Samsung LN55A950 (LN-55A950) LCD Information

“Samsung” once again come up with technological advanced high end LCD HDTV LN55A950 of the 950 series featuring Auto Motion Plus 120Hz, LED backlighting and 1080p resolution, technology.

This technological masterpiece is blessed with the innovative Touch of Color design that has become hallmark of the quality provided by the Samsung products. Sleek and spectacular looks of LN55A950 TV is fine blended with traditional piano black frame. LED backlight local dimming with a 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio redefines the cinematic experience especially in very bright or dark scenes.

The Samsung LN55A950 provides option to people who wish to customize their TV. “Auto Motion Plus” 120Hz technology powers your action packed movies and sports to its real time that is exclusively available in Samsung series supported by the clear panel technology. So enjoy cinematic experience.

This LCD TV also supports a wide content library, for schedules like fitness workouts, educational games for children as well as food recipes. Samsung LN55A950 TV’s is integrated with flash drive with HD-quality and Wise Link Pro which allows access to digital photos, music and videos. You can also access the internet for RSS feeds of news, weather and stocks from USA Today.

Auto Motion Plus 120Hz feature of the Samsung has unique feature that eliminates any motion or blur , end results a smooth and lucid pictures, making it exceptional cinematic experience. Samsung LN55A950 also provides option so that you could faint certain parts of the display while other segments of the screen will remain same.

So if you are looking for some thing that is worth some thing, Samsung LN55A950 should be on you priority list. Although this TV is bit costly but who cares” you lose some thing to gain some thing” and Samsung is worth it.

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