Keep Trying, Don’t Give Up, Failure Is Just Part of the Process!

Most of us on this planet are trying hard to increase our income to support our families and help siblings or friends that are really battling, or we may be fighting to conquer a habit or an addiction, and it’s hard going. We try and we fail. We try again and we fail again. We give up for awhile then we try again and we fail again. After a while of this, we tend to get discouraged or even depressed. The thing is, this is very normal.

Failure is a normal part of the process of reaching success. We tend to hear of those people who start a home business and immediately rake in the cash, but these are the freaks of the success spectrum. I happen to know a lady personally who is like that – everything she tries immediately turns to gold. But she’s not normal. The massive majority of us have to battle through many failures before finding success, so don’t give up, keep trying!!

I am not writing to you as one who has attained huge success by perseverance, but rather as a fellow soldier in the trenches with you, failing as you have, and encouraging you not to give up. Our time will come! In fact, I tabulated all my attempts at home businesses, side hustles and wangles, and found that over the last few decades I have attempted sixty one, let’s call them “business ventures.” Some cost me a lot of money relative to what I had, to get going, and a lot of them made zero return, absolutely nothing. Others were mildly successful, enough to buy my wife a vacuum cleaner and take her out to dinner a few times, but I needed money to get my kids to university, and that really never happened.

But the thing is to not give up. Sooner or later we must get it right. But fail we will, as we go along, but we must just accept it and move on.

I was talking to a friend of mine today. He made little folding wooden tables that fold down flat so people can pack them easily in a caravan or camper, or even in the back of a car, really nice little tables, clever design, quality wood, good workmanship. He had taken them to a craft market on Saturday and had sold none, hardly even any interest shown in them. But apparently, that particular day the craft market was very poorly attended, and mostly by people who didn’t have money to spend, so he just went on a bad day. So I encouraged him to persevere, and that he had a good product.

And in the same way I encourage you: don’t give up. Keep trying. Believe in yourself – we all have something worthwhile to give. I’m going to keep on trying, and you should too!

Source by Duncan Kelly