Penis Enlargement – Ligaments Vs Tendons – How You Can Lengthen Yourself

In the human body we have ligaments and tendons.

Tendons typically connect bone to muscle. A great example of this is your achilles tendon. It attaches your calf muscle to the back of your ankle bone and allows you to walk.

Ligaments are different in that they typically connect bone to bone, like the ligaments in your knee. But there are also ligaments that attach bone to “soft tissue.” Soft Tissue being an organ or some structure other than bone, like skin, for example.

Tendons are extremely strong and will not stretch, rupture, or lengthen unless under extreme circumstances. They have to be strong because the force of the muscle(s) which act on them have to be able to take the full burden of the muscular force when the muscle contracts. Imagine running down the street as fast as you can. The amount of strain your calf muscles puts on your achilles tendon is immense; not only that, but it is also indirectly helping to support the weight of your body at the same time that this intense force is being applied. This is why the bone from your ankle will rupture before your achilles tendon will rupture. Tendons are as tough as nails – They have to be to deal with the strain and stress of muscle loading.

Ligaments are not as strong as tendons and have elastic properties. This means that they can be stretched out and lengthened. Typically with people who are “double jointed,” they have stretched out ligaments which enables them to move their joints to degrees that are not normal. Many times when someone has an injury to a joint and the ligaments get stretched out, they have “hyper-motion” in the joint. That means that the joint can move more than it was intended to, as the ligaments are what keeps the joint “tight.”

Man’s main suspensory apparatus of his penis is the Suspensory Ligament of the Penis. This is the part that supports your penis and impedes its length. Notice I said “Ligament” and not Tendon. That’s right… And what did we mention earlier? Ligaments can be stretched and lengthened, while tendons are extremely hard to lengthen or stretch.

Because man was gifted with penile Ligaments instead of penile Tendons, then, guess what? This means that through mechanical methods the ligaments that hold the penis in place can be lengthened. When these ligaments are lengthened, then, guess what, again? Yes, this means that you can increase the length of your penis.

Penile ligamentous lengthening has to do with putting tension on these ligaments. The tension is what helps lengthen them. The best method is to have a steady tension, over a period of time, that gradually increases in tension over that period of time.

Targeting the covering of the ligaments is just as important as lengthening. It’s even more important in older men that want to get back to their “old size” or for those who want to grow even more. That involves Myofascial Unlocking, which helps re-educate the internal-ligamentous structure and helps to iron out the covering that restricts the ligament from being able to stretch to its longest potential.

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