Leave Her Wanting More & Watch Her Chase You Like Crazy! Ultimate Secrets Men Must Know

Sometimes you can go through all the motions and yet end up with a broken heart and a woman who does not seem interested anymore. There are certain tricks a man can play to keep the interest of the woman he loves and leave her wanting more. Learn about these tricks by going through the following.

Get a strong sexual attraction going between the two of you

You should learn to flirt with your girl the whole day long so that she feels the power of your attraction and does not sway away from it. This will keep her in a state of attraction and excitement the whole day. She will want to know where all the flirting is going to lead!

Lead her – don’t get led

This is one of the most important sexual techniques a man has to learn. Develop the art of leading and taking control of her body. Most women just love to be led by men. Learn to read between the lines and give her just enough of attention to keep her excited by you. This physical leadership will only stoke the fires of desire and leave her wanting more.

Keep her intrigued

You can do this by keeping her in a state of curiosity. You could look into her eyes and tell her that she reminded you of someone really sexy and beautiful. This is enough to get her terribly curious to know who the person is. Don’t let on or reveal anything. Let her try to impress you or tempt you to tell her.

Sexual innuendos are the answer

What woman can resist sexual innuendos? Subtle gestures and references to exciting times ahead will make her impatient and leave her aching for more. Hints of a great time ahead turn women crazy and they end up longing to see what you have in mind.

Tease her

Girls like it when you tease them. Compliments work big time too. Any girl who is showered with attention, gifts and compliments is ready to do anything for you! All you have to do is make sure you don’t do it all at one time. Be smart and hold back a little. Keep her looking out for more!

Prove that you are not boring

A woman is easily put off by a guy who is predictable and boring. They feel that such guys cannot show them anything new and exciting and therefore lose interest. If you want to hold a girl’s attention you have to be innovative and daring. Take her on dates that are completely unexpected and you will have her longing for more.

Don’t satisfy her completely in the beginning

This pertains to the physical side of your relationship with her. Keep her happy but leave her frustrated and longing for more! Don’t overdo this or else she will look for it with someone else. Just string her along with promises to see her the next day. Never forget to tell her that you care for her.

Source by James Apollo