Mobile Accessories That Are A Must For Your Smartphone

It would be nearly impossible to imagine a single day passing by without the mobile phone. Mobile phones not only help us remain connected with our loved ones but also provides entertainment in the form of music and games. Considering that we are lost without the mobile phone, we need to be able to take care of them with utmost sincerity. Listed below are a few mobile accessories that we can use to protect our mobile phones.

Mobile cases

In order to protect your expensive mobiles from the daily wear and tear, you need to use pouches or cases that prevent scratches on your phone. These pouches also prevent the phones from severe damage if you happen to drop them. The mobile cases these days come in a lot of colors and designs. You get crystal studded cases, cartoon characters, glow in the dark and many more different variants. Youngsters consider these a huge fashion statement. Even an old and outdated mobile phone can be made to look trendy by using these fashionable pouches. Thus these cases help in protecting the mobile phone as well as give it a sophisticated touch.

Screen guard

A touch screen phone with a lot of scratches wouldn’t be easy on the eyes. The responsiveness of such phones would be drastically reduced with all the scratches. These scratches may be the outcome of regular handling of the phones. Using a screen guard reduces scratches, makes the phone look pleasing to the eye as well as improves the durability of the screen. Since these screen guards can be replaced, you don’t need to be concerned about the phone looking shabby after a few months. A badly looking screen can reduce the resale value of the phone if you decide to sell it. Using a screen guard keeps your screen nice and shiny, giving your phone an unused look and this improves its resale value.

Charger Used during travelling

A very frequent situation one faces is running out of the phone battery, especially when travelling. In the midst of all the chores, working people sometimes forget to charge their phones. In situations like these a travel charger comes as a blessing. A lighter outlet or accessory outlet of the vehicle can be used to plug in the travel charger which in turn charges your phone. Professionals who are always on the run find this accessory a savior in disguise. Depending on the speed of charging, travel chargers are of three types namely fast chargers, rapid chargers, and trickle chargers.


Since talking on the phone while driving is considered an offence in many states, the Bluetooth headset comes as a welcome advancement. Many professionals who are often travelling and cannot miss work calls are able to take their calls without being fined by using the Bluetooth headset.

Reserve battery

While travelling long distance, a reserve battery comes handy as you might not be able to charge the phone in between. Also since the phone batteries are small and pocket friendly, carrying one along isn’t a difficult task. The run out battery can be removed from the phone and replaced with a charged battery.

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