Is He Physically Attracted to Me or Not? Read These Seven Tips and Things Will Be Clear As Daylight

When it comes to a man it is anyway true that you have to read between the lines. And when it comes to physical attraction be sure that he is not going to tell you in words. It will be in subtle signs and hints he will send your way. Read on to become a pro in reading the signs that show if he’s on your case.

His gaze is on you most of the time
This is first sign that confirms his attraction for you. He is constantly looking at you and is finding it so difficult to tear his gaze away from you. This is a tell tale sign that he is loving what he is seeing and is attracted to you big time.

He closes in on you at every possible chance
If you are the magnet that has attracted him he will make an effort to get as close as possible. He will take very opportunity that he gets to be close to you, not only to get to know you more, but to compliment and even flirt with you.

He gets cold feet around you
Alas for women, but the percentage of men who are confident and cool around women is very less. So, even if he likes you and is attracted to you, his nervousness will prevent him from getting his message across. His thoughts will be all haywire and at best he will blush, sweat and hope that the earth swallows him.

There are so many around, and then there is only you
In all the crowd if he has singled you out and is giving you his undivided attention without caring about others, it strongly indicates that it is just you he is interested in. Even if he gets distracted it will be for a fleeting moment.

He works upon building a rapport
This is obviously the next course of action, isn’t it? He is physically attracted to you now goes without saying. Now he will want to be friends with you to build a rapport with you to get closer to you because he wants to be more than just friends.

He toils a lot to get to know you
If you see that he is keen to spend a lot of his time with you and is even willing to forgo his other interests to be with you, you know that you are more than passing fancy and he is trying to win his way to your heart.

You look natty to him regardless of your attire
It really will not matter if you are dressed in your old ragged pair of jeans or in a banquet gown if he is physically attracted to you. You will appear desirable and sexy to him in anything you wear.

Source by Krista Hiles