Plextor PX-880U USB CD Writer Review

Plextor is known for quality optical drives whether internal or USB CD Writers. Durability and reliability are the standards which the Plextor family of optical drives is continually setting the pace in the competitive optical drive market. USB CD Writers is one category where Plextor produces on quality product after the other. Plextor PX-880U is one in particular where just about every good feature one can hope for in a USB CD Writer can be found.

Plextor PX-880U is a Super Multi Format External CD/DVD burner that practically handles all CD/DVD burning task and is the ideal portable optical device that can be used for a number of desktop computers as well as laptops lacking internal optical drives. It is also a flexible and reliable backup for any number of computer systems with optical drives so equipped.

Standout features for this particular Plextor product includes a USB 2.0 Inteface, Multi-Format High Speed recording, a Roxio Creator 10CE Software and Lightscribe Direct Disc Labeling.

Burning speeds are much of an issue for competing USB CD Writer brands and the Plextor PX-880U is fast with the following list of various formats and their corresponding speeds which this particular device can handle:

• DVD±R 24X

• DVD±R DL 12X





The noise produced at these disk speeds are greatly reduced by a unique airflow design that minimizes irritating noise that characterizes some of the other brands. This device uses the USB 2.0 interface but can also be used for the older USB 1.1 interface but with burning speeds somewhat reduced. The minimum computer specifications required for this product is Pentium 4 1.3 Ghz and 128 RAM.

Source by Kevin Mosk

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