Married But Available – Exactly What Does That Mean?

If you hear someone say that they are married but available, you may be taken aback by this. After all, if you are married, then how can you be available?

Unlike those who believe in monogamy and faithfulness, some people believe that it is okay to have extra relations outside of their marriage.These people see nothing wrong in dating or engaging in activities with the opposite sex after taking their vows. Usually both the husband and wife will be in on this arrangement and both will be enjoying partners outside of matrimony.

Other times, one spouse may be in the dark about this affair activity taking place. In this case, the partner who is stepping out will have to resort to creative ways in which not to get caught. This could be going to a different town to meet up with someone or keeping the encounters very brief, never even telling the new partner any true revealing information about themselves. Keeping it rather casual.

Either way, if you are interested in dating someone who is married without their spouse knowing, you may want to keep some things in mind.

  1. Never give any gifts. Giving gifts is a no-no, as this can be discovered by the other spouse and may lead to being found out.
  2. Never get emotionally attached. Keep it light and simple. Chances are that the cheater you are dating never intends on divorcing the spouse but rather is just looking for a good time.
  3. Do not date in public places where you may get caught. It seems like there is always a good chance of bumping into someone you know, especially if you do not want to. Instead follow Tiger Woods’ lead and meet far, far away from home.
  4. Make sure you lay all rules ahead of time. If you do not want to be called, let it be known. And never, never put anything down in writing, either on paper or in a text. This is a sure way to get found out.

There are many reasons why people cheat and say that they are married but available. Sometimes it may be due to an abusive relationship or one that started way too young. Other times maybe the spouse has been ill for a long time with no chance at recovery. Still yet, sometimes there will be no real reason why the person has decided to step out on their partner. So keep these points in mind, if you are looking for someone married to date and just enjoy the moment.

Source by Max Corbison