Iowa Walleye Fishing

If you’re from Iowa and you love to walleye fish, then you know we have some excellent opportunities for catching Old Marble Eyes.  Rivers, shallow natural lakes, deeper lakes, large reservoirs, small reservoirs.  Hey Iowa’s got it all!  If you can learn to consistently catch walleyes here, you can catch them anywhere.  It takes a diverse fisherman to be consistent here.  A big part of consistency is fishing the right waters at the right time…

At ice out we find the small rivers will produce quality fishing since they warm up first.  Iowa Walleye Magazine has a listing of all the places you can visit.  There are many.  As soon as the lakes lose their ice we find small shallow natural lakes start kicking out walleyes in earnest.  Storm Lake is a winner for this time of year.  For night fishing in April you can’t beat shore casting stickbaits off our reservoir dams.  A few weeks later Clear Lake starts to really turn on with the post spawn season and you’ll find very good fishing here. 

As we get into early summer the smaller reservoirs turn on.  Actually everywhere you fish during this time will be productive.  However, May and June are wonderful times to fish Three Mile, Twelve Mile, Brushy Creek, and Big Creek.  Many fishermen make the mistake of fishing to deep in these waters at this time.  Spirit Lake is another must visit when you’re looking for June walleyes.  With dog days you’ll find Rathbun is the state’s favorite.  Be sure to ply very shallow, mid-depths, very deep, and suspended patterns on lake Rathbun.  The fish spread out horizontally and vertically during this time of year.

As the waters cool down in fall you’ll want to check out both East and West Okoboji as well as Spirit Lake.  Our reservoir fish tend to stay more spread out and these places are jammed with forage.  During the late fall period you see the reservoirs really turning on for daytime action, but the night bite in November is something everyone should learn more about.  

Be sure visit my website so you can learn much more about walleye fishing in the Hawkeye state.  Iowa Walleye covers walleye fishing 365 days a year and I’m sure it will help you put more walleyes in the boat this season. 

Source by Kolby Kester