My Husband Has Moved Out – How To Get Him Back In The Shortest Time

He packed his things and left the house. “My husband has moved out, what should I do?” I know this can be quite a devastating and confusing situation to be in. Things seem to look dire and you probably will start asking if it is still possible to get your husband back.

When you are trying to get back a husband who has moved out, the first thing that you should do is to get your emotions under control and be calm. You have to know for the fact that your husband moved out could be because he really needs a break to be away from you. He is probably trying to sort out the problems and work on it or maybe even considering a divorce. Whatever the reason that it is going to be, one thing for sure, he needs time to cool down too.

Since your husband moved out because he needs some space and time, don’t push him away by bugging him for a chance to re work on the marriage. Sometimes, the feeling of missing him can get so strong that it makes you want to contact him. No matter how, even if you feel miserable for not having him sleeping by your side, talking to you every day, you can’t just get aggressive to win him back. If you are going to question him endlessly, he may get irritated and will start to think that it is better to divorce in order to get the peace and space he wants.

You definitely need to strategize your plan properly so that you can get him back in the shortest time. Learn to accept the fact that there are really problems in your marriage and the only way to get him back to your side again is to change for the better. It is a process of transforming! So when you are ready to get in touch with him, he has to see the best on what is in you.

You have to make your husband feel comfortable as much as possible so do not start talking about what should be done to the marriage when you meet him. Never be too anxious to show you want him back, just be very normal and casual on the topic. Once your husband sees the changes in you, it will come off making him more interested to know what kind of life you have been through during the period without his presence.

Once you are able to let loose a little bit on your husband, you will stop trying all means to save the marriage. This will save you from embarrassing and desperate actions that could just drive him further away.

Even though right now your husband has moved out, there are many ways to get him back in the shortest of time.

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How to Get Him to Define the Relationship Without Scaring Him Away

You meet a guy, you click with him, you have this undeniable chemistry and all your friends say that you look good together. The only problem is that you are clueless where you stand in his life or if you are supposed to expect something more. Unfortunately, we live in a society where “double standards” is a way of life. Women are not supposed to make the first move and that’s how manipulation comes into play. No matter what your reasons are, you should never manipulate a man to commit to you especially if you are thinking about having a healthy, loving relationship.

There are ways on how to get him to define the relationship and the best way is to be straightforward about it. I know we’ve been told not to initiate “the talk” but if you are the kind of woman who hates investing on a relationship that’s not going anywhere, your best bet is to ask the guy where he thinks the relationship is going. Tell him that you are not the type to make assumptions and you want to know what he wants from you. It’s a very straightforward question that requires a direct answer. Ask him if he just wants to be friends or if he’s looking forward to something more. Don’t worry about scaring him away, if anything, he will appreciate your honesty. If he is not serious about you and he only wants you to stick around so he’ll have someone to sleep with, he is not going to be thrilled to answer your questions. A few words would come out of his mouth and will try to change the subject immediately. You’ll be glad you asked for your sake. At least you know what’s really going on. This is your cue to reconsider your options. You have to decide whether you’re willing to take a gamble or move on and keep looking.

If a guy comes clean with a candid answer and tells you “I’m having so much fun with you but I don’t think I can be in a serious relationship right now. I don’t want to disappoint you or anything.” then maybe it’s time for you to get out but do it with grace and tell him you understand, no hard feelings. Thank him for his honesty and politely ask him not to text or call you anymore. 9 out of 10 guys will have a change of heart and the biggest mistake that women make is that they call the guy a couple of days later and tell him that they’re willing to be casual. There goes your dignity and self-respect out of the window.

If you don’t have the courage to ask him or if it’s too early on in the relationship, there is a more subtle approach on how to get him to define the relationship. Practice self-control and resist the urge to give the guy all the freebies. As demeaning as the expression “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” is, it holds some truth to it and whether we like it or not, it applies to most relationships especially if you and the guy are not on the same page. Sure, you are having sex regularly but it should never be used as a gauge how serious the relationship is. Just because he sleeps with you doesn’t mean that he is going to give you a title. Never assume that you are someone’s girlfriend unless you’ve had that conversation. It doesn’t matter if he brings you flowers or if he takes yoga classes with you, you have to verbally agree that you two are exclusive but until then, you can’t tell people that he is your boyfriend.

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10 Ways You Scare Him Off and Send Him Running For The Hills

If you have caught yourself doing any of these 10 things on a date or in the beginning of a relationship and the man disappeared or broke up with you, it may be time to make some changes.

1. Talk about your ex-boyfriend. Men really don’t want to hear about the men that were before them. It also is a good sign that you aren’t over your ex. He also may feel that you are comparing him to your ex. Men want to be accepted, not compared.

2. Share too many feelings. Men don’t really like to talk about feelings. They will talk about feelings, but only when they feel like it. If you want to talk about your feelings, call a girlfriend. Feelings talks will scare him off.

3. Buy Him a Gift. If you buy him a gift, especially if he hasn’t bought you one, it puts pressure on a man big time. He assumes that you may expect gifts as well. He may not be ready to be gifting you just yet. It also tells him you invested effort. That’s all fine and well if he is investing effort, but to do this just because you felt like it makes him feel you may role into that cycle of resentment. In other words, you give gifts, he doesn’t, and you start to resent doing this for him even though he never asked you too. Happens all the time.

4. Talk about the men that want to date you. Don’t do this. It’s just tacky. If you are wanted by other men, he will pick up on it without you telling him about it. He will see this as you trying to make him jealous and he will disappear and find a woman doesn’t do this.

5. Do his laundry or other household chore. Ugh, if he wanted a mother, he would go back home. Men don’t want to have sex with their mother. This is a sure fire way to kill his attraction for you if you do this prior to a serious commitment. If you are always helping men, this may be what scared him off.

6. Share personal details of you life with him. Later when you relationship is established and he knows you better, this may be okay. In the beginning though, he has no frame of reference about you and he may very well make generalized assumptions based on his experiences. Sharing your life history too soon will can scare him off.

7. Initiate texts and phone calls. This is his first sign that you may not be able to trust him. If you can’t wait for him to call or text, you are trying to control the outcome. The result, he sees you as controlling and he runs for the hills.

8. Cook an elaborate dinner. Save the nice dinners for after the commitment. If you do this too soon, he sees you are trying to impress him. He really should be trying to impress you at this point, not the other way around. A woman that tries too hard is often seen as desperate. Desperate women scare men off.

9. Show up as his house or place of work unannounced. Double ugh. This he may associate with stalking, not to mention the bad memories in brings to mind about the last girl that would not take no for an answer. This will get you the crazy chick label and scare him off faster than anything.

10. Ask him where the relationship is headed. Women often ask this early on or they ask him how he feels about them or does he like you. This shows him you aren’t secure and that you are depending on him for validation. He starts to feel responsible for your happiness. Let him take this responsibility on his own, don’t force his hand. You may not like the cards he shows you.

If you have been doing any of the above things on dates or in the first few weeks or months of dating, this is why he disappeared.

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How to Make Him Regret Losing You – He’ll Crawl Back to You Desperately Wanting You Back

After a breakup, how do you make your ex boyfriend regret losing you? Is there a way to make him beg you to take him back? Do it the wrong way and you’ll end up looking like the jealous ex everyone hates. Do it the right way and you’ll have him crawling back to you desperately trying to make up for every mistake he made.

Knowing how to make him regret losing you is ultimately about mending and repairing your relationship. It should never be about revenge and getting even. If you’re looking to get back at your ex because you’re upset and want to make him miserable, then you’re better off walking away with style and grace. After all, why would you want to stoop to his level?

The first way to make your ex boyfriend regret losing you is to create space. Cut off all contact. Don’t call. Don’t text. Don’t email or try to visit him at home or at work. If he tries to contact you, don’t immediately answer.

If he wants you to come over, tell him you’re busy. The goal here is to make him miss you. He won’t feel like he’s lost anything as long as you’re still around and in contact with him.

Next, never let him see that you are emotionally distraught over the relationship. Even if it tears you up inside, save your emotional outbursts for when you’re alone or when you’re with your girlfriends.

If you let your ex boyfriend see you crying and emotional, then he will see you as weak, needy, and desperate. It will confirm that he made the right decision by breaking up with you.

If you want the power back so he regrets losing you, then make it appear that you’re perfectly fine with the breakup. Be happy. Go out with friends. Go out and meet new people. Your ex boyfriend is expecting you to be sad and emotional. When he sees you happy, strong, motivated, and confident while hanging out with other people, he’ll quickly realize everything he’s missing out on by not being with you.

People always want what they can’t have. Your ex boyfriend is no different. He won’t be able to stand the thought of you being out and having fun with someone else. When he sees you’re not just sitting around waiting for him, he’ll probably try to make contact. This is your chance to not give in. Make him work for it a little bit. You want to make him crazy thinking about you and what he needs to do to win you back.

If he calls you, be polite, but don’t stay on the phone long. Be the one to end the conversation and get off the phone first. Tell him you need some time, but maybe you can talk again in a couple weeks. Then, when you’re ready, you can get back together on your terms.

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How to Drive Him Crazy in Bed – Male Orgasm Techniques That Will Leave Him Speechless and Breathless

Although any woman can make a man feel pleasure in bed and make him orgasm, there are only a handful of women who can truly make it a spectacle and to give him pleasure that is easily out of this world. There are women out there that every man wants and that every woman wants to be. These women are confident, secure and they radiate sex appeal. You want to be one of these women for your man. You want to drive him crazy in bed.

Instead of giving your man mediocre pleasure in the bedroom, you want to learn some male orgasm techniques that are going to take his orgasm from normal to out of the ordinary. You want to make him literally explode in the bedroom and to give him pleasure that he never even thought was possible. It’s time to give your man this kind of satisfaction tonight.

The biggest misconception that women have is that a man will just orgasm from stimulation of the penis. Although he may have an orgasm, that doesn’t mean that it is going to be a very good one. The male orgasm fluctuates and changes in its degree of intensity. If you really want to drive him crazy in bed, then you need to learn some male orgasm techniques that will assist him in achieving orgasm heaven.

First of all, the biggest key to making this happen is to build up anticipation in his body. You want him to explode in bed and the only way to make something explode is to build up the pressure inside of it. In order to make this happen and to drive him absolutely wild in bed, here are some things that you can try.

Take away the control from him and this will put him in a position that makes him feel vulnerable. When you take the control from him, this turns him on because he gets to see you in a way that he never expected. The experience is new and this makes him focus more. Plus, the tension will just grow in him because knowing he doesn’t have control will force him to want to regain that control even more. This can lead to all kinds of raw and very passionate sex, which will be something that he will never forget.

Another male orgasm tip to use before you even let him have you, is to tease him with foreplay. If you really want to blow his mind, then give your man a lap dance. Put on some sensual music and let your body do the talking. This is a fantasy that almost every man is dreaming about and if you make it come true for him, you will give him something that he will always think about.

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Strictly Marriage: How To Survive Living With Him

Marriage is something that’s being practiced everywhere around the world for centuries. Marriage in the Middle East seems so strange compared to a marriage in the Western world, in some ways it may be wrong. We all know the classic drill, a girl meets a guy and start to hang out, hanging out then turns to a date and then a date turns to engagement and finally, the engagement turns into a marriage. A marriage in the Middle East is actually the exact opposite, a boy makes the decision to marry so his mother seeks a bride for him, once the bride is found they immediately propose after only an hours worth of conversation. After the proposal they both start dating, going out to dinner and spending time in public, after the proposal the wedding comes along and everyone lives happily ever after. Yes, that’s how the stories of marriage are supposed to portray but why doesn’t the Middle Eastern woman ask herself “why doesn’t marriage work?” Perhaps she does ask herself that but does she actually take the time to find the answer?

The main problem with failed marriages in the Middle East is not knowing each other well enough before being bound for life.

Marriage usually is successful before the actual wedding, that is because it doesn’t feel forced, there’s no contract, no signing no living together. You have the complete liberty to do as you wish and leave when you see if things aren’t right, as soon as the contract is brought up and once you begin living with one another as a married couple, the feeling of being locked up arises. You may find yourself fighting over a messy bathroom or if your man leaves his underwear on the floor or if he’s not listening to you. Yes, men live a completely different way when alone, as for a woman, women live clean and organized lives, I shouldn’t dare generalize women but compared to most men, women are much more put together. The main question arises “How can I live with another man?”

The answer is to actually talk to him rather than cleaning after him. You should always see your man as your child, may seem odd but it actually works once you try it. If you clean up after him you’re giving him the impression that if he continues to leave his pants or socks on the floor you’ll be there to pick it right up. Don’t allow him to think that you are there to pick up after him, talk to him and tell him that you are not going to do his cleaning because last time you checked you didn’t sign up to become a cleaner. Some women may still think, “but there are requirements for becoming a wife… ” Yes, but are there requirements for becoming a husband?

Communication is key when it comes to marriage, letting your man know what kind of woman you are is the foundation of your long life together. Let’s imagine you never tell your man how you feel or how you are, imagine picking up his clothes, washing up the bathroom after him for the rest of your days living together as a married couple, not the most pleasant sight. Always remember that communication is key!

For a woman raised in the western world lets say the United States, this article may come in as an easy task or perhaps she won’t need any of this advice because she would’ve actually gotten to know her husband before marriage and decided if he was the right type to live with and share a life with.

With a woman from the Middle East, telling her to communicate with her husband about her not wanting to pick up after him sounds like a death wish.

With the modern world commencing right before our eyes with technology, we see that technology is not the only thing that’s being advanced, marriage is too. Thankfully the younger women of the Middle East are at an advantage, modern men are more open to their wives and accept their opinions, unlike the older generations’. This means talking to your husband will be that much easier.

Now, you may ask, “how can I find the right time and the right tone to talk to my husband about something I am not comfortable with?”

There are so many ways in which you could engage your husband before talking to him about your troubles, going for coffee is the quintessential place to be for a nice chat, grab yourselves some coffee, hit the nearest Starbucks and begin to engage. Perhaps some couples want a more quiet approach, a local library or a park, those are all places to be when you’re ready to tell him. Now comes the question of the tone. Start off by showing him that your not afraid and not shy, show confidence in your speech and body language, make him aware that you are not angry. Men tend to back away or lose interest with their wives as soon as they see that she is angry or upset about something.

As you talk to him get straight to the point, don’t go up and down, left and right just get to the point and for sure you’ll grab his attention.

Now you’re all set and you’ve laid out your tools and now its time to get to work.

Let’s use the example of cleaning up after your man as an example for your issue, and then you tell him how it makes you unsatisfied because once a man thinks that he has his woman ‘in the bag’ he will for sure pay complete attention to what you have to say.

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Your Husband’s Ex Girlfriend Still Contacts Him – How to Keep Him Devoted to You

One of the most frustrating things any married woman has to deal with is her husband’s ex girlfriend. Some women just can’t seem to let go once a relationship ends and even years later she’ll be reaching out to her ex hoping to keep some sort of connection alive. If you’ve been experiencing this in your marriage, it’s really difficult. You have to constantly worry about what the ex girlfriend’s motives are and if your husband has the willpower to keep resisting her. Whether she’s calling him, visiting him on occasion or just friends with him online, the threat is always there. If this is happening to you and you’re losing sleep worrying over it that needs to change now. There are several ways for you to ensure that your husband stays yours forever. You can make him love you so much that he won’t ever be tempted to stray, even with his ex.

Jealousy is a really difficult emotion to control and unfortunately when your husband’s ex girlfriend is constantly trying to reconnect with him, your jealousy is probably going to be at the forefront. It’s natural to feel threatened by someone your spouse used to be involved with, but you do need to learn to keep those jealous feelings to yourself. When you tell your husband that you’re jealous or you show it through your actions, it makes him question your own self esteem. Given the fact that men are drawn to strong, confident women, you have to show him that’s exactly what you are. Don’t talk poorly about his ex and don’t constantly ask him questions about her and their past relationship. It’s only showcasing all your insecurities.

Men love women who make them feel valued, special and adored. The reason your husband’s ex girlfriend may feel like such a threat to you right now is that she makes him feel this way. That’s the very reason you need to start doing the same. Shower your spouse with praise and show him how much you believe in him. Trust is a huge issue for most men so let your husband know that you trust him and love him. If he brings up his ex, let him talk about her. Show him that you’re not threatened by her or by what transpired between them in the past. If he feels confident in your love for him, he’s going to feel closer to you. If you can be his biggest supportive, he’s not going to go anywhere. Never lose sight of the fact that you’re the woman he married, not her.

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After My Spouse’s Affair, I Can’t Help Always Pushing Him Away

It’s normal to have conflicting emotions after you find out about your husband’s affair. You may go from not wanting him in your line of sight to fantasizing about saving your marriage over the course of only a few hours.

One morning you may be considering kicking him out and by night time, you’re thinking about your children not living with their father and so you’re researching counseling options. This can make you feel as if there is something wrong with you or that you are being too wishy-washy, but it is normal. Swinging from one emotion and one course of action to another happens to nearly every one at some point. And even when you make the decision to try to work things out, you can still find yourself rebelling in a way. You might still have long days of doubt where you find yourself pushing your spouse away.

Someone might explain: “after about a month of waffling about what I wanted to do with my marriage after my husband’s affair, I finally decided that I would be open to seeing what happened between us. I told my husband that I was not going to ask him to leave and that, should he do what I asked and be willing to go to counseling and be rehabilitated, then I would be committed to trying to work things out. He agreed. And honestly, he has done most of what I’ve asked. He does go to counseling and even though I know he hates it, he sits there without complaint. He stays home every single night. He is trying to be attentive to me. The problem isn’t totally with him. It’s also with me. He tries to be sweet to me, but I find myself pushing him away. I find myself almost picking fights with him and being deliberately mean. I get angry at myself afterward, but of course by then the damage is done. I’m very frustrated with myself about this. And I feel like its going to mean that I lose my marriage regardless of how hard we are trying. Why am I pushing him away like this? And how can I stop? It makes me feel like a mean-spirited person and I am not normally like this.”

You are not a mean person. What you are going through is absolutely normal. I dealt with it and I don’t know many who have escaped it, especially in the beginning. Below, I will go over some reasons that might be contributing to his issue and I will discuss how you might handle it.

An Unconscious Desire For Him To Prove His Love And Commitment: I can only speak for myself here, but I honestly believe that the biggest reason that I pushed my husband away was because I wanted to see if he would hang around, despite my treatment. I guess in my mind, I thought that if he stuck around even when I was being mean to him, then he must really love me and be committed to me. I know that this was twisted thinking that was destined to breed resentment. But early on, I do believe that I was operating under that principal. Luckily, I gained confidence that he truly wanted to be there as time went on and I was able to stop, which leads me to my next point.

Sometimes, You Are Reacting To The Doubts And You’re Trying To Protect Yourself: Frankly, there were times during my recovery process where I was a little short and mean to every one – not just my husband. I was always plagued with fears and doubts. I was resentful that my life had come to this when I had done nothing wrong, so I was likely to lash out at any one who happened to be there at the time. But of course, it was a little worse for my husband, because we both knew that he was the cause.

You May Be Trying To Protect Yourself With Emotional Walls: There’s sometimes a subconscious desire to not let him get too close to you emotionally. This is meant to protect you from getting hurt again. You might think that if you can keep him at arm’s length, you might not get burned. Of course, keeping him at a distance also means that you sacrifice the intimacy. Now that you see that it’s pretty normal to feel the way that you do, let’s talk about how to put a lid on it.

How To Stop Pushing Him Away: Right now, you have emotional walls built around yourself meant to protect you. It’s normal and natural. But, it’s common sense that in order to get the intimacy back (which we all want,) you have to let the walls down.

The first step is being aware of when and how it is happening. Often, there are some triggers that happen just before you lash out or pull away. I want you to be aware because if you know when this is coming, you can pause and stop yourself before you act. Train yourself to always pause and think before you talk or take any action. Train yourself to step back (mentally – not physically) when your husband makes physical overtures, so that you are not as likely to just pull away without pausing or thinking about it first.

Finally, ask yourself if you’re pulling away because there is something that you are particularly angry about or are finding unresolved. If that is the cause, then get it out there. Leaving it between you is obviously causing a rift. You don’t have to be ugly about it, but sometimes shining a light on the elephant in the room can turn down the anger, which in turn will lower the amount of times you pull away.

This can naturally get better in time once you begin to see regular progress. That’s why it’s key to not shut down and to keep working toward progress and improvement. Confidence allows you to feel safe in allowing him to get close to you.

Source by Katie Lersch

Matt Huston’s Get Him Back Forever – An In Depth Review

Matt Huston’s Get Him Back Forever has been around for a while and promises to help you get your ex back and keep him devoted to you. But does it really work? That is the real question. In our research we looked at the popularity, the content and overall how satisfied readers were and reported both the good and bad aspects of Matt Huston’s Get Him Back Forever in our review.

Content – Get Him Back Forever contains advice for women who have gone through a breakup and wish to be reunited with their ex. The advice, tips and tricks given by the author should prove effective for those that are married and those that are in a serious relationship. Although much of the information deals with male psychology and hot buttons that a woman can use to bring about the outcome that they desire with any man, this book is written specifically for those that were formerly in a loving relationship.

Topics covered include not only what a woman should do to get her ex back but how to recover from the heartbreak from the breakup in the first place. Later sections cover the “how to” of how to get him back forever and how to keep him interested in you so you don’t wind up going through the yo-yo scenario that many see when reuniting with an ex directly after a breakup.

Content might be the only area where you might have a problem with Get Him Back Forever given that some of the tactics might be considered nontraditional and a bit underhanded to some. Nobody is disputing that these tactics of using dirty psychological tricks, male psychology and psychological hot buttons to get him back are effective. We are simply stating that if you think that Matt Huston is going to tell you to sit down with him and talk through your problems you may be disappointed. If you have no problems with being a little underhanded or manipulative and you just want to get him back then read on.

Popularity – At the moment Get Him Back Forever is one of the top ranked relationship books and holds the distinction of being the top relationship book that is written specifically for women. It has been around for a while and has held steady at it’s top spot for some time now which is a testament to not only the effectiveness of the information in this book overall but also customer satisfaction.

Only one other book is more popular in the area of relationship books at the moment but it differs not only in content but also in target audience since it caters to both men and women. So it only stands to reason that with a larger target audience it might be more popular.

Customer Satisfaction – As we said, customer satisfaction for Get Him Back Forever is very high and this has helped to bring this book to the top of the list of relationship books written for women. Feedback is very positive not only for how effective Matt Huston’s methods are but also for how this book has helped women to feel better even before they got their ex back.

Complaints were nonexistent in our research and we have seen very few requests for refunds for this book which tells us not only that customers are satisfied with the content but that women are indeed getting their ex’s back as a result of reading Get Him Back Forever.

Overall, you can feel comfortable with Matt Huston’s Get Him Back Forever if you are looking for a step by step plan to get your ex back and keep him back. It isn’t a scam and we place it at the top of our list of relationship books that we recommend.

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Don’t Tell Your Crush You Like Him: Confusion Psychology

This is a conundrum often faced by women. Do you tell your new crush that you like him or do you just sit tight and wait for him to approach you? Well, the truth is that you should definitely tell him, but you can’t do it directly because that just doesn’t work.

Instead of telling your ex directly, you want to do it subtly so that you implement a little bit of confusion psychology on him in order to keep him guessing and therefore interested in you. You want to give ho, the impression that you do like him, but not really to the point of being in love with him. Doing this, will yield the following benefits:

  • Put him in a state of confusion: This will ensure that you are always on his mind and the more he thinks of you, the more likely he is to start to develop strong feelings for you eventually. He’ll always be curious to know just where he stands in your heart.
  • It ensures that you don’t get embarrassed: Since no one will ever have to know that you actually had feelings for this guy, if he is unresponsive to you or if things don’t turn out well otherwise. There will be no evidence left behind that you ever had a crush on him in the first place and you can walk away without getting humiliated.
  • It prevents an awkward situation: Let’s say that he never had feelings for you in the first place, you can just continue to interact with him normally as if you never ever had feelings for him in the first place. Since he was never even sure that you ever liked him at all anyway.

How the confusion strategy works

Even though you might have a crush on someone, you should not bare your feelings out to him. The better approach is to make confused about your actual feelings for him. This will allow you to observe his reactions and responses toward you. If you see some positive responses from him, then you can gradually start to show that you like him just a little bit more. If he does not seem responsive to your feelings, then you can just pretend that nothing ever happened and you don’t lose face at all.

Furthermore, by making him confused about you, you are actually increasing the chances of him developing feelings for you because you are constantly on his mind. Keep in mind how powerful the force of habit can be. The fact that you are constantly on his mind can cause him to gradually fall in love with you.

This is not a guarantee

Sometimes despite all your efforts, you will still get rejected. Even if you are constantly present around him and in his mind, this is not a guarantee that he will fall in love with you. This is why it is very important not to outright confess your love to him because the effects can be quite emotionally devastating in case you get rejected.

By keeping your target in a state of confusion, you can condition his subconscious mind to think positively of you. This will greatly increase your chances of getting together with this individual while providing a safety net for you to fall back on and pretend that you never had feelings for him just in case you discover that he never had feelings for you in the first place.

Source by John Alex Clark