My Wife Left Me Because I Cheated – How Do I Get Her Back and Convince Her I’m Worth Being With?

So you’ve cheated on your wife and now you want her back? Perhaps you thought that getting your wife back would be easy, fast and painless?

What you didn’t realize is that many relationships take YEARS to recover from infidelity, and if you’ve cheated on your wife then you should brace yourself for a long journey ahead.


Even though things look grim, you should NOT give up hope! You see, I’m willing to bet that your wife still has feelings for you. Here’s what you need to realize: Whether or not your wife has feelings for you, if you’re really and truly unhappy without her in your life, then you don’t have much of a choice. You NEED to get her back, and you NEED to rebuild your marriage.

It’s both a good thing and a bad thing, but the way things are right now they just can’t get any worse.

How can you tell whether or not your wife still has feelings for you?

Well, as you continue reading this article I’m going to be doing my best to convince you that your wife’s reaction to your cheating can only be taken one way: that she wants you back.

Do you want your wife constantly run into each other?

Does it seem like every time you go to the store or gym or church or wherever that you just ‘happen’ to run into your wife?

Now, I’m not trying to imply that your wife is stalking you, from from that, but what I AM saying is that your wife knows just as well as you do what your usual grocer and such is. She COULD be avoiding you, but clearly she’s not. And if she’s not avoiding you, then that’s a very good sign that she really WANTS to be with you!

Does Your Wife Always Have Something to Say?

Does it seem sort of like even though your wife left, she’s still there talking to you all the time?

Whether she’s contacting you through your phone, your computer or something else, the fact of the matter is that if your wife is on speaking terms with you, then you’ve still got a shot at a happy marriage with her. If you’re in this situation then your wife is realizing that even though you cheated, you were still a GREAT friend to her, and that it’s not worth losing you over the affair.

She’s slowly getting accustomed to the idea of getting back together with you, even if she won’t admit it right now. Eventually in time your wife will realize your value not only as a husband, but as a best friend, too.

Hopefully throughout this article I’ve done my job of convincing you that rejection is not an option from your wife…If you want to get back with her, then the only thing stopping you is going to be yourself.

Your wife will want your marriage back just as much as you do, the question is whether or not you’ve got the cajones to get her back.

Source by Jack R. McLaddel