Marital Advice To My Grandson Joel by Peter Davidson

A loving Grandfather gives his grandson a peek down the rabbit hole of marriage.

It began as a Grandpa’s sweet notion to jot down a few “words of wisdom” about marriage for his grandson. That list grew into a blog. Davidson’s whimsical, conversational style quickly attracted a following. Fans from everywhere urged Davidson to put it all together in a book. And here it is – Marital Advice to my grandson, Joel.

“How to be a husband your wife won’t throw out the window in the middle of the night.” Written with that same tongue-in-cheek prose throughout, Martial Advice is first and foremost fun to read. Grandpa tells his grandson the “secrets” to staying married, the best way to answer dreaded questions, and to always “listen twice as much as you speak.” (The reason we have two ears and only one mouth has finally been explained. Who knew, right?)

Marital Advice is a fast read – at only 152 it’s a great way to fill the time waiting for a plane, a doctor’s appointment, or your shopping wife. (ha-ha) Personally, I am not a big shopper. But, I still get it! I have been married 26 years and must admit, everything in the book is spot on. Davidson tells it like it is and does so in such a way that even when he is telling his grandson (men in general), to keep his mouth shut – it is humorous.

This book is just down-right-fun! A copy of this book should be given out by the clerk when couple’s purchase their marriage license. Davidson’s heartfelt, often ‘you don’t have to get it to get it’ advice is hilarious. What makes it so funny is that it is true. Marital Advice is one of those little books that will be passed around and re-read many times. Yeah, some of the ideas and language may be a tad ‘old school,’ but that’s Grandparents for ya… right? So just chalk those up to a generational gap and apply the advice. Believe it or not, Grandparents have a wisdom that comes only with time and experience.

If you enjoy a fun, fast read you will love Marital Advice. It’s an adventure down the rabbit hole of marriage that will have you nodding your head and laughing out loud. Davidson shares real-world advice with humor. He pokes fun at himself, telling hilarious tales from his own marriage. Being such a short read, this would make a good travel book. If you have a flight, bus ride, doctor appointment, etc., Marital Advice will make the wait time fly by with smiles and laughs. I highly recommend!

Happy Reading,

Source by RJ McGill