrest adjustment which allows you to move the angle of the headrest up to 30.

The automatic zero gravity position for me felt a little strange. I did not like the angle of the chair and how my legs were bent. I just did not find that this was a comfortable position.

I found I was better off using the independent controls to find that the right chair back angle. I would then raise the leg rest to a position that felt more comfortable for me. The automatic position for zero gravity may be good for some but just wasn’t the right position for me.

One interesting feature of the chair is the home position button. This button allows you to reset the chair back to its upright position. At the touch of a single button, it will raise the chair back and lower the leg rest to its home position.

Overall, I felt that the Sanyo RX-1 was just an okay chair. I am a little skeptical about the design and do not like the exposed metal frame on the bottom with wheels. The aesthetics could be improved and the zero gravity position could be more comfortable for most people. There are now a number of zero gravity recliners which have come into the market and the RX-1 recliner is the first attempt by Sanyo.

Source by James Knolan

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