Operation Highjump – Longhaul Nazi UFO’s in Antarctica

Operation Highjump was an United States Navy campaign conducted in Antarctica from 1946-47, it was the single greatest effort in the southern most continent to the present day. The mission was, and continues to be to this day, the largest Antarctic voyage ever undertaken. It was conducted by the Arctic discoverer Rear Admiral Richard Byrd, and concerned 13 vessels, 23 aircraft and along with a military force of 4,700 men. The believed mission was to photograph, chart and extensively explore the frozen continent of Antartica, prior to any other force doing so.

The mission was of a classified nature and was principally a military exercise with military personnel. However, it also involved scientific organizations comprising the US National IGY Committee and the respected National Program which was more immediately concerned with the mapping of Antarctica to record perspective US territorial claims. The original code name apportioned by the Navy to the Antarctic mission was Project Longhaul, expressive of the lengthy logistics channel amongst the United States and Antarctica although which was subsequently altered to the now recognized codename of Operation Highjump.

The mission objectives were for the dozen ships and several thousand men to navigate their way to the Antarctic edge to train workers and trial materials in the frozen regions and also to reinforce and develop American jurisdiction over the greatest workable region of the Antarctic continent. Furthermore, they were to determine the feasibleness of setting up and supplying bases in the Antarctic and to explore potential base sites coupled with a need to advance methods for founding and looking after air bases on the ice.

In spite of the fact that not expressly declared in the August 26, 1946 commands, a principal purpose of the project was the aerial mapping of as much of Antarctica as was possible, especially along the coastline. Conspiracy theorists specializing in supposed Aryan or Nazi occupations in Antarctica have extensively contemplated about this mission. Rumours started to spread that even though Germany had been overthrown, an assortment of military personnel and scientists had escaped the native land as Allied troops passed across mainland Europe and instituted themselves at a base on Antarctica from where they continued to build progressive aircraft founded upon alleged extraterrestrial or alien technologies. This base was apparently positioned in Neuschwabenland, a region of Antarctica which Germany investigated, and claimed, ahead of the outbreak of WWII.

As inconceivable as it may appear, there is substantial supporting evidence for these claims about a German base in Antarctica. On the very eve of WWII, the Germans themselves had entered part of Antarctica and claimed it for the 3rd Reich. Historical events also provide us with further suggestions as to a German-Antarctica association, for it documents that Hans-Ulrich Rudel of the German Luftwaffe was being prepared by Hitler to be his heir apparent. It is recognized that Rudel made numerous trips to Tierra del Fuego at the edge of South America closest to Antarctica.

In reality, Germany had completed a extremely exhaustive study of Antarctic and were believed to have built a small secret base there prior to the War. The truth is that there was an abundance of evidence, at the time, to point to that as late as 1947, portions of the Kriegsmarine, or German Navy, were very much functioning in the South Atlantic, operating either out of South America, or some base previously unrecorded in the Antarctic. One piece of evidence identified was of a German U-boat halting an Icelandic whaler titled ‘Juliana’ in Antarctic waters, and demanding that its captain, known as Hekla, trade the U-boat crew provisions from her available stores.

Some theorists believe that the Germans were, in fact, developing UFO technology in underground ice caverns of which there is information to suggest that this may not actually be too much a leap of faith. One of a quantity of documented accounts of sightings of unidentified flying objects over Antarctica was by Rubens Junqueira Villela, a meteorologist whom was the principal Brazilian scientist to take part in an voyage to the South Polar area, and at the present time, a veteran of 11 expeditions to Antarctica. Whilst on board the US Navy iceboat Glacier, which had set sail commencing from New Zealand towards the end of January 1961, Villella states that he observed a UFO occurrence in the skies over Antarctica which he instantly noted in his journal, even details including the sentiments felt by all those involved.

It is no secret that the German Nazi movement held technology progressive enough to create a craft resembling a UFO in shape and size, there are many recorded accounts of sightings and pictures of these German UFO’s. Even though, to say they held the agility and speed of a true UFO would be deceptive given, they could not remain airborne for any prolonged period and were known for their unpredictability in terms of navigation and general handling.

Operation Highjump has turned out to be a hot topic amid UFO conspiracy theorists over recent years, who claim it was a secret US military campaign to defeat and destroy supposed secret Nazi facilities in Antarctica and seize the German Vril flying discs, and the Thule mercury propelled spacecraft. An obscure Hitlerist narrative tells that Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide in 1945, but however, escaped to Argentina, and then onto an SS base beneath the ice in New Swabia during the early fifties where he restarted his career as a painter. According to this description, Operation Highjump, the greatest journey undertaken to the Antarctic, is claimed to have been dispatched to obliterate the Nazi occupancy there.

The finest accomplishment however of Operation Highjump was its procurement of roughly 70,000 aerial photos of the coastline of Antarctica and chosen inshore regions. Initially prepared for an 8 month undertaking Operation Highjump abruptly returned to the United States just 16 weeks after exploring Antarctica, with no rationale ever provided for the hasty return. While there is, yet, no definitive proof of a German UFO base on Antarctica, It is beyond doubt that something extremely strange was occurring on, or nearby, the ice covered continent.

Source by James Hewson