Make a Guy Fall in Love – Take it Slow and Be His Friend First

Would you like to know some secrets to making a guy fall in love? Would you like some hints on how to make a guy yours forever? Have you realized that first you need to be his friend? Although this sounds slightly contradictory, this is the best place to start a relationship and make a guy fall in love.

Your most important priority is to build trust between each other in regards to your feelings. This is the key to becoming his best friend. Listen to what he says with dedicated interest and refrain from criticizing or judging him. This is so important to strengthening your emotional bond as there is an entire world out there who is ready to knock him, but you can be the one he depends on to accept him completely as he is. Show him you are there for him unconditionally and his heart will open up to you in no time.

Strengthen your connection by isolating yourselves from the rest of the world at least a few times a month. How nice it is to feel as though there are no pressures, no worries from the outside world for even just a few hours. And, all of this time is spent with you. You become his confidant, his best friend, his refuge; and you are certainly making him fall in love with you because of it.

Last but not least, delay having sex. As natural as it seems, sexual intimacy too early in a relationship can prevent the emotional connection from progressing. Although his thoughts may tell him that physical bonding is just as important as emotional bonding, this is his manly ego talking. Help him move beyond these ideas and wait for a while before you engage in sex. Your entire relationship and the sex itself will be much more gratifying.

Keep in mind that a good relationship also includes time spent apart. It is very true that absence makes the heart grow fonder; so, fill some of your time without him. Don’t be surprised at how much he misses you and how eager he will be to see you again. Make that man fall in love by showing him how wonderful you are and how empty his life would be without you.

Source by Tina L. Jones