Phone Devil Magic Screen iPhone 4 Screen Protectors

Phone Devil, a UK based company known by their quality accessories for phones has two different classes of iPhone 4 Screen Protectors. Although we are not sure if they are going to create new types of screen guards for iPhone 4, we think that these two packages already has the ability to satisfy the needs of consumers for screen cover.

Both of them offers in its package a premium lint free micro fiber screen cloth which helps you clean out finger marks, smudges, dust, dirt, and even stain that dried up on the screen. This display cloth does not have the capabilities to damage or scratch the protector so using it for many times is manageable. They also include a smoothing card in the package to make your installation easy and to completely dissipate the bubbles after you apply the screen protector to the display.

Also, they also have a quality instruction tool (their site also has a hands on video on how to properly integrate it to the device) for you to perfectly apply the Magic Screen onto the device. No adhesive substance must be used in order to stick it to your gadget; therefore no residue and blemish will be seen once you remove it out of the gadget.

With the help of iPhone screen protector that Phone Devils created, you can surely prolong the life and usefulness of your Apple gadget.

Clear: If you wanted to retain the clearness of the retina display of the LCD of your Apple phone this one is the right thing for you. It is tough, rigid, and very thin which makes it invisible after application.

Matte: It minimizes the glare effect of the screen and diminishes the finger prints including smears. It also lessens the strain that your eyes get from a long usage of the Apple phone.

You can purchase these Phone Devil iPhone 4 Screen Protectors at their official website or on Amazon for only $ 11.97.

Source by Patrick Garde

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