Mobigo Touch – The iPhone for Kids

The Mobigo Touch comes with both a keyboard and ‘touch screen’ to control play. I just had to put together this review – I love it. Kid’s love the touch screen feature. If you are a parent with an iPhone (like me, an iPhone widow!) then you will know the interest that your children have in this sort of play. My boys played games on my iPhone and love the touch screen part on it. At last, an iPhone for kids – I am happy, I get mine back and they get their Mobigo Touch. The added bonus is that they are actually learning whilst playing. I love the way that V Tech always manage to combine the two – learning whilst having fun.

My house is full of V Tech products, I have the Kidizoom camera, V Tech Globe, V Reader and these are the toys that the kids always go back to time and time again. They really stand the test of time too – they are still working and look good even though they have been put to the test with two robust boys.

It comes with one game cartridge included but more can be purchased in the theme of all your childs favourite characters, such as, Toy Story 3, Ben Ten, Dora and many more. It learns your child spelling, numbers, solving problems and spotting the difference. It comes with different levels too, so that you can set this according to your child’s age and learning ability. The Mobigo Touch grows with them.

Source by Hayley L Hewitt

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