Not A Question: Being, Doing, Then Having, Not, To Be Or Not To Be?

We must be what we want to be, before we really have what we want to have in life as well as do what we want to do during all that. That is how I begin this spectacle of an article, with that dramatic a realistic statement. Success is being first though, not having first, or doing before anything else. When I think about success, it all starts with a consciousness, not any physical “success” outside of ourselves. That reality explains why so many people are not seemingly successful even with the trappings of success. They expect success to be outside of themselves, not an inside job within themselves to start with.

Being is a condition that starts within the spirit and mind and branches out to doing and having. It cannot be any other way if we want the genuine success model or paradigm to work genuinely for us. Sure, I could say the “usual” if you get a lot of money, then you are successful. If you have a lot of prestige, you are successful. No, even Abraham Lincoln and Jay Gould knew that you must have the consciousness of success before the outward trappings of success. Abraham Lincoln failed at almost everything he did before he became President of the United States, Jay Gould was a great and intelligently “ruthless” businessman who did not care about how he looked in the eyes of others as long as he made intelligent and realistically prosperous decisions. These two I mentioned may seem to be opposites, but they are united by the fact that they cared more about being successful before “looking successful”. Indeed, we must be, then do, then have if we really want real success all the way through our realities.

Proper action on all levels is the key. It all starts with a patience, understanding and tolerance of what it takes to be really successful.

Success starts with a successful consciousness, everything else will be added. After all what do you think that verse in the Book or Gospel of Matthew, chapter six, verse thirty-three in the Bible really means about Jesus Christ saying seek the kingdom of heaven first, it all starts in the consciousness and all that in the Bhagavad-Gita and The Upanishads about purifying yourself before seeking success really means. Success starts with a purely successful consciousness and works its way outward. Success starts at personal reality and works its way outward.

Source by Joshua Clayton