Organizing On A Budget

I love organizing gadgets. Nothing makes me happier than looking at the variety of organizing gadgets on the market. But, unfortunately some of them are expensive.

Being organized and organizing has nothing to do with gadgets. It’s about “order” and “functionality”. Plain and simple.

There is not only one way to organize a room. Each person has to organize their space to reflect not only how they will use the space but also how their mind organizes or classifies things.

Buying organizing gadgets doesn’t make you organized. Organizing your space makes you organized. You have to start by clearing your clutter first. Then you have to figure out why your space was not working for you and come up with a system that will use your space more effectively. The space has to work for you – for the way you live. It has to be simple enough that you will continue to use it after your professional organizer leaves your home.

Everyone is different. There is no “one size fits all” in organizing.

I never tell my clients to go out and buy a bunch of organizing gadgets and then organize their space to reflect how I would do things. In fact, when I first talk to a client I very specifically tell them to “buy nothing” until I know what they want to do with the space and we figure out how to best accomplish their wishes. And then I try to utilize the things that they already have, re-purpose their existing belongings before we even consider any other options.

You can be organized without spending any or very little money. Just look around your home or look at some of the inexpensive containers at the Dollar Store that might work for your project.

Use Ice Cube trays to contain your jewelry or craft supplies. Or re-use glass jars to contain a variety of things. Instead of spending a lot of money buying expensive glass containers use canning jars for flour & sugar, snacks and so much more. Contain the kids puzzle pieces and other small toys in Zip Lock bags.

Organizing doesn’t have to be expensive. Learn to “think outside the box”. Be creative and use what you have at home first before you spend your hard earned money buying things you don’t really need.

Now get started… you know you want to!

Happy Organizing… and remember… Less Clutter = Less Stress… in your Home, your Office and your Life

Source by Karin E. Fried

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