Making Her Aware You’re Not Ready For Love

How do you tell her that the relationship is simply not going anywhere? No matter what you do and even if you try hard enough, you’re just not ready for love. There is no other way to break it to her gently. But do you really want to leave everything behind? Both of you have a history and maybe, just maybe, you both could work the relationship out.

But doing that would be unfair to her, isn’t it?

You know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with her. You just need space and time to seek yourself first. You need to be whole again before you could give her a piece of your heart. According to the renowned writer Paolo Coelho, telling the truth and making someone cry is better than telling a lie and making someone smile. The more you prolong the relationship, the more you will prolong her hurt. Just because you are afraid to break her heart doesn’t give you the permission to lie to her.

Set her free from the pain.

Whatever you do, the outcome will still be the same. Choose to be true to yourself. The next time you enter a relationship, make sure that you are prepared for all its consequences. Love involves two people cultivating the feeling. If one cannot function and reciprocate the love, the connection between the two of them will be lost. The sad thing is, it will never be avoided that someone will get hurt. It is the consequence of loving.

Don’t add more weight on your shoulders.

Why are you being too hard on yourself? If you can’t give love, let go. Don’t make things complicated. You will hurt her in the process of your break-up but you are also giving her a reason to let go of you so that she could find someone who deserves her better. Admit that it’s your fault but don’t blame yourself. Love is a feeling filled with complex things. It is only natural to feel that you are not prepared for the inevitable.

Being in a relationship will require your utmost dedication and passion. And if you are not ready, it would be like going into war without any weapon at hand, there’s a 100% chance that you will get yourself killed in the process. Gear yourself up and figure out if you are ready before you enter into it.

Source by Mayfair Dela Cerna